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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Few days before the exams ..

Hello all, I didn't have time to write a post for so long, I re-studied all the subjects perfectly well, and I am ready for the examinations which will be on 20/6 , and my holiday (which I deserve so much) will be on the sixth of july…
My friends and I decided to allocate money and buy fuel for the school generator, so we can have at least a fan during the exams!, as we don't have air coolers or air conditioners, any way a fan will be better than nothing in the Iraqi hot summer..
Usually I used to go to the nearby markets every week , so I don't feel bored and depressed..
My spirit is high right now, the exams will be after only 2 weeks, I just want the sixth class to be over, i feel excited but a little bit worry, I know I've done the best I could and I'll be satisfied with the results, hopefully.. something in my heart is telling me that everything will go on well, I pray every day that the I'll be able to answer well, and the streets will be opened, and the situation can be better, because right now, the situation is horrible ..
I feel so lucky to have such great readers, and friends who makes me feel much better whenever I feel worried or bored, so I thank you all from the bottom of my hearts for the supporting comments and E-mails, I'll answer all the 500 e-mails in the summer holiday.. I'll also have so many other plans, and of course posts, a lot of posts!!
My goal is either going to the pharmacy , or communication engineering, both of those collages are great ..