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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Eed Sa'id ....

Hello friends ..
Ramadan will end after few days … & after that the Muslims
will celebrate" Eed al-Fotr" .. in eed we wear new clothes & visit our friends,& relatives ….
The great news are , I will go to Baghdad in eed, that means I will meet Hassan , Najma, Raghda , Dalia , Kais , & Hnk ( we are all relatives& of course bloggers).
I am so excited , We didn't celebrate in the last two eeds ,we had bad time in these Eeds ,I wrote posts about that " leaving the home " & " at relative's house" . But this eed I will have fun ( In- shalla) , I have many relatives in Baghdad I'll see them all this eed ( can't wait).
The most important tradition in eed that all the family (close relatives ) , uncles , aunts , grandparents , grandchildren etc celebrate to gather in the first day of eed in the house of the oldest family member, then they spend the other days of eed with friends ,neighbors & the rest of family ..
In Baghdad we will spend the first days of eed In my parents' uncle house, we will be about 30 person & may be more , we will have lunch there ,of course" Dolma" will be the main dish (Humm)…. ..
I like the family meeting, the family here is very important..
The other thing we are used to have as a tradition is that, the parents give their children presents , candies & money we call it "Eddia"….
I used to find my present near my bed when I wake up in the morning …
This will be the first Eed without my aunt Rose. Hope she will be with us next eed.….
I will go to Baghdad on Monday & be back on Saturday …
Wish me a safe happy trip …
Eed sa'id every one ( merry feast ) ….
Sunshine …

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I am trying to Shine but...

Hello friends , sorry for not posting since a long time, but I was very busy I had a lot of homework to do , & I didn't have time to work on internet .
This week I joined a competition, & I have to answer 30 questions , if I win ,I will gain a new computer (Pentium 4) , or mobile , there is only 13 winners , & many participates it will be a miracle if I win. I decided in case I win a mobile phone, I will sell it & buy a computer .. I already have a mobile phone ,pray for me as you always do …..
I will try to write a post this week…. Sorry friends ….
You know it's winter( the scholastic season), so some times clouds( exams ) might hide the sun from shining …

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I don't know yet ....

Hello friends ,tomorrow I will have mathematics exam .. & I am soooo confused I don’t know if I should go to school , or stay at home ? .
The stroll bans end at 6:30 o'clock in the morning ! That means only an hour & a half before school time !!
What if I go to school & I don't find a way to be back home , where shall I spend the night ? in the street ?
If I will stay at home what about the exam ? I will take ZERO ! I heard that in Baghdad the pupils will stay at home for 5 days after the referendum , until things settle down. .
I called some of my friends asking them if they will go to school or not , some said they will go & some said the will stay home , & some said they don't know yet, their houses are near the school , they don’t have to pass through the bridges .
What if I went to school & get hurt ? , I will regret that for the rest of my life ..
I am confused …
Sunshine …

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Referendum day ....

Hello friends.
Today was the big day , the referendum day.. That was really good day , my mom , dad , grandpa , grandma , my grandparents who live in Baghdad all my relatives who are older then 18 went & voted, I wish I was above 18 , to vote …
I kept looking through my window seeing the women , men , girls & boys walking together.
But every one has different opinion even in my family , some agreed with the new constitution & some disagreed , today I knew what the democracy mean.
I saw Nineveh TV , all the programs were about the constitution & the referendum. The people opinions were also dissimilar , I thought in the beginning that few people only will contribute in the referendum . but I didn't anticipate that huge number of contributors .
Although I can't vote , but I have my OWN opinion , I can share it with my family ..
You know there is stroll bans , so today my grandpa & some of the neighbors worked together & cleaned the neighborhood (enchorial work) the neighborhood was sooo dirty . I believe if the neighbors worked together , cooperate & cleaned the neighborhood every weekend , our neighborhood will stay as clean as today.
May Iraq be free one day , & today when all the Iraqis went & voted .
That shows how Iraqis want to live in a peaceful country , & how they don't want for the terrorism to win , & how they are looking to re-build Iraq & have a forerunner country …
Happy Sunshine....

Friday, October 14, 2005

When I was a little ray ..

hi, hope you will like it , this picture was took when I was few days old , it is a photograph, but I re-take it in my digital camera.. that is way it isn't clear enough..
I was faaaaaaaaaaaat ,but now i am not !..
Sunshine ....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Can't be worse...

