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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Friday, April 20, 2007

My latest news...

Hello friends,
it was a crazy week , so many exams , with so much homework. Besides the situation was really bad in the last two weeks , and I was really confused , I couldn't concentrate well , I heard the terrorists killed a girl, and that made me worry ..
I did ok in my exams , although the questions were really hard and long ,with very limited time , we had 3 bio exams in the last two weeks!!!!!!!! I started to hate physics , I already hate the teacher , we had FIVE physics classes this week , I can't bear that anymore , she explained 11 arithmetic questions in 15 minutes , that's crazy , I couldn't understand anything , and she examined us in the next day (I took 20 out of 25, I never had less than 23), today the teacher said she will examine us next Monday in a new chapter as well as 3 chapters we took in the last 2 weeks!!! she didn't explain anything! I tried hard to control my tears but I couldn't , I become really MAD when I don't understand something ..
This weeks I wrote on the blackboard " be mercy with those on earth, to get Merciful by the one in the sky " hehehe , god will be merciful with them , after they will be merciful with us..
It was really tough week , my friend left Mosul , she is shiites and they were threatened by terrorists ..
We hear everyday in the news " 50 terrorists were caught",or "20 terrorists were caught ", sometimes large numbers like 150 , it makes me wonder , how many terrorists are there in Iraq? ….
I think the last day I will go to school will be on 5/5 or 5/7 .. although I will have to attend the last year exams for Arabic , chemistry ,and maybe French , I am not sure , in Iraq , if we get the final par of each subject higher than 90% we don't have to attend the final exam , I hate the final exams , we should study what we have been studying for the whole year…
I know I am not writing often , and I promised to write a post about my faith , I will do that as soon as possible..
I had an interview with" Flip magazine" , with the great writer Melissa walker , it was a great pleasure to me, as well as I will have other two interviews with a radio and TV, I'll tell you about the time and in which channel ..
we were invited to Nishan party on Saturday, my dad's cousin got engaged ,but we won't be able to go because of the curfew I wrote a post few months ago about the weddings in Iraq ..
Nishan is a party when the groom bring golden jewelries to his fiancée as a present, and of course the bride wear many dresses .
Keep your prayers,
Sunshine ..

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The world's darkness can't blow my candle...

Four weeks ago we had a party in school , I had a great time , I hadn't been in a party for a long time …
We didn't wear the uniform , grandma made Dolma , and I was really excited , when I woke up , it was cloudy ! and started to rain!.
We brought CD driver , and I brought some CDs , we kept dancing and singing . I changed my regular style , I looked quite different.

I had the best morning ever , although the C class really bothered the girls in my class specially me(shush.. they probably feel jealous).
At about 1:15 I was preparing to go back , when mama called she said that a car exploded in the street lead to my house , I use this road almost everyday , I felt really worried …
I was stuck in the street the policemen and US soldiers locked all the streets leads to my house! I saw the exploded car , it was burning , and people everywhere , one was injured in his head, shrapnels were in the street and the rest of the terrorist's body (not good view , I couldn't sleep well at nigh) .. 3 mines and two cars exploded but thank god we didn't get hurt ..
When I reached the house, I knew that mama and dad were in that street when the car exploded , their windows were opened that's why they didn’t break , thank god they are safe and alive … I can't thank god enough.
My exams started , I did ok , and I will have an interview with a famous channel soon , and I am writing an article with very famous writer
I am so excited , I can't wait till then..
My friend B invited me to her brother graduation party , he is in the medicine's collage , most of my friends have brothers and sisters in the medicine collage and they will go , but DAD didn't allow me to go, a relative of mine invited me too , they will have a big party with so many beautiful shows , like they will bring camels they made so many caricatures, but he refused , I was really upset and started to cry , I said everything he done and bothered me , grandma felt sorry for me and cried too, I felt relief after that! ..
I had my exams , after mid year we have 4 exams in every subject, I am expecting a full mark in mathematics , and higher than 95 in physics , history , geography , and biology , the Arabic teacher examined us in a new subject but did not explain it to us, the girls are expecting zero , I am expecting 2 out of 10!
The situation was really bad , last Thursday the headmistress asked us to leave the school as soon as we can, many girls didn't attend the school , national guards were in everywhere round the school I was really afraid while I was walking among them they said that two cars will explode! We were practicing a song with a band, we will share in a competition , we will sing a song about Iraq, I hope we will win , I liked the music so much , and after the training I decided to learn how to play the violin , anyway we left the school safely.
in the next day my mom asked me not to go but I insisted to go to school, I had a biology exam, we heard many explosions and shooting every now and then, I was writing when shooting started I forgot the sentence I was going to write. The questions were really long , four questions and each one has 4 long parts some parts has also more than a question I wrote as fast as I could ..
The road is really long and boring , with many bad stories , this week my friend R couldn't sleep for 2 days continuously, she saw a headless body thrown near her house with so much blood round it, I feel really bad for what the Iraqis face everyday.
A teacher asked me to help her to sell magazines and the money will go to the orphans I accepted of course and sold many magazines (in the school), I allocated a good sum of money ..
I want to congratulate all of the Muslims in the memory of our prophet's birthday , and all the Christians in the feast happy easter , & may all of the coming days be full of happiness and peace.
I know you miss mama , and I have good news , she started to write again , she published two posts..
Ok , your questions time :
a question I receive a lot is that " how do you feel about the US presence in your country ? do you want them to stay or leave? "
WELL , 4 years a go , I used to feel safe when I see the soldiers in the street, I thought that I will have a free developed country , and we will live in happiness and will achieve our ambitious , I thought I will have a bright future , I was so happy that I bought military clothes and wanted to be a soldier (kid's dreams!).
Now , when I see a tank I go as far as possible , when a tank come the cars go aside , and after they pass we drive as fast as we can , so that we don’t get hurt when some one attack the troops, I feel unsafe now , I worry about my family members , relatives and friends , I miss my aunt , I live in destroyed country full of terrorists , explosions , shootings , I don’t' go out as I used before , I see people I love leaving Iraq , I see my country bleeding and I can't do anything about that , I don’t trust the governments nor the presidents , I try to keep my spirit high , and say all of the darkness in the world can't blow my candle , but it is hard , I don't have enjoyable life , I miss picnics and fun , I miss the safety and security ,I miss a lot of things , I feel like a stranger in my country.
If the US troops will leave, a carnage will happen, they should stay I think and fix my country .. But as I say I am too young to talk about policy I might be wrong , that's just my opinion ..

For more questions E-mail me on or leave a comment. Thank you.
about the questions I got about my faith I will write a post about that … keep waiting!