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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Only few hours vacation ...

Ramadan Kareem to you all..
May this peaceful month, brings it's blessings and mercies to Iraq, may the bloodshed stop, and may all Iraqis live in peace .. it is the month where Muslims in my country fast, don't eat nor drink anything from 3:30 am, till 7 pm ..
This order from god make us appreciate god's blessings and feel the paupers' feelings, understand their suffering so that we always remember to help them.
Fasting in Iraq is not like fasting in other countries, first the temperature is so hot, and we don't have electricity as you know, beside the very high prices for food, oil, and everything .
I do like Ramadan, it's the month that Muslims dedicate themselves to god more than any other time, read al Quran, and pray, so it is a religious month..
And it is a generous month, when people help others, prepare al Futoor (the meal when we break our fasting) to those in need ..
and it's a forgiving month, god forgive the people who've done mistakes if they truly regret it, and also people should forgive each other before Ramadan starts, they shouldn't start fasting and they have feud toward each other .. so, it is the month of all good manners that Muslims should have during the whole year, it is a reminding month..
I feel tired, emotionally and physically because of studying, students need rest, that's why we have the "summer holiday' but apparently students in engineering collages can't rest!
Sometimes I wake up feeling well, other times upset and bored from studying..
I miss doing my hobbies, I miss reading, doing handmade work, cooking, playing musical keyboard, or just giving my brain a rest,sometimes I spend like an hour or so doing things I can, but this makes me feel even more upset that in this vacation I couldn't do any of those more often..
I miss writing to you more than anything else, but I promise to write after my exams .. I really need your prayers!
Before Ramadan started, we went to the north, to Dhook , in a picnin, we spent really lovely time, first we had breakfast in Sararash (summer resort), the weather was cool in the morning.
Then we went to Ashawa ..
we went there many times, it has a great waterfall , I could feel the spray of water when I stand up away from it, this year when I got their and looked at the "waterfall" it was like if someone was pouring a bucket of dirty water !!
But we had a nice time, because a group from Baghdad came ..they danced , swam, and played music….

Then, we went back to Dhook .
There, we had lunch in a restaurant called "shandokha", and went to Dhook dam, Mazy mall, and Dream city, and also we made a surprise to my father, we bought a cake and went out to the park singing "happy birthday" .
I had a nice day, out of the daily routine , I hope all cities in Iraq be as northern part safe, clean, and have a better service like electricity, water, and traffics !! we deserve a better life, we have the will to change the situation, to rebuild our country, the only thing we need is a good government that don't work against its citizens , the one that cooperate with us and invest the sources of Iraq instead of stealing it ..
Let's hope for a better tomorrow ..