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Sunday, July 31, 2005

English Language...

I noticed that many readers wander about my English language! Is my English that good??? , Mr. Ramzi for example, sent me a nice comment, (thank you Mr. Ramzi),:
Hey sunshine,I've just started reading your old blogs. I've been reading your relatives blogs and I enjoy reading all about your family. But I have to ask you a question. You're vocabulary is abnormally advanced. English is my first language and I would never use some of the words you do. Did you learn these words in class or do you look them up in a thesaurus?

Well, in Iraq pupils start to take English lessons from the fifth class in primary school. However, my background in English comes from my family support, we believe that English is a universal language, & it’s the way to contact with people, in the other countries
They brought me a computer since I was 8 years old (it’s rare in Iraq), my mom brought me programs to improve my English.
When I was in the sixth class primary school, my grandma brought me a book (365 Bed Time stories), & that helped me to learn more words.
Now a day I am reading a novel for Shakespeare, (Oliver twist).
I am interested in seeing reports & programs in English,(48 Hours,60 minutes,20/20,Inside edition, 24 hours ,& Oprah) .I keep asking my mother
About the meanings of the new words, (I was always the anxious, nosy little girl).
That’s why I don’t face any difficulty in scholastic curriculum.
I will tell you my secret, I also use a dictionary to help me find the proper words while writing my blog’s post (shshshsh, keep my little secret).
With out the English language I wouldn’t have you my dear friends.
Tack care of your English background …

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Welcome Mama...

I like to hail a very warm welcome to a new writer (mama); she started to bloging last week. & I have a surprise she is my mother, I talked about her in some of my posts & how she always support me.
Mama you are a gorgeous mother. Welcome to the blog world I hope you will enjoy it, as I do.
See mama’s blog you will absolutely like it…
Sunshine …

Friday, July 29, 2005

To my dear readers...

When I created my blog, I was afraid that my blog would not attract readers. But then since, I made many friendships from different countries, as well as from Iraq. When I write a post, I can’t wait to read the comments. However, the internet services in Iraq are terrible, sometimes I wait 2 or 3 hours to have an internet connection or even for several days. In addition to the lack in electricity. now I am more enlightened about the life in the other countries.
To you my dear readers and friends ,I want to say:
Jack Bennett : thanks a lot for your kindness , it is a great honor to me to receive comments from you , & to have you among my readers .
Maddog: Thanks a lot, for your kindness& beautiful words. Your comments are supportive; you make me feel that I am special. Once You wrote me a comment, (about my relationship with my family in the post relationships), it expressed your care. I am so lucky to know you .
Madcanuck: you were supportive from the beginning & you are still the most special, reader& friend. You are still the only friend I made chat with. You are always there when I need help, advice or support, thanks a lot.
Kim, you are assiduous reader, thank you for your strong comments.
Aunt Najma: I consider you as my blog teacher. you are my model, you deserve all the success.
Brain H: you always give me the impulse to write. I always look forward to your comments. You are so special.
Dancwater: where are you dear reader? I miss your delightful words.
To all the readers, you are so many , thank you all for your precious time , that you spend on reading the post , & writing your lovely comments , either you agree or disagree with my thoughts , keep it that way .
Thank you all ….
Sunshine …


I like to read a lot, among the things I like to read are the aphorisms.
-I believe in the aphorism that says:
A man can do not more than he can.
This aphorism came from 1530. it appeared as ( no man can do above his power ) , in 1594 this aphorism was mentioned as ( men can do no more than they can do ) , since 1670 until now it is mentioned as( A man can do not more than he can ).
-The other aphorism I believe in ,says:
Laugh, and the world laugh with you; weep and you will weep alone.
I hate to be alone so I will keep laughing!.
-The other one says:
Never too old to learn.
This aphorism is Romanian, the first one who said this aphorism in English ,was the American dramatist ( Tomas Middleton) in 1627, & there is another account for this aphorism says ( never too later to learn ) , analog in Arabic ( get learn from the cradle to the tomb).
-The other aphorism says:
(Actions speak louder than words).
This aphorism came from 1628, it was mentioned in this form (actions are more precious than words).
The last aphorism says:
(Believe not all that you see nor half what you hear)
This aphorism came from 1205.
In 1853 it was mentioned in this form (believe only half of what you see, and nothing that you hear),it’s analog in Arabic ( hear & don’t believe ).
The aphorisms are so many , I picked up some of them to share it with you .
Stay safe & be wise..

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Why Oprah ?....

