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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Iraqi football team bring together the Iraqi people..

Today was a different day , really nice day , we achieved a great success , won the football game and reached the finalist and got qualified to the semi-final round for the second time , and the first since 31 years. Iraqi team got qualified to the same round in the Championship ... the Iraqi team is in his road towards gaining AFC Asian Cup. we shall play with Saudi Arabia on 29/7 , I hope we’ll win..
Our football players won today .. and that made Iraqis extremely happy , our streets are full of young men celebrating , it was a day that all Iraqis united , I am so glad not only because we won ,but , because all the Iraqis today were feeling the same way , when we achieve a goal or miss one , we all jumped when we won , and prayed while the players were playing to win the game ..
The Iraqi football team and the match bring together all the Iraqis , regardless on our religions or castes , whether they are , Arabs , Turkmen , Kurds , Muslims ( Sunnis , Shiites ) , Christians , etc ..
All the Iraqis who live outside or inside Iraq were feeling the same way ..
Our players played hard to reach the finalist level , they played while their country Is agonizing , they won to cheer their wronged people..
I know our country news are in every where & people talk about Iraq a lot , and it’s mentioned in newspapers and televisions all the time , BUT this time (for the first time) It will be good news.. I want Iraq’s name to be high and it’s flag fluttering so high . Iraqi guys were exceptionally happy , laughing and celebrating , we the needed to feel that way, we didn’t feel happy for a long time , I didn’t see many cars in the streets for a long time , but today , it was awesome & full of life in all the Iraqi cities , from the north to the south ,in the east and west..
It is a great way to unit the Iraqis.
May god help and bless the Iraqis and all the Iraqi teams ..
P.S this is the first football match I watch , I am not very big fan of sport , I like to hear the result when Iraqi team is playing , but from now on , I’ll watch the Iraqi matches ..

Saturday, July 21, 2007

She faced charity with harm...

One of the things that It infuriates me a lot is when you do a favor for someone , and he/she don’t appreciate that.. specially if this person was your best friend, a person you always mention , think , love and care about, when that friend don’t appreciate the friendship relation , let you down, and face the favor with harm, it would be one of the hardest conditions you face..
This year , I met a girl , I thought she was great , and we soon became close friends , we used to talk together for a long time by phone , I trusted her and told her about my blog and encouraged her to create her own , I though she will be famous , and both of us can make difference in the world..
I started to instruct her how to do that , she even gave me the password and I made her blog’s setting..
Then I was surprised when I wanted to look for her blog , but I couldn’t . After what I did for her , she changed her blog address and hid that from me, I was extremely sad , but I didn’t show it , mama told me to behave as I used to (nice and friendly) , because that’s how she brought me up , she kept calling and I kept instructing her ..
She mentioned her blog’s URL in my mom's blog in a comment . my mom and I read her blog , mama and I noticed that many sentences I used to use in my posts were mentioned in hers ,she quote from my posts and used the same sentences I used !!. I know and I am sure no blogger use these terms but me ..
I became mad and angry when she talked badly about me in her blog , I panegyrized her in mine, and that’s what she wrote about me she made me a cheater ?!!!! and liar?!!!!!
After what I did for her? Many times she calls me while I am busy , but I spend so much time teaching her how to publish and many other stuff.
When she face a difficulty or become upset ,I call her and worry about her, when she doesn’t understand a question I ask dad to teach me and I teach her, I shared my emotions and thoughts with her..
She said I wasn’t her best friend , and she don’t consider me as a true friend… Few months ago she saw in her nightmare that her mom was died and thought her nightmare will come true and started to cry , I kept talking with her , for a long time , while I had to do my homework and I had many things to take care of, and finally I convinced her that dreams and nightmares people see can’t come true , I even let my mom talk with her, she sent me an SMS saying “ you are the best friend and the only one who understand me , and understand my thoughts “ and kept sending poems and letters to me. Today I talked to her for 45 minutes I told her “ you are my best friend , and when I talk to you about something , that means because I care about you , and I wish you the best , what you did wasn’t ok ,when you talked badly about me , in the other hand mama and I found that you are using the sentences I use , and your title is similar to mine , it’s not your style , it is mine , even the template. I find you a special girl , and I think if you write what you think , using your unique style , you will succeed , but look dear , if you write exactly like me , you won’t achieve your goal & you won’t succeed, I didn’t like what you said about me , I think that was unfair , I always mention you in a good way.. It was my idea to buy R’s computer , you said I wish I can bring her one , but I made the plan , I allocated the money , I bough the computer , paid 5 times more than any girl did, I wrapped the computer and brought it to school, so I did that..
I think my idea reaches you , I want you to show your real personality, you can’t be like me , because people are different , remember I am telling you that for your own good , because I consider you my best friend”
She said that I never did any thing good for her , and she was the one who helped me, and I was doing that because I felt jealous !!! , and I don’t wish success for anyone , she said buying R’s computer was her idea and I stole that!!
I though our friendship will last , but I was wrong, I am glad I saw that girl on her reality ..
I learnt from our experience , I should never trust anyone .. because after what I did for her . she faced CHARITY with HARM ..
In the afternoon she called , but I was in my relatives’ nearby house , dad replied :
She : Is sunshine there ?
Dad : No she is visiting my uncle’s house.
She : No she is in the house, tell her it is inappropriate to do that. And locked the phone in my dad’s face.
After awhile she called again , dad replied and she said :
- Is sunshine aggressive all the time?
Dad : no she is not aggressive at all , I don’t know what happened between the two of you , it not a good time for calling , if you like , call her later ..
I think she is acting like that because she know she’s wrong , and she is trying to defend herself, but she failed ..
I am glad our friendship ended , I would love to have polite friends.
Who copycat the others will never succeed ..
Real Sunshine..
BTW . I am so glad I was mentioned in “Malaysia's newspaper” , I have many Malaysian readers now..
Dr. Dahlia wasfi , a great Iraqi women , who lives abroad ,had a speech which is something everyone should hear , to know about “life in Iraq under the US occupation” I e-mailed Dr. Dhalia , and she replied my E-mail , she liked my blog and will make a link for me.. I am happy.. thank you Dr. Dahlia..

