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Friday, October 26, 2007

Help Mustafa..

This week our teachers gave us a lot of homework, because our academic year started late, it was postponed for a month because of the bad situation, so our teachers are giving us a lot of homework to finish our books early, we don't know whether we'll have a long curfew or if we won't be able to go to school for long time, no one knows what can happen..
We'll have biology exam on Sunday (wish me luck)..
This year, I am enjoying studying chemistry, our teacher is really good, and kind, my other favorite subjects are English and mathematics.
Our French teacher doesn't explain well AT ALL, I don’t even know which subject are we studying now!!!! she teaches us orally only!! and gave us THREE dialogs in one day, can you imagine that? We usually take a dialog every three or four days.. I am sure my marks in French won't be good, this week I am going to do my homework and re-study the first chapter of physics, I want to take high marks (as usual), and I'll also study some of the subjects we took in French last year, so that I remember them.
The situation in Mosul is getting worse, this week I heard about so many murders, for people I know or people I heard about..
The strange thing which's happening now is, the terrorists kill the target with his relatives too, like his father, brothers, brothers-in-law, and nephews !!!
And the other strange thing, when someone take an injured person to the hospital the policemen arrest him!! because he may be involved and question them, my friend saw a man full of blood, he was injured in the head and chest dragging himself and no one helped him.
Last night, I stayed awake, I am suffering from insomnia, there are a lot of things I think about, and most of the days I don't sleep immediately I spend an hour or two laying till I sleep, I walked towards the window and was watching the neighborhood, it was dark (the electricity was off), empty, and scary, like a ghost city, and I started to remember how crowded my neighborhood and it's street were, I am glad I didn’t forget that, anyway I came back to my bed and there was sound of far shelling, after an hour or two, mortars erupted from the neighborhood , and we heard 3 near by explosions..
I went to school hoping I won't fall asleep during the class, as soon as I reached school my friend asked me if we left our house or not, because the terrorists said they are going to bomb the police station (not the one few houses away, there is another police station about 3 streets away), I called my parents, and my relatives who live nearby and asked them to leave the neighborhood, I was really worried about them, the headmistress didn't allow me to keep my cell phone with me, although all of my friends do !! I called my mom again from the school's telephone, there was a VIP in our school at that day, he's very big headed and carry his samsonite whenever he goes! I was asking my mom if they'll leave the house, and he was signing with his hand asking me to hurry up, I didn't give him attention, then he said " hurry up, end your call, and go" oh I really wanted to give him a blow with my fist ..
I called my mom few times, and until now the terrorists didn't bomb the station..
In one of the neighborhoods the terrorists said they'll bomb the police station there, many families left their houses for several days, but then they returned back, they can’t wait forever, after 6 months of waiting the terrorists bombed it..
In my way home today, the street was crowded because of a check point, a meter or maybe less there was a soldier from the national guards standing, suddenly we heard two gun-fire shots, it was a sniper, thank god the bullets hit the ground, the soldier fell, he was really afraid that he didn’t even know how to catch his weapon!! It was scary.
Few days ago, we were in our way to our neighbor's house then a loud nearby explosion happened (it was a mine), my mom bro and I hid near a tree, my other family members were at house and they went out running to see if we are fine, then heavy shooting started and we came home running.
The armed men activities are increasing, they made many signposts saying they'll continue doing their duty..
Let's hope the government will notice and help Mosul, we'll be worse than Baghdad if no one help us..
You remember the young man Mustafa I talked about in my last post, I tried to find an organization can help him but I couldn't, you know the hospitals here are in very bad condition, & very dirty … I keep thinking about him all the time, I hope no one will be in his situation, and no mom will have to worry like Mustafa's mom..
Here's his story:
Few days before Eid, Mustafa's sisters came to help their mom preparing klecha (an Iraqi dessert we make in Eid), their neighbors noticed Mustafa's young niece and asked him to bring her to their house, she is adorable and they love to play with her, so he took the baby to the neighbor's house and came home, his friends across the street waved at him saying hi, and they were talking when the mortar fell and exploded, his sister came out quickly and saw her brother injured badly, she carried him with his entrails out, drove the car and went to the emergency room, it took them more than an hour to reach. Here's his medical report if you can help leave me a comment, or E-mail me on or
you can E-mail my mom
Medical report
Name : Mustafa
Age : 15 years old
Date of admission 4/10/2007

This patient had injuries to the chest and abdomen leading to injuries to lungs and liver laparotomy done and we found liver lacerated in 3 pieces suturing to liver done haemo stasis. Diaphragm also injured in 3 areas, suturing of diaphragm done and tube drain put in side abdomen. Chest tube put inside the chest. Then his condition deteriorated in bile drained to the chest and bile appear in sputum.
Thoracotomy done, cleaning of thoracic cavity putting another chest tube and drain through the diaphragm, over the liver through the abdominal wall exit, now drain in abdomen discharge about 250 ml. of bile and chest tube is working.

we also have many other pics for him in the hospital.

