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Saturday, November 26, 2011

another Hi ..

Hello friends …

I don't remember the last time I wrote a post, it seems like whenever I want to write , something happens and make me really busy!!

So I'll start from Eid al futur (in September) :

Since I started blogging, I used to publish a post about Eid and food and relatives gathering, but that Eid was different, we had a family meeting on the first day, but when we came home my mom started to have a severe pain in her back, and she couldn't leave bed , she had a sever disk in her back ( sciatic nerve ) .. we couldn't find a doctor in Eid, and had to wait till it was over, long hours passed and the pain was getting worse … I couldn't do anything, I just brought all my copybooks near her bed and studied silently feeling ache in my heart to see dear mom in pain …

As Eid was over, a friend of mom sent her an ambulance and we took her to the doctors who had different opinions, one dr. said she must have a surgery within 5 days, and another said even surgery will not cure her 100% … different opinions and different drugs, but the result was the same, she had dropped foot, and the best painkillers didn't work and she stayed up for many nights until she had exhaustion … then my exams started, and I passed to the third stage (thanks to Allah), but still had two subjects to repeat ..

After my exams were over, my dad took mom to Arbil (after two hours of waiting In the border of our own country although dad had all of my mom's medical reports and X-rays), a Dr. from Jordan gave her new medications and told her she could either have an operation but he won't be able to follow her up, or just take those pills and have long bed rest until he come another time to iraq…

Mom started to read in internet and watch videos about her case and did the proper exercises, she is much better now, although she still have dropped foot, and can't do housework :D but hopefully she will get better in near future ..

During my second attempt exams, my best friend B, invited me to her Nishan party and her wedding party (only two days between those parties), I couldn't attend her nishan party I had a laboratory exam in the next day, and told her I wouldn't be able to attend her wedding as I had digital design exam two days later..

In her wedding day, I needed someone to urge me and tell me that I must go, and I used to go to mom and say "oh god, B is getting married within few hours ", and I'd go to my room and come back again "oh mom, what should I do?? I have an exam two days later and I want to pass it really, but B is getting married and I …… " mom interrupted me saying "and you really think you can concentrate??, go to her wedding, and you can study hard for two days " , when mom said that, I felt so excited, I needed to hear that !!! so I called the driver , it was 12:30 pm and asked him to come at 3:15 pm , and her wedding starts at 4 pm, I got ready by 3 pm, I took my sister and went to her house, she was still in the salon, and I asked everyone not to tell her that I was there, I wanted to make her a little surprise.. B came from salon and went upstairs to dress up, and when she was walking down stairs, I came and stood in the beginning of the crowd (all of her aunts and cousins and their kids), she didn't notice me first and then she said " OH MY GOD OH MY GOD SUNSHINE ", her voice was shaking and my eyes were full of tears, she came downstairs running with her big beautiful white dress looking like an angle, and she is an angle , we hugged and we were both shaking and it was an emotional meeting, she whispered " this is the best part of my wedding"

We've been friends since high school and I've mentioned her in many posts …

We were talking and laughing and started to hear sound of horns and her sister came and said the groom and his family arrived, B was trying to be calm but I could hear her heart beats, when she noticed that her mom wasn't there she felt very nerves ..

it is emotional event for the mother to see her daughter moving to another house (in our culture) …

The groom is a Doctor, and from a respectful religious family and I believe they 're great couples, both have the same thoughts and plan for life, and B is from a very religious educated family as well ..

We took pictures and went to the grooms house ( the party was there) , we had a great time and sang old muslawi songs and had the best day ever, I am very thankful that I went to B's wedding ..

now B is doing great managing between her college and her new life with her husband and I wish them from the bottom of my heart a life full of happiness


The thirds stage seems better for me, the subjects are getting harder, but I liked many of them , and I am getting used to our professors hard characters ! and I every day I come closer to my goal …

As I was attending classes, it was Thursday, a professor announced that all students who didn't pass one or two subjects in second stage should attend the third attempt starting from Tuesday! Which includes me, so I missed the third stage classed and started to study hard, and I passed engineering analysis (only 2 students passed, I am one of them), while no one passed programming and the professor said it happily " I didn't like third attempt , and all students will study the subject again" .. I don't care, because I don't even think that he took a look at our papers , why would I punish myself from someone's else's fault??..

As I didn't go to college for two weeks I missed 28 lectures , so I went to my friends houses in the weekend and studied them together , that's why I've been extremely busy and couldn't publish a post, and also a very serious virus entered my laptop and I took it to an engineer four times to fix the problem, that took over a month, and the internet company blocked blogger and I had to contact them few times to fix that problem as well .. the other thing was , we had a big family meeting in Eid al Adhha ….

My grandparents , as well as two of my parents' uncles and aunt arrived from Jordan and Baghdad and they all spent eid in our house , we had a great time together (and I had a lot of dishes to wash hehhe), uncle M didn't see grandpa for five years, we spent the greatest days ever, I saw relatives of my grandpa whom I don't even know! the kids became young women and young men and looked different !! and there were many new faces , new daughters-in-low and sons-in-low , grandkids , whom we didn't met before !! we took a lot of pictures which I will publish as soon as I have time !!…

I enjoyed the evenings, we had pleasure time, grandpa and his brothers told stories of old days , and I reminded them with old poetries that I learnt from grandpa, we even sang old muslawi songs together ! and laughed a lot on charades-poetries, and jokes , when uncle M (who is the eldest uncle , in his 80es , and a Dr. with a PHD from London) feel sleepy he used to say "sunshine, swear that you will not tell any story , poem , or even talk starting from this minutes, because I don't want to miss that and I feel sleepy" .. so I used to announce the end of the evening, and everyone go to bed by 12 am :D

It is a long long post, I had a lot of things to talk about and excuse me for keeping you all waiting , and I appreciate your E-mails , I try to reply most of them , but I check my yahoo account more often , which is…