Hello friends as you know the referendum is after 2 days , & the errantry ban is tomorrow,& you know my school Is far away from my home. yesterday some girls & I went to the geography teacher & asked her to adjourn the exam ,( of course the girls took aside & put me in front of them to talk )I told the teacher we want to adjourn the exam because of the unsettle situation & that our houses are far from the school , she said ok & that we have to ask the headmistress too, I did, but she refused .
Anyway I was so angry & my mood was feculent, because the other pupils In Mosul don’t have to go to school & their teachers care about their safety .
So I had to go to school today because I have geography exam , I saw in my way to school, four cars exploded earlier, you know when someone see these uncomforting views will be nervous all the day, ( thank god I am still a life )when I arrived the school I was shocked, we were about 75 girls out of 800 girls !!
Of course the geography exam was cancelled , because we were only few students !! I was really angry, I came to school & passed in such dangerous road , & for what, NOTHING?! … we were just walking in the school's yard .
I phoned the driver after I heard Two loud explosions & asked him to come & drive me back home . & I went to the headmistress & told her that I will go home before the bridges are to be shut down, She said" NO , you will stay in the school until 12" She don’t care where shall I spend the 4-5 coming days of errantry ban , in case I didn't make it & go back home. If she is punctual about our education ,why we didn't attend any classes?!.
I was talking with a girl in my class when her father came to her and said that their neighborhood noticed a big fight & that he could barely came to drive her home or may be to some relatives home he went to the headmistress & told her he have to take his daughter , She shouted " I can't convene the parents now , your daughter will stay in the school until 12 " (How rude!!).

My father's cousin H ( she is in my school ) had an exam too, when she arrived the school, she heard the teachers talking about the bridges shutdown at 10 "
H immediately returned back home , & her mom phoned the headmistress to announce her about that, & said :
-" my daughter H had to go back home because of the bridges"
-"what ? she have an exam , bring her back to school right now .
- " how can I send my daughter , she is only 15 & the roads show extreme chaos. Can you guarantee her safety ?".
- We are not responsible for her safety , but she got an exam , & that is my job ,education.
after that the headmistress shut the telephone in her face ! can you believe that !!!!!
H returned to school, attend the exam ,& then we both returned home with her daddy , who was VERY ANGRY .
Oh , it was really really bad day…
Upset Sunshine…

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Interview between Mama & Jennifer...

Hello friends , few weeks ago Jennifer ( an American Blogger ) made an interview with my Mom , Jennifer who is one of my blog readers sent my mom some questions through an E-mail , so I decided to publish the interview .if you are interested share it with me :
Name: Mama
Location: Mosul / Iraq

Thepatriot15: First of all I have to ask how you found out about blogging, and why you started your own blog ?
Mama: my sister Rose Baghdad had one as well as her husband. I liked the idea; first I encouraged my daughter Sunshine to have one, then I thought it is a good way to express my feelings & to make friendships. I felt depressed & lonely & I wanted to have friends to share my feelings & to get support from..
Thepatriot15: Do you see or communicate with U.S. soldiers very often?
Mama: No
Thepatriot15: How do you feel towards America ?
Mama: I like the American people, I have many dear American friends , but I feel suspicious about the intentions of the American government.
Thepatriot15: How do you get news about America ?
Mama: I like to hear good news about every country & it's people. I believe that the Americans & the soldiers want to fight the terrorists, but I also believe that they were exploited because of that by the government.
Thepatriot15: When U.S. troops moved into Iraq after the attacks on the U.S. on 9/11, what was your first reaction and how did you feel?
Mama: My first reaction was a mixture of new hope for having a good future with so much fear from the war itself. I was worried to death about my family in Baghdad, especially during the war I couldn’t know anything about them for very long time. But in fact we believed we would have a better life, if we survived.
Thepatriot15: What do you feel is the biggest change made in Iraq since the U.S. moved in and eliminated leaders such as Saddam Hussein?
Mama: let me tell you something; we are so happy to get rid of Saddam but we did not enjoy that, because of the fear we live in now. We almost live in the middle of streets war. The way to the life of freedom & democracy is so very rugged.
Thepatriot15: Do you appreciate these changes?
Mama : Those how paid their lives as a price to help the Iraqis to get rid of the dictator get lots of appreciation not just from me, but from all who wanted to have freedom. But about the changes, we didn’t get its outgrowth yet. We live in chaos, we feel insecure. We suffer from lack of electricity, we are so much in need of a healthy environment, good medical health and a good education for our children.
Thepatriot15: What was it like before U.S. troops moved in ?
Mama: We lived in our country like strangers. Iraq was the home land of Saddam & to his yes-men. We didn’t have any rights here & not yet.
Thepatriot15: How has your vision for your family’s future changed since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom?
Mama: First I was sooo optimistic, but now I am so much confused, scared & unsettled.
Thepatriot15: Would you feel safer if U.S. troops left now, or waited until the Iraqi forces are stronger?
Mama: If the American troops left now, that will be execution to the Iraqis.
Thepatriot15: If you have read Iraq’s new constitution, how do you feel about it?
Mama: it’s a bunkum, not a constitution. That will lead us to more havoc.
Thepatriot15: How do you feel about America?
Mama: I like the American people; many of them sympathize with the Iraqis. It's just about the government I don't trust their intentions, like conveying their enemy to my country after the 9/11, with the name of freeing us.
Thepatriot15: How do you feel that your role as a woman has changed since Operation Iraqi Freedom started?
Mama: Nothing has changed yet. But from the beginning I wasn't shackled because of being a women.
Thepatriot15: Do you feel more confident?
Mama: I was more confident three years ago. I mean immediately after the operation. Now I am scared and insecure.
Thepatriot15: What dreams do you have for your children’s future?
Mama: They are so many; I want them to have a secure country that gives them their rights and offers them protection. I want them to get a good education; to be able to make future plans and to be able to accomplish their dreams. I want them to have fun and enjoy their life. I want them to have a respectful life. I don’t want to see them scared any more. I want them to get good medical care when they need it, and I want them to live in healthy environment. I have many, many dreams, and I hope they become true.
I like the interviews…. Mama you are soooo lucky …
Sunshine ….

