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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stop the bloodshed..

We didn't have internet connection for about a week, because of a sandstorm two weeks ago, and I have a very busy schedule as our final exams will be on 27/5, I feel like a big part is missing which is "Free time"
The situation in Mosul is horrible, The terrorists attacked the Christian students in their way to collage, some were killed and others were injured, it was shocking news, and we all felt so worried about our Christian friends and classmates .
Since the election, the terrorists forced the Christians to leave Mosul, the majority left to the nearby villages, and every day they come to work, school, and try to live their daily lives, but with a heart full of fear..
My neighbors left Mosul, leaving behind a big space in neighbors' hearts, we call them constantly, they come from time to time to take necessary things from their house, and couple of days ago, their dad came to say hello and brought a nice jasmines bouquet ..
My next door neighbors are still hiding in their home, they went to Syria for three months and then came back, we talk from the fence, and our sight are always directed to their door, watch who's in and out, whenever we see someone knocking their door, we open our door and watch silently, this make them feel more secured, to know the neighbors are watching their back .. we visited them last week, a life like this is truly unbearable, they can't go to work, shop, whenever the bill rings they expect the worse .. I have deep sorrow.. their daughter got married last Friday, without a celebration or a party, her husband picked her up and they went to the north, it is safer for them.
All of that is happening while the politicians fight each other, and try to take over the incumbency..
Every day in my way to collage, my heart ache to see the black sings carrying names of the young people who were killed " 'by a perfidy action", some are Christians , and others are non, no one deserve to die like that..
I wonder for how long this situation will last, we did reach the bottom, and I wish there will not be worse situations, although every day I say "it can't be worse" and in the next morning I wake up trying to feel optimistic and then find the day even worst ! ..
At last, I can't do anything but praying to god, may he protect Iraqis, and Iraq, may he bless the souls of the martyrs and give their families and friends the patience, and heal the wounds of the injured Iraqis …
May the bloodshed stop, and may peace come soon ..