Sunshine ...

This post was written on 25/10/2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

This Eid.....

My grandparents who live in Baghdad arrived Mosul two days before Eid, after they spent 8 hours driving in unpaved road, their trip was very tiring, and they reached our house exhausted and dusty.
My grandma talked a lot about the situation in Baghdad and she told us many horrible stories made me kind of lose hope to have peaceful life!
The days before Eid were very violent, many explosions happened in Mosul, and many houses were damaged. I kept praying nothing bad will happen and we'll be able to celebrate Eid ..
On the first day of Eid, I woke up early and congratulated my family members, then we wore our new clothes, got ready to go out, & opened all the windows, before we go out an explosion happened with no damages, thank god. it was loud I thought it was in the neighborhood, but it was few neighborhoods away, we stayed in the corridor for awhile in case there is another car bomb or mine, but after half hour I insisted to go, it took us about an hour to reach our relatives house because of the closed roads.
We reached my dad uncle's house, all of his children, grandchildren, and even grandchildren's kids attended!!! then at 12:15 my other dad's uncle arrived with the family (they spent a lot of time stuck in the road because a mine exploded). Anyway there was a lot of noise and everyone was talking, the kids played in the garden, and the teenagers and adults were in the guest room, my dad's uncle is very nice man and always joke (I wrote about him once, he was threatened by terrorists and had to take his kids and hide in a safe place for awhile), he had very hilarious videos in his cell phone and he added fun to our meeting.
At about 1:30 pm the lunch was ready, my dad uncle's wife made delicious Iraqi dishes, there was Dolma, Biryani, Bamya, Kabab, chicken, pickles , and salad, my other dad's uncle invited us to have lunch in their house in the third day of Eid..

The lunch was awesome. Then after lunch the subjects we were talking about turned to be about the iraqi situation and horrifying stories, I couldn't sleep well at night and had many nightmares about people burning alive ..
In the next day of Eid, I woke up with bad mood (of course after the night I spent!) at 11:30 in the morning we visited Najma's house, and I spent really nice time, Najma's aunt was there as well as other relatives, I didn't see Najma and HNK for long time and I was really happy to see them again, I missed them a lot. After two hours we came back home.
In the third day of Eid we had another family meeting in my other dad uncle's house which is nearby, I spent a nice time there (they didn't speak about politics)
The lunch was also delicious, we ate the most yummy Uruk, chicken, rice and Bamya, Lahim Biageen, pickles& salad. my brother Yoyo..

This Eid no one knocked our door, everyone we know feel afraid from coming to our neighborhood, because it is very dangerous, and scary. We didn't visit many families, even the close relatives, Eid lost it's spirit, and never like before.
I went to school on Wednesday, the teachers who'll teach us this year seems to be nice except the Arabic teacher and the French teacher they look really rigorous.
yesterday I spent an hour and 20 minutes in my way home, the bridges were VERY crowded, and the roads were closed, as soon as I reached home my mom told me about our friend's brother who is 15 years old, he was in the house when a mortar fell and exploded causing huge damages in his body, and very bad injuries, the chops ruptured his lungs, liver , spleen , diaphragm, & chest, he is in the hospital, and had 3 surgeries, the doctors didn't come to check him in Eid!! Can you believe that? And today his doctor came and said "oh god, your son is very spoiled and demanding!!!!!!!
they opened his chest from 3 different places!!, he's in a bad condition and suffering, may god help him, please pray for this young man. Adding to this family's tragedy, they were forced to leave their house, because the terrorists will bomb the neighborhood..
I have really bad headache..

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chaotic life ....

