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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sunshine, the future engineer ..

The holiday is almost finished, I had the happiest time in the last month of the holiday, I applied to engineering collage and I was accepted , so it is a dream come true for me after the hard work I did, my friends were also accepted in the collages they wanted.
Two weeks ago, my family and I visited my friend who recently graduated from the medicine collage, we had a fantastic time together, I taught her how to use her new mobile (N 97) and her laptop, she didn't have time during her six years in medicine collage to learn using the new electronics devices..
Last week I was invited to a big party, my friend Y's brother graduated from law collage so his mother made lovely party, we had lots of fun and danced a lot, I reached home unable to walk and I walked shoeless inside the house for two days !! (the shoe wasn't comfortable but nice!!!), everything was perfect, the DJ, the hall, the decoration, and the food, also the invited people were all from the most respectful families in the city, they had a great spirit, classy with a sense of humor ..
Last week also, our close friends, uncle S's family invited us for lunch, Najma and HNK were there with their mother, we spent a great time, their new house looks wonderful, I'd never seen such a lovely, comfortable, and classy house, my favorite thing in their house was the summer living room with glassy ceiling(sky light) and green house, it is great to lay in the living room and watch stars, and they also have a warn living room in winter, the architect did a great job, it is definitely the perfect house..
the other great thing that happened was visiting my new collage, I loved it from the first sight, the university is huge and had so many collages, many are over hills, also there is a mall inside the university with cafeterias, when my mom and I went out of the collage, we went to a small and lovely shop for soft drinks, then we went shopping, I am soooooo eager to start the new academic year, in the career I choose despite people's ideas to attend dentistry or pharmacy, I thought a lot and both of my heart and mind were telling me to attend engineering .. and I prayed that I made the right choice.
As I am so happy to be an engineer, I invited my relatives for lunch, I want to share them my happiness, so last Saturday was the big day..
I made two turkeys, and 3 kinds of dessert (Caramel cake, cheese cake, apples pai, kamal pasha which is a Turkish dessert), my mom made salad so famous salads Fatoosh, and aubergines salad. my grandma made Dolma, kuba, Erook, kabab, Tuka, rice with roast chicken. My relatives were amazed and adored the meals and the turkeys I made, and asked me to be a chief instead of an engineer :D hehe
There were 27 adults, 6 teenagers, and lots of kids, everyone was enjoying time, and thank god no one talked about policy and bad news, the men talked a lot about cars and social subjects, and women talked about their kids and school , cooking and such topics, while relatives my age and I said lots of jokes and talked about collage and clothes.
Any topic is better than policy, it will never lead us to a solution for the situation, and will cause more pain and sadness only.
After my relatives left, we cleaned the whole house, I was exhausted, as soon as I laid on bed BOOOM an explosion happened, I was praying " plz god, not today I can't clean and fix the house today plz plz" it was a nearby explosion but the windows didn't break, my grandpa's idea to put wood and corks was good, but the house looks dark..
This month I decided to look at the bright side only, and remember only good things, if I want to live happily I must accept life the way it is , bad things happened but I should move on , because I am incapable to fix the world, and unable to bring peace to my country, all I can do, is to live every day the way it is, and keep in mind that life changes and hopefully bright days will come , and it was a good idea, I feel much better now.
Sunshine, the future engineer .