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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Friday, August 31, 2007

So many things to talk about ..

I had a great time fishing, & thought everyone was happy, I didn't know that my mom burst in tears nor about the bullet that hit the tree few centimeters away from my mom, she hide that and didn't mention it. When she told me my heart began to beat fast and I felt horrible, and started to think what if my mom was a little bit to the right or to the left, I wouldn't forgive myself because I wanted to go fishing and they agreed because they wanted me to be happy.
I felt guilty how I was fishing and spent the time with B and M while mama was crying missing her parents, if I knew she was upset I wouldn’t' leave her, but I didn't notice her sadness (because I spent the majority of time away from her).
After I came back from the picnic I knew that my mom cousin's brother-in-law was killed and left behind him a widow, 3 daughter (the eldest is in my age and the youngest is few months old) as well as an old sick mother, and of course brothers, sisters, and people care about him. God bless his soul. Last year the terrorists shot his brother he lost his leg and every part in his body hurt badly, he lost his teeth, jaw , and every part of his body was damaged, he's still alive but suffering.
Lately we celebrated my dad's birthday, he is 42 year old now, we had a nice time, took pictures and sent them to my grandparents and Rose.. ..
On Thursday, we were in our way to the house after we visited my dad's uncle house, and we saw a weird gathering near my neighbor's house, dad said " oh my god" I replied " don't be pessimist, maybe they have family meeting, or maybe those guys are standing with the neighbors to have fun, see there are kids too ", but in the next day dad came and said he's going to a funeral, I was astonished, and felt afraid because my grandma was talking to the phone with my relative "E" I was hoping there's nothing wrong, because I know E's brother-in-law was killed few months ago, and I was thinking about her other brother-in-law, dad said " do you remember the gathering in the street ? Our neighbor's son was kidnapped, the kidnappers killed their son after taking a lot of money from his family, they asked them to go under the bridge to take their son's body, their other son went to take his brother's corpse with two of his nephews, but they suspected in a car near the corpse, the policemen came and they kept waiting, then they reached a conclusion that it is not a car bomb!!!, when they went nearby the body the car exploded killing them all"
What a tragedy, 4 innocents died from the same family, the same house?!! Leaving behind them widows, orphans, and loving family , I can't imagine the feeling of their mother, who lost 2 sons and grandsons, I can't imagine the feeling of the woman who lost her husband, & her two sons , oh my god, it reminds me of my friend R.
I do feel scared, from everything, even if I try to hide it, but there's a horrifying feeling inside me. Everyday I hear a shocking news, my neighborhood is more dangerous than before, about 4 car bombs were found this week, beside the so many mines. Every street leads to my house is closed, no one can enter/leave my neighborhood, we are stuck!!!! How will I be able to go to school? Hospital? We can't even go to the other side from the neighborhood.
The day before yesterday I had a simple asthma attack, I took a medication and had a rest, I became better but the medicine makes me shake and cause palpitation .. so I was in the living room resting, and saw my neighbor wearing her pajamas and running to my other neighbor's house, It was strange but I didn't give that any attention, then after a minute I heard my sister shouting and yelling I hurried up and she was running saying " A CAAAAAAAR BOOOOOMB IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD" she was panicked, and grandma said" OPEN ALL THE WINDOWS AND DOORS, ANOTHER BOMB CAR" I started to pray we'll remain safe and no one get hurt (I wrote a prayer on a paper), I also got panicked, I open a window in a room and run to the other and open a window, then come back and open the other windows in the previous room ???????!!!!!
I tried to open the doors but I couldn't insert the key, my hands were shaking in a scary way! (from the situation and the medication) So grandma opened the doors upstairs instead of me.. It's the first time I see my hands shaking like that..
We waited for 3 hours in the corridor, but nothing happened, so we continued our day but with alertness.
I was so worried about my mom, we didn't have coverage and I couldn't call her, after about 100 attempts I got through but we didn't hear each other.
At 5:20 pm we heard a very loud explosion, it appeared it was behind our house, dad was near the window and saw the military car damaged..
This week my best friend came to Iraq, we know each other since we were 5 years old, "O" had to leave Iraq because of the bad situation and because her relative was a minister, she is very lovely girl, and has the sweetest heart ever.. she called me and we talked a lot, but I was unable to visit her, of course .. we chat from time to time, but I really want to see her and give her a huge hug.
She said the Jordanians treat them really bad and call the Iraqis bad names, the Jordanians policemen beat the Iraqis while they were celebrating the winning of our football team, she was there and told me about the whole thing, I am really mad, the Jordanians should appreciate what we done to them..
اذا انت اكرمت الكريم ملكته وان انت اكرمت اللئيم تمردا

