Days of My Life

Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I miss writing posts and doing my hobbies, college is taking all my time,
So, in the first week of march, we had a picnic to the Dam of Mosul with the university, I had so much fun, it takes about an hour to reach the Dam of Mosul, to the way there the guys were singing and playing music and then when we reached the first thing we did is going near the water and taking a lot of photos, then we rented a boat (my favorite part), and we had a nice tour in the area, and came back wet and freezing , then we had lunch I brought beef-burgers, roast (spiced meet with vegetables), cake, and the girls and guys also brought Dolma, chicken, Biryani, macaroni , and other dishes ..
After lunch, we played tennis, and frozbie , and the professors joined us! Even the chef of the department .. and after that the guys played football against the professors who seemed nice (the first time ever I see them friendly)
We reached Mosul at 5:30 pm, and the driver was supposed to pick me at that time, but he was late and it started to rain heavily , my friends and I were freezing and wet in the street but we enjoyed it and laughed at our "new look"..
In The second week I experienced a new adventure! the driver's car broken-down in the middle of the street! And I felt "lucky" at the beginning to see a relative of mine and grandpa just behind us , so I got in to my relative's car and thought he'd happily drive me to college as it is on his way , but he ignored me and drove me to faraway place with grandpa , grandpa made few phone calls and he said a car is in the way to take me to college (lucky me), and I saw a silver modern car driving towards us, and I asked" this is the car right ??" grandpa said "no, the green one", but I didn't see a green car, I saw a green lorry, I thought grandpa is joking, I mean going to college in a Lorry ??? no way, my prestige !!!
But he won, and thank god I reached before anybody else !
(the university of Mosul is very big establishment in the middle of the city , it has 8 gates leading to many neighborhoods, that's why I couldn't walk to my college)
In the third week on march I got really sick, I had laryngitis and asthma attacks, my voice gone for few days (can you imagine how hard is it for me not to talk ??!!!) and I went to the Dr. who gave me a lot of medications, I feel better now ..
My second term exams will start soon, and I am preparing for them and doing the best I can, I feel very busy and tensed especially I have to make 4 reports this week and made a schedule for all subjects to study them well before the exams ..
wish me luck ..