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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Election day

today is the election day ..
in the past two months the most common conversations were about the election day as this is the most important event that we were waiting with hearts full of fear and some hope  ..
people were expecting more  violence,  Arrests for the innocents ,  blocked roads , curfew , etc
But , the situation was even worst ! villages were drowned completely to stop people of participating  , innocent guys were killed randomly, others were arrested in jails for no guilt ..  
I went today despite of everything,  Iraqis desperately want a new government , educated , strong, and loyal to IRAQ ..  
I saw interviews with people who were forced to leave their villages after their houses were drowned completely they said  " we are going to vote swimming", after swimming 

to their election stations outside the villages they found them closed !
from the early morning, Mortar fell on neighborhoods in Mosul, Salahaldeen, Baghdad and other cities ,  policemen and citizens were killed and injured ..
My family, relatives, friends and i voted today , we're determined to do whatever it takes to have a better future, we went for the sake of people who lost their houses, the people who couldn't reach their election stations, for the sake of widows , orphans , for  innocents in jails, for Iraqis that we lost since the invasion .. 
 for a better future (hopefully)  ..

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

happiness and sadness were competing to have a biggest space in my heart that day ..

i wrote few posts and i didn't publish them
I'd write a post and in the next day something would happen , and i update the post again, until i found it full of inconsistent events !!..
the last 3 weeks were full of tension, i waited until i feel more relax to be able to write again .
I woke up on Thursday 13/3 , the weather was really nice , i decided to spend a nice time writing a post, so I opened the window , brought my laptop , prepared a delicious piece of cake and coffee, how happy did I  felt when electricity came in the morning!
 I wrote few words until my grandma came crying saying a friend of ours lost his son , when a car bomb exploded ( i am not going to mention the horrible details) , i was shocked , became speechless! a voice in my heart was saying "i hope it is not true " while my mind  draw a complete image based on my grandma's description of the painful accident .
My best and close friend was going to get married on Friday 14/3 , i had to hide the sadness in my voice each time she called me , i didn't want her to hear such things before her wedding .
 you know how nervous a bride can be in the day before her wedding, she had to make sure everything was ok and she didn't forget to prepare a tiny detail for this big day !
 my friend and i planned together for her wedding and i did some of the decorations , I was putting my last touches while tears running out on my cheeks ..
happiness ( for my close friend) and sadness (to hear about this lose)  were competing to have a biggest space in my heart that day .. it was exhausting