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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

As much as i give, I get ..

Last week, on Wednesday the 18th I woke up in the morning at about 8 feeling uncomfortable because I had asthma attacks at night, and I was taking my breath hardly, we didn't have electricity and the weather was soooooooooo hot , what a pleasant night! it's similar to all summer nights in Iraq! ..
Anyway, I had my breakfast and decided to organize my room, I have tons of copybooks and booklets of different subjects, I had to arrange them so that I can find what I am searching for easily, I was worried because I didn't find a math teacher, and so sad because my friends didn't offer to help, I was thinking with myself, I owe them many favors. one of my friends attended the chemistry class with my help, I called the teacher and he added her to a group just because he knew me and my family, then when I needed her help she let me down.
I was sure that god won't let me down, because I helped my friends and many students I know, and students I don't even know and haven't met before! Few days ago a girl called me saying she's a neighbor of my friend who was with me in primary school and asked for my help!!!, and I didn't say no because I should try and do what I can, that's what my mom taught me. Not to be selfish and know that as much as I give, I get,
Then I decided to make one last effort to find a teacher or group , I called my mom and asked her to ask Dr. O who works with her about the name of the math. teacher that teaches his sister, and if they have a seat for me among the class. he replied " Mr. T is my sister's teacher, and they can add one girl to the group , and they'll attend the first class tomorrow at 3 pm, " I was surprised but my mom asked him to ask the teacher, his sister and her friends first, later at 9 pm he called and said I can join them, I started to jump up and down . Do you believe in miracles ?!!
I went to the teacher's house, not believing what happened! The girls were from a different high school, the Dr's sister (M) became my friend so quickly! She's very friendly, I liked her a lot, beside my new teacher is so good..
Dr. O was really excited because I joined his sister's group , I met him couple of times and he spent 3 days with us when we went for a trip to the north, so he knows me, and he asked my mom if I can spend more time with his sister so encourage her study well and learn how to spend her time wisely, he told my mom he'd love if we ("M" and I ) can be friends because he thinks her friends are "misleading" his sister ..

I attended the first physics' class with a group of girls that I haven't met before, but I couldn't stay any longer, because they didn't know the basics in physics! So I joined M's group with a different teacher, he's also really good..
Today we took our second subject in physics, I arrived M's house early in the morning and then "H" arrived, she was so pale and didn't say a word, we were shocked and asked her what's going on she said " in my way to M's house, I saw two dead men, in the street" I was talking with my other friend and turned quickly saying "what?, were they really dead?" the teacher then arrived and he started to explain the new subject, but "H" couldn't concentrate at all, she was looking at the wall! after an hour, while the teacher was examining us she turned even more pale and started to sweat, she wanted to get up, but she couldn't, I thought she's going to faint, quickly M brought some water and I gave her something sweet to eat, then she washed her face, and started to cry and cry saying "I can't forget the view"… I know how does she feel, I went through the same thing too, and till this moment, the image of the killed man I saw can't leave my mind at all, sometimes I wake up thinking about him, although I don’t know whom he was.
The situation is not good in these days, the terrorists are murdering professors and educated citizens with their family members, and I feel so worried because my friends' parents are Dr.s, or professors, and have PHD degrees from England and other countries which makes them targets..
Whenever I feel bored from studying I say to myself "no, I'll study, the terrorists try to make us feel desperate by destroying the electricity and everything makes our life easier so that we don't have desire to study, and they kill the educated people, to make us lose the hope, but I'll study and be something important in the future, no matter what they do" the horrible things they do make me even more determined to study.. Because I don't want them to achieve their goal, and as I always say, they will never win…
Till next time, be safe and keep praying