Live strong and pray for us..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Curfew, Fishing, and BOMBS ..

On Friday we had a curfew ,it lasted till Sunday at 6 pm ! I don't know why the governor decided to make curfew suddenly!....
Immediately dad went to the near by shops and he came with two bags of bread only!! The citizens started shopping and they bought everything to be ready in case the curfew continued for more than 2 days! We can't buy so much food, because of the lack of electricity, sometimes we have to throw everything in the refrigerator when the electricity don't come for few days.
It seems like curfew is the easiest solution for the politicians, whenever something happen they announce a curfew, because they CAN'T control the situation.
But this curfew isn't a good solution for us, many people need to go to the hospital, many women have to give birth (it happened to my relative), many people are in their way to Iraq like my dad's uncle who spent 3 days waiting in the street! many weddings were canceled (including my relative's ), as well as many projects, like FISHING, picnics, parties, shopping etc.
Many times the curfew happen suddenly, and people spend the night in a stranger's house!! Because of the closed bridges ..
Once my dad's cousins were shopping in distant shops , and the governor announced curfew because many car bombs entered Mosul! They stayed in the street until 11 pm, then the policemen allowed them to go walking! They reached the house after midnight, they weren't worried at themselves as much as they were worried about the high school girls who were terrified, men can sleep in the street but those girls can't, they are young and the situation wasn't good.
my mom's friend have a few weeks old baby, she was at her parents' house when the curfew started, her baby became hungry and started to cry, the father couldn't withstand but didn't know what to do, he took a risk and brought the baby to her mom walking from really far away neighborhood at 10 pm in the night to feed her baby..
My relative send me SMS last Saturday, saying " I wish you were with me I am having a great time fishing and barbecue near the river, the weather is cool and I am spending the best time, come on , come" I thought he was joking because there's a curfew! it appeared he went with his friends walking!!!!..
I went fishing last Wednesday and I had the best time ever, it's a great feeling when you catch many fishes, "B" , "M" and I sat on the edge and then we walked in the water to a place has many fishes we had fun, when ever I catch a fish I throw it on "B" intently and he get mad, heheh, a boat passed us" B" came up quickly I thought he'll bring fish bait or something, then after a sec the surf covered me and another surf came after the first and this condition continued for few seconds!! I was wet And they were laughing at me..
we heard sooooooo many explosions but we were in a safe place, we were able to see the smoke in the other side, one of the explosions was near my house, grandma was alone, but she is ok, now we don't care about the material thing, the money come and go, but the soul doesn't ..
our picnic started at 7 am and we came back at 1 pm after I had a grate time, no one was stressed , we were all happy and laughing ..
dad couldn't come because he stood in a long queue to get oil, he just drove us to the casino, I thank god million time we were able to go, because dad didn't want to drive us and come back.. we'll go again inshallah….

Mariam, Yosif and Janeen

Yosif and Waseem

Mariam, Janeen, Waseem and Yosif.. My relative is fishing ..
later in that day I was working on the computer when a very fast car came in our street and they started to shoot the policemen, they were exactly in front of our house and mama was able to hear what they were saying, the battle lasted for about half hour, we opened the windows and doors incase they'll bomb themselves or their car.
Then in the afternoon my dad's uncle came with his daughter and son, they sat for awhile, he was searching for a nearby and good intermediary school for his twins, Dalal one of the twins got the highest mark in her school, she is really clever, she can easily make conversation with the adults and get along well, I like to talk to her a lot, when she was 9 years old she taught herself the English alphabet and many words and sentences in the summer holiday without anyone's help, she took a book I gave to her brother and started to study it, she borrowed 9 books from me this holiday..
Yesterday a car exploded and awaked me in the morning after I had a bad hot night, I WANT TO SLEEEEEEEEP, in a cold room in summer and warm in winter, without the sound of explosions, or the noise of the tanks', the helicopters', the shooting and all the noise, specially in the scholastic year because if I can't sleep I can't concentrate, when I can't sleep I have headache and sit on the bed and start to cry!!.
Enjoy your sleeping, your life, your picnics .

