Days of My Life

Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Thursday, April 28, 2005

an adventure

In 2000_2001, I had a problem in my eyes it happened in school I sew near objects doubled this phenomena called Diplopia. Anyway, the doctor at that time recommended some eye exercises. He said there is nothing to wary about and I cured after few days. Last year I had Diplopia again but this time It was the worst , I could not read at all suddenly and I sew the far objects doubled up to 12 meter away from me . So I could not do the eye exercises because I could not see near objects. The doctor said it would take a long time until the eye muscles cure the problem is that I was in the middle of a mid year examination . I did not give up, my mother started to read for me, even mathematics and geography, and I find the solution blindly. My doctor advised as to lock for another opinion .my mother thought we might get help from the doctor of the American army. We phoned them on the hot line .seeking for medical advice. They asked us to come to the airport, where their hospital was. we went there early in the morning, That was in 2/1/2004, a soldier out side the airport asked us about the reason of our coming to a military aria, when we told him we need a doctor he made some calls, then we were allowed to enter after we were inspected. we waited in a camp for 4 hours ,but every one was kind and friendly. My mother was pregnant and had a fever. She became so tiered because of the uncomfortable seat in the camp .After along wait; a soldier came and asked my mom if she can sit in their military car. She accepted and we went to a very big camp, which was the hospital. The soldier asked us to wait in the car and he went for a while. He came back with bad shocky news. The doctor refused to meet us, because of the new policy, that they will see only the people injured by the military forces . My father shocked his eyes filled with tears, he asked them a bout only for diagnoses and not for treatment, but we could not meet the doctor even for his advice. My mother pretended to be stronger and tried to understand the policy then she bust in tears in the evening. That was an adventure for me, I made friendships with the soldiers, I liked very much a soldier named Daniel, she was beautiful with a smiley face .we had a long talk together I will never forget her. When we were taken to the gate everybody (soldiers) were sorry for us, they gave us a hug. Anyway, my grandparents called from Baghdad and side they read in the newspaper an announcement that a French eyes doctor will com to Baghdad in February.
to be continued..........

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I have many hobbies like handmade work, reading, writing, and Take photo; I do all these hobbies in the summer holyday. This year I will have examinations in French and geography only and I am so happy, I decided to work hard to get high marks in French and geography

who i am ?

I am 14 years old and I am in the second class in a secondary school
My family consists of my parents, sister, brother and grandparents. My father is a mechanical engineer, my mother is a dentist, my sister is 7 years old, she is in the first class in a primary school, my brother is 11 months he is very funny and he began to walk and talk, my
Grandfather is a civil engineer, my grandmother is a teacher.
As I do not have big brothers, I have relatives and I consider them my brothers and my other family .

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Hi, I am a teenager from Mosul in Iraq .I am doing very good in school although we have difficulties like there is no electricity most of the day, some times, I can not reach school because of firing on my way or the bridge is closed. Many times terrors attacked the police station near my house, which is very scary and happen suddenly. Therefore, you can see I do not feel safe and some times, it is difficult to concentrate, but I did it, I succeeded with very high marks. When some times I feel hopeless, I say to my self: I can do it, I will not give up
My mother supported me, and she always prays for me.