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Too much to endure ...

When my dad entered the home on Wednesday, it was obviously that he was extremely sad , my mom asked him if he was ok, he said " my friend N was murdered " , it was a shock to all of us specially for my dad because they were friends since they were children & they live in the same neighborhood , I felt sad too , N was a father of three young children ,& he got married 5 years ago he was a police officer ,just like his dad.
He left behind him three children , a widow , his mom , 6 brothers ,& 2 sisters . In the second day of Ramadan which it suppose to be a peaceful month, & mubarak (blessed) to all people …
The terrorists are killing the policemen , & national guards , because they are serving their country . The doctors , engineers, teachers , etc are serving their county too , will the terrorists kill all the good Iraqi people ?!
In the next day, my dad came from his work & I knew that there Is something wrong his face was reddish & he was angry , he said that 2 of his work buddies was killed, they were functionaries , why they were killed ? they don’t work with Americans nor national guards nor work for any political direction.
I don't want to hear that someone was killed anymore , I hear almost everyday news like these , but I can't tolerate anymore.
Sometimes I wonder why we don’t leave Iraq , but if all good people , educated Iraqis leave Iraq , Iraq will be home for the terrorists & bad people , & if the policemen left their job , the terrorists will win , because that is their point to make the Iraqis leave Iraq , & that will not happen ..
The terrorists are few & if we cooperate with each other & with the national guards ,& policemen someday Iraqis will re-build Iraq , & it will be a peaceful country , void from terrorists & violence .
The hope is still Existent…

Please welcome cazza & Gee oh...

Hello friends.
blogging is the is the greats thing that happen in my life I realized while reading the other peoples blogs that we all have the same needs & the same feeling , requisites & no matter ho far we are ...
I am very thankful for the blog world , I knew my drear friend Luke ( aka olive branch ), & he helped me & sent me the inhalers , since that we became friends & I made many many friendship threw the blog ..
Olive branch's sister cazza created a blog , she is 12 years old , her full name is Cassandra Jane Skinner ( I like the name Cassandra), I hope that her blog will be popular like her bother ,cazza is a good singer too , she sang a solo with a 470 children choir backing her. & she published a pretty poem too.
olive branch's girlfriend (gee oh) have a blog too you can find it on :
dear cazza & gee-oh welcome to blog world , I am sure you will have fun & will make many friendships …. …

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mama & I ...

My mom & I have a very strong relationship…. She supports me very much & encourage me to achieve my dreams , ambitions, & future plans .. spatially when I had my eye problem she was always with me & taught me all the subjects to make me feel that this problem will not affect my school .. & I did, my par was 98.7 & I was the third on my class, she went with me to all the cure sessions & made sure that I was doing all the exercises , until now , every day she reminds me to do my eye exercises . she is the best mom in the world ..
If I couldn't do something ,she tells me "I am sure you can do it, don’t give up" & if she had to travel to Baghdad without me she write some sentences on small papers telling me how much she loves & cares about me , & stick them on the mirrors & leave them in different places in the house ..
We share everything to gather … you know that we don’t go out much , so we spend the time cooking , listen to music , do some handmade work , cleaning the house together ,work on computer , or just talk .. some people tell me that the way I talk & write even my interests , make me appear older than my real age , I think that is because I am toooo close to my mom , so my gusto is so much like her ..
You see threw my mom posts that she is dismal , that is because she write what makes her sad , or when she is in a bad mood , when she writes the posts & receive the support through the comments she feels better.
My mom has a humorous soul, & when I feel sad no one can make me feel better or laugh but her ..
my mom spends most of her salary to pay for the internet line & educated computer programmers .. where as many moms consider the computer & internet as just for fun & not for didactic..
sometimes the people think that we are sisters .. I am so lucky to have affectionate , supportive ,& encouraging mom …
lucky Sunshine..