Sunday, June 15, 2008

W.i.S.d.O.m T.o.O.t.H

A week ago, my mom and I decide to make some delicious Donuts for us and for our neighbors as their father “A” left Mosul few months ago, after he was kidnapped and had to pay lots of money to be released.
my sister took the donuts, but came running saying cheerfully “UNCLE “A” CAME BACK” , what a great coincidence! It was great to have him back , although it is still dangerous but he couldn’t stay any longer..
We visited him last Sunday, and there were other people as well visiting A’s family, we had great time, and talked about many things, about life abroad and how hard it was, etc .. I like to talk with uncle “A” a lot, we talked about Syria, the life there, the prices and many stuff, he told me “ you know Sunny, abroad, I was nothing but a stranger. I counted the days, and months to return home, although the life in Iraq is hard, but here I am the king of my world, while I am only a stranger in other countries” .
This week , we stopped the privet lessons for awhile, and I had my physics exam, it wasn’t easy at all.
I am not studying hard, I know the 6th class is so important, but I also know I don’t need to be so serious and ruin my health and freak out!
I am taking a break now, but we’ll continue the privet classes next week, I still want to change the mathematics teacher, I hope I’ll find a better one ..
I also had an operation for my impacted wisdom tooth, OMG, I was so terrified, the Drs. were nice , but my case wasn’t easy, the surgeon spent 45 minutes trying to extract it, while it usually takes 15 minutes or 20 maximum ! before the surgery the Drs. were joking with me .
first when the Dr. started the surgery I couldn’t look, I closed my eyes and I was feeling the pressure on my jaw, then I decided to have a look.. after the surgery my cheeks were swollen as well as my lip (hehe I looked like Angelina jooli !) and I spent the first few days asleep most of the time because of the medications, beside I couldn’t talk nor open my mouth , and could only drink juice (it is a good way to loose some weight), my family keep saying they miss my talk! I like to talk a lot, can you imagine that I had to watch the game quietly !! and I couldn’t shout “GOOOOL” !! . the Iraqi team played really well and won . I hope we’ll win all of the next matches, Football is the only joy for the Iraqis in these days…
I’ll spend the next days on computer of course, and I may read a little bit biology (preparing for the 6th exam) I’ll study the “Evolution” and “Genetic” in the holiday. But I’ll study the “reproduction and growth” and “the cell” chapters during the Academic year …
Till next time, take care
P.S I didn’t forget to answer the question you left in the comments section, but I just don’t have time ! nor electricity.. Pardon moi !

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Busy summer holiday ....

Finally we finished the Arabic curriculum last week, the teacher was satisfied, he said he’d never seen a group like ours, like to study, hard workers, and serious ..
The Arabic teacher is unique person, he has such a great strong personality, serious, polite, and respectful, he likes me a lot, he gave me so much attention, more than anyone, I intended to be quiet, and when I talk, I tell him about notes I read in different books about the subject we are talking about, and that made the teacher so pleased ..
My friends and I began to attend Chemistry and Mathematics private lessons, we took few lectures, but I want to change my Mathematics teacher, I hope the group of the other teacher will accept .. I pray for that..
The situation was good for a week, but now we started to hear explosions, mines and shooting. Car bombs and mines exploded and killed many people, injured others, and destroyed the citizens houses.
Few days ago , I was waiting for the chemistry class to begin, so I sat on the edge of the window, talking with my friend about my favorite Turkish serial called “Noor” , and my other friends were listening to music, suddenly an explosion happened and the blast opened the windows and some small chops fall on me, I went quickly outside the room, and tried to call my dad but I couldn’t get through, I felt so worried and my head was going to blow out, because my dad said he’ll take a walk near the teacher’s house, I kept sending SMS’s to dad, and each second I’d check my mobile during the class, after 2 hours, the class was over and I went outside running! I felt so glad when I saw dad ..
Next day, my driver couldn’t come, so my mom sent me her driver, he was 15 minutes late, and I felt extremely mad, I really hate to wait, I am very exact in time, anyway, we reached the teacher’s house and I kept knocking on the door, but no one replied, I felt scared, the street was empty and the driver had big tattoo on his shoulder!! I called my friend and she said the class was postponed one hour ! “what shall I do?!” I thought, then I decided to spend this hour waiting in our friends’ house which wasn’t far, I spent the time there with the grandmother, as everyone else was at work .. I called my friend and asked her to meet me in a nearby place so that I go with her to the teacher’s house again, when she called me, I went outside to wait for her, it is the first time I walk in the street alone since the war began, I felt horrified, the street was empty, I stood near a car wrecks, previously blown up , and waited for my friend, what scared me most is there was couple of workers staring at me, I was wondering what to do, run ? walk ? I took few steps back, and called my friend who was stuck in a checkpoint, and asked her to stay on the phone with me, it is scary to walk in the street alone, in a country with no security, there is no 911 here!
Yesterday I went with my mom to her work ,I had great time there and met Baghdadentist, I’ll have an operation soon for my impacted wisdom tooth, I am really nervous, I hate the needle hehe ..
Keep praying for us ,
With my love,