Few days ago, my grandma's nephew came and went with grandma to a friend's house which is in our neighborhood, because my relative want to propose to their daughter, they were driving in the street when HEAVY shooting started. I don't know what happened or who was shooting whom?! we heard shooting then explosion, it was very much near by.
After the shooting stopped grandma came home with pallid face.
We were planning to have Kabab on al Futur with Noom Basra juice, I asked her if I can help with preparing kabab and grandma agreed. It seemed like a normal day. My mom and I cleaned the house (Eid is coming, and we started to prepare the house to receive guests), the house looked very organized and clean.
I was thinking about Eid, my new clothes, & klecha (an Iraqi dessert we make in Eid), I want to make Klecha this Eid, because I want to see the Iraqi spirit of Eid, I love when the neighbors and relatives exchange klecha. it is very nice when grandma put the dishes on the table and say "this one is from your uncle A, and this one is from our neighbor…. "
In the afternoon my dad was watching news, my sister was in my grandparent's bedroom watching cartoon, my mom, brother, & grandparents were asleep, and as usual I was working on the computer, checking Iraq the Model's blog!! And Last of Iraqis.
BOOM, the window near the computer was broken as well as many other windows, smoke and dust filled the room, my dad and I went to see if everybody is ok.
My mom and brother were ok, but I heard my sister screaming and yelling, I ran downstairs and she was hugging my grandpa crying.. she got panicked but not injured.
Mariam was sitting on a chair near the window watching TV. When a big window fell on her and broke, there is not any scratch in her body which is a miracle.
she hugged me shaking and terrified, I cleaned a small space from the glass and asked her to sit down and relax while I bring her slipper.
I took pics for the house, my dad and grandma were checking the damages that occurred to our house ..
I didn't remember where was I, when a HUGE explosion happened (I lost my memory!!!!), maybe I forgot from the shock .. I remembered after 4 days, I was in my grandparents room when the second explosion happened, the sound was unbelievable, earsplitting, I felt like there was also a quake.
Mariam started to cry and scream again, I was trying to reach the living room, I couldn't see anything because of the sand and smoke, I kept sneezing and coughing (I have asthma and allergy).
I carried my 10 years old sister who was unable to walk, and ran to the corridor to hide from the horrendous shooting and avoid the bullets.
The terrorists bombed a car few meters away from the house, then
After 5 minutes, a tank and 2 car bombs exploded, destroying the neighborhood, killing and injuring many innocents..
My injured neighbors went walking to the hospital which is about 2 kilometers away, because of the closed roads.
Helicopters kept flying, the neighborhood was surrounded, then an ambulance came and took the other injured neighbors who can't walk, 3 houses fall, killing their families, the damage in the neighborhood is unbelievable, I don't know exactly how many died but a doctor in the hospital said about 60 citizen injured as a first statistic. (no channel mentioned that).
We fixed the windows and doors, thank god we are all safe, the material things are not important, but it hurts me when I see my house damaged, and my family members exhausted.
we fixed our doors and windows a month ago! We can't fix the house every month! The situation is unbearable, I heard in TV. That our city is the second dangerous city in Iraq, after Baghdad.
At that day I was really tired and sick ,I had bad flu, after I inhaled the dust and smoke I could hardly take a breath.
At 6:30 pm grandma said "we have nothing to eat! I didn't prepare anything" so quickly I made very simple food (eggs and meat).
My mom was tired, fasting and cleaning, suddenly she fainted (hypoglycemia I think).
I am so thankful we are alive, god is protecting us because of our prayers, your prayers and our good deeds ..

my sister mariam

Th terrorists are like cancer everyday they increase in size and yet no one can vanquish them. they kill innocents in the name of a sect or religion while they don't belong to any. they are only pretenders who don't have ethics, believes, nor humanity .
they try to disperse us, and make us live in fear & danger, they want us to be hopeless, everyday many explosions happen, many innocents get killed and many Iraqis get kidnapped, there are more than 5 millions orphans in Iraq, and so many widows, my friend and I counted 12 car bombs in 48 hours, in one of the sides of the city, we didn't count the mines, nor how many times we heard shooting (they are so many to number).
Many times I say the terrorists won't succeed, evil don't win, but I sometimes feel they are achieving their goal. Two days ago a car bomb exploded near the gate of the university in Mousl, students and professors were killed for no reason, what was their guilt? Those young men and young women lost their lives, and no one care, the government don't care about our safety.
I am 15 years old, and if I was a president I could do so much more.
My mom's aunt live in the most dangerous part in Baghdad, she said " when the militias threaten the Sunnis, we hide in our Shiites neighbors' houses, and when the militias threaten the Shiites they come and hide in our houses"

Eid is coming, and I don't feel happy nor excited...
Eid Sa'ed to everyone.
Eid Mubarak to all of the Iraqis, may peace come to Iraq soon..