Friday, August 17, 2007

Instead of fishing ..

In summer holiday , we used to go to picnics at least once a week, with our relatives, and with my parents' uncles who come from Baghdad every summer holiday to spend few weeks, it was really fun, my grandpa's friend own a huge farm and he told grandpa to feel free and come whenever we want, they even built a shelter from husks and wood for us. I have great memories about those days, but my sister and brother don't .. Feeling bored, I asked mama whether we can go to the north, or nice place, of course we can't go to the north , because we are not Kurds and we don't have Kurds relatives that can come with us to the north (it is ridicules, Kurdistan is a part from IRAQ, the Kurds can come to Mosul and every city they want, but we can't visit the Iraqi cities in the north, It infuriates me , because there is not anything called "Kurdistan al Iraq", it is called "Iraq" only) mama said she'll try to convince my father to have a breakfast near the river.
We went to my relatives and told them about our idea, they agreed and I was extremely happy, I want to go fishing with "M" and "B" my best relatives and friends..
Few days ago , I was preparing my bag and writing on a paper the things I'll take with me in the next day..
At about 6 pm I changed my clothes and was ready to visit my relatives to discuss what we take for the breakfast and to which casino we will go etc, I was putting my jewelries on when dad come running and saying "OPEN ALL THE WINDOWS AND DOORS THERE IS A CAR BOMB IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR THE HOUSE) I was shocked and didn't think about anything I opened my room's windows and called our neighbor S to tell them about the car, so that they open the windows and doors and hide in a safe place , there dad replied
- hello?
- hello uncle , if you don't mind , please, if it is ok
(then I thought what am I saying?!!) There is a car in our neighborhood and will explode in a sec, thought I would tell you to ..
- he interrupted me saying , oh yea I knew about that, thanks , and stay safe..
I went downstairs with my family members and we stayed in a safe room, I forgot all the prayers, I was trying to remember simple says in Quran but I forgot every word, and started to think about 100 things in the same time, I felt scared from the stressed situation, there were policemen in our neighborhood and in front of our house, suddenly I started to laugh, I said " people change their clothes and wait for guests, or relatives, but I am waiting for the car to explode"
Then after a sec I continued " it is like the injection, we feel afraid from it but we just want to take it and end from the fear and stress"…
After an hour of waiting, and I think it was the longest hour in my life, we heard VERY HEAVY shooting, dad and grandpa asked us to go to the corridor and wait, after 30 minutes I felt tired, I took of my shoes, and kept walking in the corridor, I was standing near the stairs and the kitchen's door, BOOOOOOOOOOOOM the ground started to shake under our feet and the other door of the kitchen was opened from the bluster with so much dust, Mariam was screaming , and mama was saying " it is over now, it is over now" I said "thank god" but I didn't finish my sentence when I heard grandma shouting my dad's name " I couldn't run, I did nothing but freezing I just wanted to sit down , because my feet couldn't carry me, grandma yelled " Don't ever scare me , I though you were gone , why did you go out side??"
I felt relief to see him , but I was mad .. can anyone go outside to see what' happening when there is a car bomb two houses away??!!! Whenever there is a battle grandpa and dad act like 13 years old kid, it is not important to see who is shooting whom, it is important to remain safe.
Dad went outside to see the car!!!! Can you believe him? It was definitely not a wise decision.
I took off my clothes and wore other clothes to start cleaning and fixing what the vandals done ..
The car wasn't close to the police station this time, it was about 8 houses away from ours, among the citizens' houses..
Thank god the policemen noticed the car and knew it was car bomb, and told the neighbors .
My relative was shopping when he saw the car and a man told him it will explode , so he started to shout at the neighbors and tell them the car will explode and told them to open the windows and take care. My neighbor J's house was the nearest to that damn car (3 meters away), his house was badly damaged !!! they lost 95% of their possessions, their car , furniture , electrical instruments, their freezer and refrigerator were destroyed, even their clothes inside the closet were wrapped, it is a disaster, he lost everything in a sec, and his daughter was injured, his old mom who was really sick was really afraid when the explosion happened and since then she lost her consciousness , they talk to her but she doesn't reply..
This great educated professor who brought up 3 successful kids lost his house because of a freak crazy idiot terrorist. And in the next day he had a heart attack, of course after his loss and fear about his family. Poor man, his other daughter got married few weeks ago, she's in her honeymoon and don't deserve what happened to her family and house.
All the neighbor left their houses with their windows and doors broken and visited him, trying to make him feel better ..
Instead of fishing and having fun , I am cleaning and dusting ..
When the explosion happened the bluster entered our house with smoke and so much dust, I kept sneezing and coughing all the time, I am asthmatic and I have an allergy you know!!..
But I thank god, because we are all safe, and no one was hurt, and I thank god because the policemen knew it was car bomb and told us, the loses were sooooooooooo much less than the ex explosion, because we opened all the windows and doors, but it is still scary and the sound is horrifying, I thank god the car didn't have so much explosives like the explosion few months ago, because if it was a tank full of explosives and fuel I don't think anyone can survive from it, I heard two kids died because of the explosion..
P.S WE WILL GO TO THE PICNIC, and celebrate our safety, (shush don't tell the terrorists!)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ana Iraqi ....

