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Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Madcanuck.

Happy Birthday Madcanuck,
I wish you all the happiness, a life full of pleasure, and a birthday too delightful to forget, and that you'll enjoy every moment of your special day.
I feel so lucky to have a faithful friend, caring, and loving like you.
Whenever something beatific happen to me , whenever I hear good news you are the first one I think to tell , whenever I need to talk to someone , or need an advice, support you are always there to help me , and counsel me. I feel so comfortable to talk to you, that is why you are the first one who knew my real name, and the first one who saw my pics.

There always
Something new, something
Special about each
Passing birthday
There is always
That charm of being
Greeted by everyone
Close, to feel warmth
Of their love …. To know
It's a special time meant …
Just for you
Happy birthday.

Friends for ever,

Happy Birthday Mama.

Happy birthday Mama,
I wish you all the best, a long life full of happiness and peace. I hope that you can achieve your dreams.
You are the best mom in the world; I am so blessed to have a wonderful, caring, supportive, successful, friendly and affectionate mother like you.
You always encourage me to achieve my dreams, you make me feel so special, and you are always there for help and advice. You are my inspiring close friend, I always pray for you.
Without you, I wouldn't be able to continue studying, when I had my eye problem 3 years ago, you kept teaching me all the subjects, for a whole year, while you were pregnant with complications and had a heavy asthma. When you used to come with me every day to school , to the hospital, and to the doctors for 58 day. I won't forget the concern and fear you felt about me, I will not forget that ever. I wouldn't succeed without your help. Your sacrifices make you a special mother; I wish I can be a mother like you one day.

May your birthday bring your way many precious moments , that you'll cherish as loving memories always , wish you a happy birthday .

Bonne anniversaire .
With my love,

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The coming days...

Hello friends,
I hope you had a great time in Easter.
Yesterday I went to my friend's house Y , we didn't see each other for 3 years, we aren’t in the same school now, but we were in the same primary school , we are friends since we were 3 years old , as well as her mom and aunt are my mom's friend .
I had a great time, we took some pictures too.
this picture shows my sister with Y's cousins , see Iraqis are handsome.
In the third and sixth class secondary school we do not have exclusion from attending the exams (exclusion is that every student gets 90 and higher in every subject do not have to attend the final exams).
In certain grades (6th primary,3rd secondary, and 6th high school) we have ministerial exams, it means that commissions from the ministry of education will put the questions, and correct our papers.
This year I will attend this ministerial exam, on 10/6.
Unreasonable, how can we concentrate in such hot weather, with no electricity?!
I made a schedule for studying; we have 40 days to study before the exams. I shall study hard.
I'll wake up at 7 am , have my breakfast , start studying at 7:30 , till 11 am , I'll have a rest for 30 minutes to do my eye exercises , check my E-mail , & write a quick diary post (if I’ll have electricity), 11:30 I’ll start studying again till 1:30 then have my lunch , and have a nap until 3:30. Then I must study again till 8:15, watch Dr. Phil while having my dinner, & at 9:30 I'll go to bed. This schedule will start tomorrow, and of course I'll write to you whenever I can.
I'll need your good wishes and support.
Persistent Sunshine.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter everyone.

Happy Easter everyone.
I wish you all the happiness , hope you will have a great time with your family and friends.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Against the world Media ..(with more pics)

The thing that bothers me so much is the MEDIA, all the Medias, American's, Iraqi's, Arabians'..., they DO NOT show the real life in Iraq, specially the citizens' real state of affairs, they always show an old woman with Abaya, a dirty child, or an old man wear ripped dress (Dishdasha) & slipper . Showing that these people represents the Iraqis! Don't you see that often?!
Even when there is a questionnaire, the media do not ask a doctor, nor an engineer, teacher or any educated citizen, they do not go to a university or a hospital. They go to indigent neighborhoods & ask a cadger or a sloven woman & make the people round the world believe that we are all like that, it is unfair at all, why do the Medias do that?! I think they do that for certain purposes, maybe to make the other people feel sorry for us?! I got many E-mails saying that they had been shocked when they saw my sister & my brother's photographs. Well it is not weird at all; all the children in my family and in other families look beautiful, clean, & healthy.
Few months ago I got an E-mail from a reader, he said that he was surprised when he saw the number of the Iraqi bloggers who write in English, So many people in Iraq speak English (it's the second language here, we start taking English lessons in the 5th class primary school), I take private French lessons every Friday as well. I would like to learn other languages in the future.
This bad image that most of the people have for the Iraqis, related to the untruthful Medias , I wish I can start my own media , but unfortunately , I don't have that much money , maybe in the future , who knows ?!!
Few weeks ago I was reading some articles wrote about Iraq, they contained some pics for Iraqi children who were dirty , I do not think that they ever had a shower, they were wearing ripped clothes, and shoeless, I got so mad , the people who might read this article would think that ALL THE CHILDREN IN IRAQ LOOK LIKE THAT .
I talked to my mom about that many times, then I decided, it is a problem, although my diminutive voice can't do much, definitely I can't change what the medias did for years ,I don't have a TV channel nor a famous magazine , BUT I can make a very small change , & it is better than nothing , I can write about that & publish pictures too , I thought that will be great ,effective and that will be fun….
I can part the Iraqi citizens into 2 divisions:
1- The people in villages:
Most of the people in the Iraqi Arab villages are negligent to cleanness, and slovens ( like what we see in the Media), but there are villages like:
Al- Kosh , Bartila , Talkeef , Karakoosh , Bahzany , Bahsheeka , Karamles etc , most of their citizens are Christian, they are nice ,with medium education …….
Most of the people in Kurdish villages, are amazingly beautiful, well-dressed, and live in a sanitary nature ….

-The people in cities:2
The majority of the people are nice looking & educated, but there might be some, more horrible than the people in the villages!!
You see I don't generalize, you can see different varieties of people in my country, educated or not, good or bad, sparkling or dirty…..
I think now you have a better image, & I want to improve it with some pics for my house, the nature, you can see pictures for my brother, sister, & relatives' kids ….
My house is clean, organize, & it is nice for an average Iraqi .

We spend lovely time together in our living room.

Dining room .

My mom's silver collections. They were her grandmother's.

Wooden collection.

We cook our delicious Iraqi meals here.

I think I washed the dishes once here; I should help my mom more! .hehehe

My sister's bedroom.

She obviously likes to own toys..

My room clean, organized, & lovely likes me!

My favorite part, I definitely spend long time here.

My room in the New Year evening.
My moppets, we sleep together in the night, but I wake up almost in the floor in the morning.

Here where I shine to you from!

Mariam , with our relatives .

My brother Yosif is playing in the garden, it's fun !

Mariam , Janeen , Waseem & Yosif in our garden .

Isn't she lovely? Does the Media show children like her?

Mariam's birthday, wasn't fun without friends in her age.

Lovely motel in Shaklawa .

Kaly Ali Bek , one of the gorgeous places.
A market in Bekhal
Bekhal waterfall in Kurdistan , It's gorgeous , just like it's people.

Valid sunshine's Media …