Few days ago, I saw Oprah show, it was about women in the age of 30 in the world, and there were women from different places in the world, like Kuwait, Mexico, Korea & Iraq .Talking about the women life in their countries.
A woman from Iraq (Sabah Al_ samady) sent a video tape, talking about the women’s life in Iraq. She was from enchorial place in Baghdad. She did not represent the true life. When I saw the show, I was soooo angry. I couldn’t sleep at that night, because we don’t live like that at all. We don’t sleep & near our bed a machine-gun. My father doesn’t have a gun, but I don’t ignore that many families owned guns, specially in the last three years. She said that the Iraqi women are often attacked& raped so they don’t go out. That isn’t true, the women go to their jobs & to the market. When the situation was bad, & there were kidnapping cabals, some crimes occurred, but those cabals were caught one after one. They were few. That’s why women kept going to their jobs & We (the students) continue studying.
There was a woman from Kuwait. She talked about the women in Kuwait& how they like to be dapper. The Iraqi women like that too, specially in Baghdad .We get free education up to college just like in Kuwait.
The working women in my country form a good ratio, & many women join the University, because the education is free. They form good proportion in medical, pharmacy, & the engineering collages.
Sabah said that the women take large doses of valium, drugs, & dopes. That is not true. The dopes came to Iraq after the rid of Sadasm’s regime, But the dopes did not spread in the way she mentioned. I can tell no one from respectful honored families ,take drugs ,in the way she said. I believe that the source was unfair. My mom is in her thirties, neither she nor her friends nor any one we know, live similar to the life Sabah described.
In many news channels, they only show women how wear (al abaia) mantle. While they don’t represent the women in Iraq. They are so few specially among the educated women. Al abaia began to appear again after it was vanished. In America, there is Hippies but they don’t represent all the American people, it is the same thing here in Iraq.
Tack care, Believe Sunshine & don't believe Sabah ,
oprah choose better sources..

Normal day !...

3 days ago , I was waiting for couple hours to get internet connection, my sister was swimming in the swimming vat in the garden ,my grandfather was out side the house talking with his friend ( normal day ). Suddenly we heard heavy shooting. I was upstairs I ran to my sister, who was screaming& while she was running her wet feet slipped her on the stairs, she was really frightened & her ribs were hurt..
My grandfather ran inside. We all sat in the aisle because there aren’t any windows.
My brother was sick he had a high fever; we couldn’t take him to the doctor because the streets & bridges were closed.
When our neighbor was at his way home the shooting began, the policemen in the checkpoint shot toward his car, he jumped out of his car into a slime benison, he had some bruises.
the next day, while I was giving my neighbor the English lessons, we heard a heavy shooting again, it was behind our house. We stayed down until the fight end. But did any one tell us what was going on? No, that is not our business
Stay safe….

New type of guests...

It is very common now a day that in any time we expect home inspection by the American soldiers or national guards, some people consider that annoyance, & some people don’t have any complain.
Yesterday in the morning (I was still sleeping), when my grandma awaked me & said that our neighbor’s house is under inspection, & asked me to get ready.
I changed my clothes, & put our money & jewelries in a bag, &I opened the doors. I was excited!.( I know that seems silly ,but it’s true) …
My parents & my grandfather were in their work, I was at home with my grandmother, sister & brother. Because my grandma doesn’t speak English, I kept repeating welcoming sentences with myself. my mom phoned from her work by chance, I told her we were expecting check up , she got worried , because when the American soldiers checked her uncle’s house , they broke their doors to enter , although the family were at home, & they were rude. when the mother blamed them about frightening her children. They shushed her.
Some families say that the American soldiers were very gentle, & they didn’t break anything, & their attitude was good.
After I was ready, I saw a panzer in front of our house ,I thought this is our turn, but I was wrong , they decided to stop checking the houses& that wasn’t the first time that they check part of the neighborhood.
One day in winter while I was ready to bring back my sister from her school, I saw some panzers , we were watching through the window , I saw the soldiers entering the houses one after another then a boy brought a ball & played football with the soldiers in the middle of the street , another boy brought his camera & took photographs .. Then they left with out checking our house.
Iraqis receptivity to this… Differs according to the different stories ,or on their own experience with the American soldiers’ attitude…
In our house we look to this house checking as an important process to get rid of the terrorists .. and we should cooperate .
Be ready for all the eventualities ….
Sunshine ….

Mobile phones ….. What for?

The mobile phones , is a new device came to Iraq ,I have to admit that at first I was spellbound, I read a lot of catalogs ,I wanted to know all the things inside this small phone .
When the mobile started to distribute, I noticed that most of people buy the mobile to show off, & to send stupid jokes to each other .
The girls in my school talk about their mobiles & their stuffs like covers, tones& pictures etc …( boasters)
Even the guys who collect garbage & hiker sellers of gas have a mobile too!
My mom works in a hospital in the village, she said that there are families live in grievous penury, they don’t have beds they sleep on the floor, but they have mobile phones!
Now I don’t care if my mobile is the most expensive, with camera or with out, the only thing I want that it works on need. I believe that the mobile phone only for important calls, & that was the goal behind inventing it.
you May be surprised that I have a mobile in this age ,But sometimes I can’t reach home , or school , the bridges or the roads can be closed, or something like that , I call my mom ,& she tell me what to do.
Use the mobile phone wisely…
Sunshine …

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Small achievements better than nothing ….