After we won the game , I hoped that the coming days and months will be peaceful and we will live happily ever after !..
The situation now is not good at all , two days ago I was waiting for my friend to come (the girl I am teaching) , and a mine exploded behind my house , of course the doors and windows were opened, my friend was walking in the street with her mom when the explosion happened , they ran to my neighbor's house for a while . we kept hearing explosions every now and then during her lesson , after 4 hours her mom came to pick her , she was still in her way to my house when another explosion happened but with heavy shooting this time , her mom started to run until she reached our house , she was exhausted and afraid..
Last Thursday , mama came back from her work , and said 3 mortars fell on the hospital , there were injured and dead people , it was a horrible day , so many explosions and shootings , while she was talking to me about her bad day , her mom called and said " aunt Nazly died" I was upset as well as mama ..
Aunt Nazly's brother came to my grandparents to tell them about his sister, he kept talking to himself " no , no , she is not dead , she is asleep and will wake up" .he was shocked and in denial …
Grandma , grandpa , and two neighbors started to search for and call everyone in their phone copybook , to find any one of their Armenian relatives ,their church.. they don't have close relatives here, they came from Armenia so many years ago , & both of them are not married .
Grandpa started to call the churches , he didn’t find any presbyter , or monk, all of them were threatened and left Iraq .. luckily , grandma called a woman who was 75 years old relative , she came after few hours with a young monk, he took aunt Nazly alone ,to the Armenian cemetery in Bakooba ( outside Baghdad) they put her in a car with 20 large ice moulds because of the very high temperature to protect her body ..
This fabulous woman who dedicated her life to serve the community and was loved by everyone , didn't have the funeral she deserve , she was a nurse and saved many souls ..
At that day, her brother who was in shock went to sleep in the afternoon , grandpa kept looking at him from the fence , and he stayed in the same positions for hours , he was sleeping horizontally in his bed!!! , grandpa got suspicious, he came in the evening for the poor neighbor but he was till in the same position and did not respond to my grandpa door knocking or phone calls. Another neighbor came and said" he is tired and need to sleep, don't worry, we will visit him early in the morning ,inshalla"…
in the early hours on Friday morning , grandpa , with the help of the police broke the door and they found uncle Berg dead ..
Poor man , uncle berg was really a kind peaceful man , may god bless his soul
The biggest problem was the high temperature (56 C. ) , he died at 5 afternoon and stayed in the room until the next day , and there was curfew , the woman who brought the monk live far away, and the cemetery is outside Baghdad !..
Berg and Nazly were my grandparents' neighbors for more than 40 years, so it was very hard for them to lose them both in one day , the neighbors (and friends in the same time ) who kept cooking and tacking care of them before they died were Muslims (Sunnis and Shiites) as well as Christians , what you hear about the fight among the castes is not true , the citizens don't do that (only the politicians as I believe), and I talked about that a lot , the same terrorists who kill a Sunni , kill a Shiite , Christian , Armenian etc , in a name of a caste , religion or so.
PLEASE the last thing I need is someone argue with me and tell me the war is for our own good , because I live in Iraq and I can tell you , we had a better life , (who see the death satisfy by fever ) .. at least we were able to make a consolation and bury the people we love ..
I can write about our life in the past and now forever, but it won't change some people's minds……
YOU can't know how do we suffer , because you don't live with us , our life in much harder than your imagination , you can't judge us until you live the way we do ..
I really appreciate my reader's compassion , I get a lot of E-mails and comments say " what can we do for you , how can we help?" and people offer to send money and stuff , I know your intentions are good , but I really don't need anything , my family can afford me everything I want , we are not poor , our financial condition is good , people think the Iraqis are poor (because of the media) but in Iraq there are VERY RICH people , rich , average , poor , and VERY POOR .. my family considered to be from the average level , You've seen my room and house in my post " Against the world media " ..
Many rich people here help the paupers & many families take a salary from the mosque, I hear about soooooooooooooo many benefaction's deeds , specially in Ramadan , and religious occasions.
If you like to help , there is one thing you can do , pray for us , pray for Iraq , as I always do..
May Iraq return peaceful and beautiful like the past , and all the Iraqis abroad come to Iraq again , may the violence end and the terrorists fade away..
My neighbor visited us few months ago , she went to Mecca and said that all the Muslims in Mecca prayed a special prayer for Iraq , men and women , from their hearts , she said it was emotional , and all the Iraqis' eyes were filled with tears , I wonder when God will hear our prayers ? I am sure everything is happing for a reason ..
Anyway my neighbor continues " then a woman from Iran said " god give people what they deserve "" and went away .. my neighbor didn't reply her .
I was astonished , in Mecca people go , wear the same clothes to feel that they are the same , request the same god , and praise god .. the people's heart there should be without rancor nor hate , I think that woman came to Mecca for touring, shopping or showing off.
My neighbor continued talking about her visit to Mecca, she said " in our way to Al Madena,a place near Mecca, a woman from Jordan said to me " who say I don't love Saddam he'll be hashed in the hashing machine " my neighbor replied " oh yea, you have the right to say that , he gave you oil for free, he didn't make you eat the fodder" after that answer , she shut her mouth and never spoke again!
It is really bizarre why some people don't like Iraqis!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A week full of events ..........