Sunday, July 08, 2007

No news is good news...

Hello friends I didn't write a post for a while because I didn't have electricity , as well as the generator is not working, the weather is very hot and the temperature Is 49 C (and it'll get hotter).We take shower 4 or 5 times a day , the day before yesterday I took a shower at 3 am !! the inverter is not working well too . how joyful!!! . The most unbearable time is in the afternoon between 5-8 pm , very long and boring.My relative finished his exams few days a go, so we'll be able to visit them .couple of days a go I went to a library , and bought two books written by C. S. Luis, ( the silver chair ) , and (the horse and it's boy ).. I couldn't find the type of books I was searching for .. I started to read the silver chair , it reminds me of Harry Poter and the lord of the rings, an imaginary adventures.Yesterday I went with my mom to her work (to get a new night guard) , I had a good time there , the doctors work with my mom are really funny ,and joke all the time , mama is very happy with her work . Mama decided to buy another computer , I found her idea really good, because when we have electricity everyone run to the computer , mama , Mariam , Yosif and I ( hahahah).. When I was in Miriam's age , mama brought me many CDs, teach English and they are useful and fun in the same time , like play and learn with Mickey, Barbie , and other characters like the sesame street' characters .My favorite CD is "children's encyclopedia" , it is fantastic .. Yosif is really intelligent , everyday he play a different CD, he'll learn English really fast , he always repeat the words he hear.
I kept thinking what to write about , I don't have new news , everyday is just like the day before . since the war began my life isn't as fun as before , in the past we had clubs, theaters & stadiums , the teenagers used to join karate , English , computer , and art classes , summer holiday was fun , many parties and celebrations, picnics and traveling , while now we are stuck in our house , I feel really sorry for the Iraqis , specially children who didn't have the chance to experience a life without war , every time I say" Hello Yosif how are you?" he replies , " few days a go an explosion happened and all the windows and doors were broken, I was very afraid……" he always reply the same sentence . I wish he can see the children's city , or live a day without fear, when I was younger , my parents used to take me to have a walk near the river beach, they talk and walk together , while I play and run, they didn't feel worry about me, it was safe for me to walk away alone.I was 10 or 11 when the war began ,so I still have good memories ,when we used to go to Baghdad every holiday, we used to go to the restaurants and casinos , I didn't go to a casino for more than a year , and I don't know whether I'll be able to , or not .. I miss my grandparents and relatives , I miss Baghdad , I miss my life, we used to have a family meeting every Sunday, my mom's uncles come with their wives , sometimes with their children and grandchildren , as well as my parents' aunt with her boys and their wives , oh ,very nice and warm memories indeed.Iraqis are fond of parties and picnics a lot , so it is very hard for me to stay in the house 24/7. I sometimes feel bored from reading and making handmade work , I can't do that all the time , everyday there is a different program on MBC4 between 11 pm-12 midnight , super nanny , race to the altar , brat camp , how to live longer , what not to wear , if we have electricity I watch them. We used to dress our best clothes and go out , and wear our golden jewelries , now we can't wear golden jewelries, my dad bought a new car 3 years ago , and we didn't use it until now , to avoid terrorists blackmail !! I love to go to the markets and do shopping , it is so much fun , specially when we leave the market with many stuff , I used to do that in the past , but now I don't do that anymore , it is not safe to go out .. I thought after the invasion we'll be able to travel, but I was wrong , Iraqis are not easily allowed to enter Jordan , nor UAE , nor USA, nor England , nor anywhere except Syria , going to Syria is not impossible but hard , my dad's uncle spent 2 days waiting to enter !!.My aunt will go to Syria and we won't be able to go and see her (we don't have passports) , I didn't see Rose for 3 years .. A friend of mine (she lives in USA) wrote to me about her plans for the summer holiday , and I was shocked , I am so happy for her , but I thought if I wasn't Iraqi , I would be able to enjoy my holiday the way she does , she will visit many countries. I'd never traveled outside Iraq , but I hope I'll be able to do that someday ..
Try not to lose hope