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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Sunday, March 07, 2010

I Voted ...

Today is the election day, I woke up to excited, and full of hope.. my grandpa, grandma, and dad voted early in the morning at 7 am.. then my mom and I went to the election at about 9 am ..
My heart was beating fast, as I entered the room, it is my first time..
I was expecting to see so many people walking in their way to vote, but there were only few people, I was frustrating, but it is still early , and the election will last till 5 pm.. hopefully those who decided not to go, will change their minds..
How many times we think about ourselves, the things we need to do and use the term "I" in the day? It will be great if people say "Iraq"instead in this day, and put the benefit of the community before theirs, because there's nothing in this day more important than voting to build a better future for us and for our families..
All of my relatives in Baghdad and Mosul, inside Iraq and abroad voted, as well as my friends , even those who hesitated to go, decided to vote after I urged them..
I am so proud of all Iraqis who voted and will…

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The 7th of march ...

The elections will be on Sunday, the 7th of march , as I became 18 years old ,I'll be able to vote for the first time, if there won't be any cheating, then my voice will be important, and may make a difference, so I searched in the web and read about the candidates , it is every citizens' responsibility to think and make some research before electing. So I hope and pray that al_ Iraqia list will win , maybe if they win , Iraq will be safer and better place, the candidates there are better than the candidates in other parties, they are more educated , and from original Iraqi families who have loyalty to Iraq not any other country, as well as I support the laity party..
We are just tired from living in horror , we don't want to lose more people we love, this war was bloody and I just want it to end and be a bad memory in my life .. I wonder if my relatives abroad will come back, I didn't see my only aunt for 5 years, and my cousins doesn't know me.. Iraqis want their lives back… I can't wait till the day I'll wake up and open the curtains in my room and see life in my neighborhood again instead of a ghost city, I can't wait till the day that we'll remove the wood we placed over the windows, I wonder always if I and all Iraqis will ever feel relief.. I have so many hopes and plans for that day, wonder when will it come ..
I want to hear good news about rebuilding my country, the developing and improving in economy, not how many people who were killed..
The situation is so bad in the city, about three weeks ago, the Christian started to get threatening messages to leave to the countryside, the terrorists began to kill Christian guys, old men, women, they spread the fear among this peaceful Iraqi cast.. some Christians left the city, others decided to stay as they have jobs, schools, and also felt afraid to leave their house along, as last year the terrorists exploded their empty houses.. the ministries announced orders in the beginning not to give any Christian a leave, so many Christians were killed in their way to their jobs or universities.
A new engaged guy was killed, a man in his sixties, a woman was killed inside her house and in front of her son, collage students we killed, 3 men from the same family were killed inside their house, and many others. Those events broke our hearts, and the government didn't take any serious reaction to protect this Iraqi peaceful cast. But the previous decision was canceled the Christians got an open time leave from their jobs.

Why? why did that happen? Who's behind forcing the Christians to leave?
Political parties fight each other, and the victims are those innocents.. all of that murders and frightening was because of the election, to force the Christians to go to the countryside , and ban them from participating ..
What makes me so angry and so frustrated is, when there is a "weeping ceremony " the country become in an emergency situation, so many soldiers and a very serious secured procedures is taken to protect the Shiites ,. While the government didn't ensure the safety of the Christians who only wanted to continue their daily lives, go to school, or work normally , it is so unfair ..
I was getting ready for college and my neighbors called us, they had to leave the house, it was a very painful view when they brought the keys of their house , their car was full of pillows, clothes, and their stuff, their mother gave us the key will eyes full of tears..
My other next door neighbors also gave us their house's key and money, and left the city ..
My Christian classmates left the city, as well as the students who came from other cities had to go back home, the national guards told them to go home a week before the election!! so my other class mates and I decided to stop going to collage until the Christians and the students from other cities come back (solidarity).