We won the AFC Asian Cup, we did it , wow , what a happiness , I can’t describe how do I feel , not because of the game only , but because this cup and those 11 players gathered the Iraqis again , while the politicians couldn’t do that , shame on them (they didn’t work hard to re-built Iraq , actually they are causing the chaos while fighting each other).
Mama talked with Rose , she said while she was in Syria and the Iraqi team won against Korea , the Iraqis celebrated in Syria , and she’ll send me the pics (I’ll ask for her permission to publish the pics in my blog , so keep waiting ) and on Tuesday , the Iraqis gathered and celebrated in Dubai , near a lake , I saw the celebration alive , it was gorgeous...
I was watching TV. And saw the Iraqis , men and women , children and adults , from different cities , religions ,and castes celebrating , in Iraq (although there’s a curfew!), London , Jordan , Egypt , and many in many countries , it made my eyes fill with tears , and I felt a strong feeling , we (the Iraqis) are with each other, care and love each other . An Iraqi woman live in London said “ the player who achieved a goal was Iraq , not Sunni nor Shiites) the players are from different cities , and castes , together they make a great team , just like all the Iraqi citizens.
now , the Iraqi flag is in everywhere round the world, the Iraqi team made the impossible possible , and won , despite of everything , Hawar lost his mother , and another player (I think Younis who brought the winning goal) lost 2 of his brothers in Baghdad. While another player lost his sister’s husband ...
Congratulations to all the Iraqis , and the Iraqi team , my Iraq be peaceful and we can celebrate day and night , together , no matter what is our religions or castes , we are all Iraqis , and Iraq is in our blood and soul .. may all the expatriates come back to Iraq , to their homeland again , I am so anxious to that day .. I feel it will come ..
the iraqis in germany celebrating the iraqi team's winning.

