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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Friday, October 20, 2006

From the middle of the events ...

On Thursday, terrorists attacked the police station behind my house , it was a horrible day ..
I couldn't sleep well at the night before because of bad flu, I woke up at 7 am , while I was still in my bed I heard VERY loud explosion but it seemed to be far away from my neighborhood. I left bed and went to the living room ,at 7:30 while my mom was preparing to go to work we heard many explosions with heavy shooting just behind our house , my brother ( two years and half) ran from his room , shouting , crying , and shaking " MAMMY , NO,MAMMY " , he was sleepy , my sister was also asleep she left her room crawling , we hide in my grandparents' guest room , my grandpa was in his work , as soon as he reached there, two vehicles exploded near al-mosul university , we were very worried about him. he saw the whole thing . in that horrible explosion 25 were killed and 38 were badly injured ,all were from Iraqi citizens.

many rockets fall on my neighborhood and in other regions that day , 19 innocents died , thank god my family and I are ok .. the phone didn't stop ringing all day long, our relatives and friends were checking us..
I called my friend" B" , she said that at 7:30 am , the police station near her house was attacked by terrorists too , a nearby neighborhood noticed a battle also, so I think the situation is horrible in Musol as a whole…
There is a curfew , and it will last for some time, I guess..
Last week , the terrorists wanted to occupy mosul , but they failed. They will NEVER win ..
It was a tough week for me , in every day I spend at least an hour trying to find an open way to go to school , it has been a month since I started school , and until now , I didn't go to school easily.
I saw a video in Nineveh TV .in which a brave Iraqi policeman suspected in a driver driving his car speedy and coming toward the police station , he shot the driver before reaching the police station , but unfortunately the car exploded , to kill the brave policeman , who saved many souls, I was very touched by this video, god bless the policeman soul..
Oh , I heard so many tragic news this week !!!.
I very much appreciate your concern about Mohamed, his family doesn't want money, they just want an organization can send their child to a good hospital , Mohamed is very sick , and he is getting worse, so please hurry up..
Eid will be on Sunday or Monday , I wish from the bottom of my heart that we will not have a curfew , and I will enjoy Eid .I didn't have fun since my grandparents left us, the first day we will have a big family meeting in my dad uncle's house , I am eager .
Sunshine ..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A child's suffering ..

It was a tough week for me , I realized how hard it is to have very sick child , specially when you don't have money ..
I heard about a sick boy's story , that touched my heart, I decided to help him in every possible way , because he deserves another chance to live. this is his doctors' report:
"Mohamed Mutaz Abdullah is 13 years old boy with history of C.D.H (congenital dislocation hip ), after birth developed repeated UTI with renal tubular acidosis treated with shole solution( Poly Citra) for 5 years ( since 1995 ) , 2 years later he recovered from his illness but started to develop chronic diarrhea and abdominal distension with loss of weight. , endoscopy and Duodenal biopsy had been done , result suggest Coeliae disease. The boy now is on Gluten free diet with failure to grow and under mineralized teeth with multiple fractures (ectodermal dysplasia)" .
Dr. Rabee Al- Dubuni.-M.B.CH.B. FICMS(Paed).
Dr.hisham Saied Marie –M.B.CH.B.-C.A.B.P.
M.B.CH.B.GP.- Dr.Aladdin N.Altaweel

Mohamed's family had to sell their own house to cover the payments, as you know the hospitals here are in awful situation and the medications aren't available , his parents wanted to take him to Jordan for curing , but their financial condition is so bad..
I met Mohamed today, he is very weak, tiny , and thin , he is not in a good health, he weigh 23 kilogram , and he is only 130 cm tall !!!!!!!.

I am trying to find organizations or someone can help , if you can help in any way , please leave a comment , or E-mail me , my e-mail address is
His parents will very much appreciate your help , so will I .

I am happy to help this boy ,although I hesitated at first from publishing his story ( pride issue !! ) …
Stay safe ,
Sunshine ..

Friday, October 06, 2006

Short post ...

This week I was so busy , with my homework & quizzes ..
I am doing well at school , the teachers started to know me better , and in English class I always try to look for new words from the dictionary , and now the other girls are trying to do the same , so there is a hard contestant between us .. The history and geography classes became my favorites , because I very much like my teacher but the other girls don't.
The mathematics teacher likes me so much , as well as the French teacher .. Our teachers for this year teach well except the Arabic teacher.
My aunt Rose gave birth to her new daughter on Wednesday at 12:20 am , after uneasy birth , but now she is ok , my grandma arrived Dubai today ..
I couldn't go to school on Wednesday , because there was a sandstorm and as you know I have asthma , I finished my homework at 4:00 pm , and decided to check my E-mails and answer them , as soon as I opened , my computer was attacked by a virus , and it started to send messages to every one listed in my messenger list , some contain bad words !!! .
I couldn’t control the situation, so I called my relative Najma , and I talked with chikitita and Anarki 13 who helped me a lot , but we couldn't do anything , my antivirus program was damaged !!!!!!! and I had to format my computer ….
Live strong ,