The most important thing in any one’s life, is the achievements that he did & proud of. I believe that we should count our age by our achievements, not by years.
Now when someone asks me, what did you do in your holiday? I can answer proudly.
In this holiday, when I was in Baghdad, I taught my grandmother how to use computer& internet. When my aunt Rose Baghdad went to Dubai, my grandmother missed her a lot, but when she learned how to use the internet, she talks with Rose Baghdad every day .And now she is also able to contact with her sister, she sends pictures, & e-mails to friends & relatives. She is enjoying reading & searching the web, I think my grandmother believes in the old say :( never too old to learn)..
I am teaching one my friend how to spin the beads, & the other handmade work & how to use computer. Every afternoon I give my neighbor English lessons, she is in the sixth class in primary school .I encouraged two of my friends to create their own blog. I think that my posts consider as an achievement , because people everywhere were enlightened about life in Iraq , as well as I’m making friendships from all over the world.
do well ...
Sunshine .....

It is a tiny mistake...

I am sorry , I made a mistake , the grandmaother was born in 1904 , thank you Brain H for your comment.
He who makes no mistakes makes nothing ..
sunshine ....

Friday, July 15, 2005


Although I am affectionate , considerate, helpful& I easily make friendships, but I have a problem to contact with my father , I don’t have good relationship with him , we don’t agree with each other , because we had different opinions , he had never listened to me & that is hard for me, because he is my father right ? .& when I say my opining , he become angry , sometimes yelling ,& antagonize me . I don’t agree with his thoughts, but I try not to argue.
My mom always says to me that your dad cares about you, & I know that, but he don’t express his feelings.
He had never remembered my birthday, or asked me if I need anything, I used to keep my feelings from him,but I share it with my mother. She is my best friend.
She listens to me & share me her thoughts &plans.
We talk about every thing, when we go to somewhere, the people think we are sisters, she always elevate my incorporeal, & helps me to achieve my dreams .
My relationship with my both grandfathers are very good , they support me, they like my blog ,&encourage me.
My relation ship with my grandmother (in Baghdad) is very good &I love her very very much.
Although there is very big difference between me & my other grandmother (she live with us), but we have good relationship.
My sister (she is seven years) & I argue a lot, she don’t obey me in the contrary she do the opposite, & that make me sooooooooo angry.
My brother now is one year old, I love him very much, he stay with me when my mother is at work, he is so cute& funny.
Make good family relationships …
Sunshine ….

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rest in peace grandmama....

In 30/12/2005 my parents’ grandmother died , she was born in 1914 , that is right she lived 100 years , every one loved her , she was kind , generous , & preserver for Quran , she new a lot of poems specially the religious poems .
She was interested in blouses knitting she created stitches & wonderful designs she made hundreds for her sons, grandchildren & relatives she was eventful . the stitches she invented years later we found it in Borda magazine for fashion .she could conclude how to be done.
She has 8 sons & one daughter , they were all successful in their lives , & education , 2 of them are doctors , 3 of them are engineers , the other one is a teacher with many artistical talents , as well as the accountant , & a very talent successful painter .
This woman who was loved by everyone died but, her sons, her brother, nephews, & all the other relatives .& friends couldn’t attend her funeral, because of collapse of Mosul, when the whole city became war field.
She died in our house , my grandfather ,my father , & her other son (who is near to our house ) went to bury her , walking to the burial-ground in the middle of gun fire , because no cars were allowed to drive .
While the women were at home we could here the sound of firing & explosions we were worried, my mom had to phone my dad on his mobile phone! He answered her from the grave while he was putting the grandmother in it!!!
The real pain in this situation is that her sons couldn’t have the last farewell look.
Rest in peace grandmama…

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Please try to imagine ...

Summer in Iraq is very hot, the temperature reaches 52 centigrade, imagine we don’t have electricity for many many hours a day (12-22 hours), believe me it’s intolerable. The electricity in my country is bad since 1991 (before I was born, when the electric power stations were damaged in the gulf war).
We have a big generator in the neighborhood as well as in many other neighborhoods, & the neighbors got lines to their houses , but only limited amperes , which isn’t enough to use the air conditioner , instead we use air cooler which some times make it worse , because of the high humidity . It’s some time very difficult to breath for my mother & I as we are asthmatic .These generators have a great role to pollution as they usually expel smoke.
We also have a small generator in our house but we can only use it when we have fuel!!!! .
We some times spend nights with out sleeping. we have a chargeable fan to be used in the night when the generator is out of work , because the neighborhood’s generator works from 12 o’clock pm until 6 o’clock am , the generator work 3 hours & rest for one hour .
That is the reason behind the delay of my posts, specially some times even when I do have power the voltage can be so low (175 _185V)which is not enough to run the computers or any other machines , in addition to the very bad internet services, & bad phone lines, so you can see how much we suffer...
By the way, now in Iraq we have serious deficiency of fuel that the cars queues extend to many kilometers in such very hot weather.
In spite of every thing, I always try to shine, & live strong.
Enjoy your electricity, internet, & the phone services…
Sunshine …

Friday, July 01, 2005

In our kitchen

My mother & I like to do macramé a lot; she taught me how to do it. & these are pictures of our favorite macramé.

Soap decoration

my desk smells good