the iraqis in London celebrating the Iraq team's winning

the Iraqis in Syria celebrating the Iraqi team's winning
the Iraqis in Iraq celebrating the Iraqi team's winning

the national guards in Iraq celebrating the Iraqi team's winning

the Iraqis in Sweden celebrating the Iraqi team's winning ..
we won the football match but the terrorists didn’t want us to feel happy , so they bombed many places in Baghdad and other cities , even a hospital !, in Mosul , they bombed a stadium, but they won’t stop our celebration , whether they like or not , we’ll celebrate .. my neighbor had very big family meeting in their house, all of the uncles and aunts came with their families (she has 26 uncles hehe, her grandpa had married two women!!!!!!! and all of them live in one neighborhood) she invited me , but I felt too shy to go.
About three weeks ago I went to my friend’s birthday , I didn’t see “T” for more than 3 years . we are in different schools , but we are very close friends
Getting the agreement from dad wasn’t easy at all , first he said “ NO , you won’t go, don’t talk about that anymore , that’s my final decision “ then he changed his mind.
The party started at 4 pm , but I went at 4:45 pm , and stayed there until 7:30 , I had the best time ever . there was about 30 guests one of them was Baghdadi live near my grandparents house (she had to leave because of the bad situation).
My friend T had changed a lot , as well as her sisters , they look gorgeous, we had a great time , we kept dancing & laughing , we talked a lot , oh, I spent the best time.
We were invited to my dad cousin’s Nishan party on Friday ( a party when the groom give his fiancée golden jewelries as a present ) , the bride’s side in a room and the groom’s side in another room hehe (because their house is small) ! However , my father’s aunt called me and said “ No , Sunny , you sit with the groom’s relatives , I know you like parties” hehehe the other girls felt jealous.. (well I don’t know , maybe aunt love me so much that she chose me to represent the bride’s side!!).
It was a good week , my headmistress called me she said her nephew is sick , and the king Abdullah offered to pay for his curing in UAE , but the problem is his dad don’t have money to travel , so my family and I collected money for her , she came with her daughter , Mohammad and his dad , we collected about 780 $ (975,000 Dinar)..
I am teaching a girl in a near by neighborhood we were in the same primary school (she still remember me!!!) I was in the fifth class when she was in the 1st .. she came to my house couple of weeks a go and asked me to teach her as she want to pass the intelligence examination ..
My relative had an operation , and she is doing ok now . they live nearby so I go there a lot , few days ago , I went there and I was surprised , I saw my friend and far relative there , Hamsa and I didn’t see each other since her dad was murdered (he was shot to death , inside his house) may god help her to deal with his death , he was a great man and had a great sense of humor, she is doing ok , but her brother is still in shock (he is 20 years old ) , he doesn’t study ,and fail in school I hope he’ll pass this year, he received a huge responsibility to take care of his mother , granny , and two sisters, he changed a lot, this nice guy who used to joke and laugh , is depressed now and doesn’t’ care about his future.
grandpa was in his work , at about 12:00 noon , he went with his work partners to a building under construction (you know , grandpa is a civil engineer) the policemen surrounded them and started to shoot at them!! and shouting “ we found the terrorists, , there is a woman among them and they have 3 cars” my grandpa’s friend who is a judge went outside the building to tell them that it is a mistake they are not terrorists, and they started to shoot again toward him ,” S”was a female engineer were with them, she was panicked and couldn’t stand on her feet .. they remained inside the building until the policemen came , and the policemen got shocked , to see old men and one woman , they didn’t look like terrorists .. a policeman said “ oh . we were attacked, and the terrorists had cars similar to yours” , they didn’t even apologize !! they were about to kill 8 innocent citizens!! What an adventure, you don’t know what can happen to you in Iraq!
-My neighbor was released after he stayed in the jail for 2 weeks (without any reason he was taken from his store).. I was watching charmed , and I heard noise in the street , I looked from the window and saw my neighbors gathering around their brother , allocating chocolate and the other neighbors walking toward their house to congratulate them . it was about 9:30 pm..
