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Friday, February 25, 2011

Determined to change ..... The Friday of anger and the palm's revolution

I had my midyear exams, the questions were incredibly hard, and some even contain mistakes, I feel worried about my marks, and I feel worried about the finals already!!

The demonstrations of Iraq is today Friday the 25th. The government sent their assistances to al Tahreee yard, they attacked the citizens as they were asleep and stabbed them with knives and ordered them to leave . But they didn't give up and Iraqis are determined to stay and demand our rights.
As well as al Maliki's supporters wanted to carry Saddam's photos in order to frustrate the demonstrations by pretending that those remonstrators are the followers of the ex-regime !
Al Sistani announced that it is forbidden to participate in these demonstrations but the Shiites didn't listen and a citizen on Tv said "we're not going to listen to whatever Al margi' announce, we're participating" , I hope that from now on people will not be effected by the those who speak in the name of religion ..
Now I am writing and watching the news about the demonstrations in Iraq, today is called "the Friday of anger" and this revolution is named al nakheel's revolution "the palms revolutions "
The Iraqi citizens went through a lot, so they went out to the streets to demand and protest inspite of danger and government's threats, they have nothing to lose more, the old people and the young, men and women are participating and walked a lot to reach the place where citizens are gathering as we have curfew …
My father's two cousins participated in Mosul revolution although we're worried about them, in Mosul the police started to shoot at the citizens and 5 were injured , I can't wait till I hear the alive story from my father's cousins..
The greatest thing is , people's intension is not to make coias or destroy , we're not like the politicians, the people are caring roses and green branches, and shouting "peace" … as well as other great sentences that made me realize we still have heroes..
Now I am listening to people's demands in freedom and jobs, and also hearing their stories that made my heart ache, a woman said 7 years ago the police took her 18 years old son, and she didn't see them since that time, and she's hoping this revolution will settle the justice and innocent people will get out of jail .. and another women said she didn't get her retired salary for 4 years, she worked for 22 years , and now she deserve a good life ..
Another pleasing thing is, people prayed "Freday's prayer" together in Al Tahreer in baghdad , Sunnis and Shiites together and they shouted " we're brothers Sunnis and Shiites and we're not going to sell this country ", the same thing happened in Sulaymania when Kurds and Arabs prayed together .. the citizens are united, it is the government that try to separate us and extend cultic , but it's not going to happen, no matter how tricky and pity plans they make..
I pray for a new hopeful future, and today I am proud of Iraqis, I know how great people we have here, and how much the Iraqis endured not only through the last 7 years, but since Saddam took control ..
I've been watching the news lately, and all the Arabian countries are witnessing panic .. especially Libya and the savage ways of al Kaddafi in order to stop the demonstrations , I have relatives is Libya and we were so worried about them, aunt said that al Kaddafi hired mercenaries to kill the citizens who are against him..
there's no freedom nor ministrations in the Arabian countries, and in Iraq especially, but I don't believe that after years and years of silence finally the people realized that !!! and started a demur against the rulers, there must be an interference from a third part that inflamed the revolution, but still I hope this will be in our advantage, and not a plan to make the Arabian countries reach the bottom.
I wish that the Arab countries become strong and people and refuses to be under the rule of dictators and have such courage to stand up against them and have freedom just like the old old times when the Arabian countries were united and were one big nation, it was so developed and strong , and we had justice and were years and years ahead than western countries in all kind of sciences and inventions , and medicine etc.. it hurts me a lot because I am Arab and I wish I can do something myself to change the situation, I wish we can start to say "WE ARE" instead of " WE WERE" ..
we must stop live in the shadow of the past and realize that people may not be aware of how great nation we were, but they definitely know how weak our nation is now .
Is it true that now after long years people woke up ?? or it's another illusion and plan to make Arabian countries reach the bottom so that other countries take control ??

God bless everyone doesn't accept iniquity and suppressing and demand of rights ..

update at 7:30 pm ..

the police are shooting the citizens, some were injured and others died, but the demonstration will not stop to day ..

update at 4:30 , 26/2

we've heard from people in baghdad that the police and national guards put concrete walls in the majority neighborhoods of baghdad and closed all theirs roads, and thousands of people were forced to go home and couldn't participate in the demonstration , some tried to derail the concrete walls and force their way in, but the police behind those walls started to shoot and didn't allow them to leave their neighborhoods .if people were allowed to go out and share in the demonstrations it would last for days ..


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