A friend of mine called me , we didn’t call each other for a week , she was in her uncle’s house , she said her dad’s cousin was killed , and his daughter and wife are in the hospital , a mine exploded while they were driving home at 7 pm , after they had big family meeting , may god bless his soul.
“R” went to Bahsheeka and spent few days with her uncle , she is having a good time in the holiday , she work on her computer as well are her 5 sisters and brothers , watch Tv. And read books. She is a wonderful friend , I am so glad to see her dealing better with her father and relatives’ death , it has been very hard year for both of us , when she is hurt , I am hurt too .. but now, I feel so much relief because her smile returned to her face..
Grandma was chatting with mama few days ago and talked what happened in their neighborhood .. she said “ as you know , the policemen are staying in our apartment".
my grandparent have 2 houses and an apartment side by side , they stay in my grandparent’s apartment 24/7 and my grandparents can’t do anything , they invited my relative to live in the other house , so the policemen don’t take it too (it makes me really angry in Iraq , if someone took your house , you can’t do anything , because we don’t have good government , like in Mosul grandma have 4 houses , we live in one, but 3 families are staying in our three houses, and pay us 30$ a month !! and we can’t kick them out ) ! anyway she continued “in the after noon , a young boy was standing in front of our house , and 3 lorries passed by, one of them stopped to ask for a direction , and that young boy shouted at the policemen “those men killed my brother in Saidia street , those are my brother’s furniture , “ he kept crying , screaming , and pointing at his brother’s murderer the policemen surrounded the three lorries which were full of men , women and many stuff” they were staying in my grandparents neighbors, they found an empty house ,it’s owners left Iraq”……….
What an accident , that 13 years old boy was able to remember the terrorists who killed his brother (they asked him later , it appears he was there when they killed his brother ) , beside that boy live in the other side from Baghdad, wow ,that is god’s justice …
My grandpa was in his work , and he heard a young engineer talking " my brother is a young man , he was playing football with his friends and neighbors , a car stopped and they called him , he went running , he thought they were asking for a direction or so , the car was full of men , they asked him not to wear his short anymore! He was surprised and said " what? , why ? " , they said “do not discuss , this time we won’t kill you , but next time we see you wearing a short , we’ll ""…
It happened in Baghdad, and now the terrorists are doing the same in Mosul , they kill or threatens the guys and girls who don’t wear “what the terrorists want”..
my friend Dua'a was talking to me about the bad situation in Baghdad she said
"my cousin interested in fashion and want to look handsome , he had a long hair reaches his shoulders , he use the hair-dryer before he go out , he has a goatee , I mean he is very stylish , while he was walking in the street ,a group of terrorists caught him , they kept beating him , they told him to shave his goatee , cut his hair , and not to wear necklaces and wristlet , they ordered him to wear another trousers , not jeans nor any tide or short trousers , to change his shirt and wear another one cover his chest and it shouldn’t be tide , and told him he should be thankful because they didn’t murder him“….
after few weeks he shaved , cut his hair , wore the required clothes and went out to buy few things , and guess what other terrorists beat him and said “ Men shouldn’t shave “ poor guy , he didn’t leave his house for months and now, he went to Syria !!! unimaginable things is happening in Iraq..
It has been a messy week , full of events , some were good , some were bad, in addition to tragic events mentioned in the media...
I’ll give my neighbor ” A” lessons about using internet , he called me and said “ I told everyone , no one will teach me how to use the internet except you” , (he was kidnapped few months ago , I wrote a post about that) his daughter and I visit each other in the holiday at least once a week, she is 3 years younger than me , but we have fun together .
Sunshine ..
P.S my mom is thinking about buying another computer , I hope dad will accept , I pray for that.