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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My 19th Birthday ...

Today I celebrated my 19th birthday with my family members, we made a small party together, sang "happy birthday", then I made a wish and blow off my candles ..
as I am having exams and my friend's cannot come, I'm going to postponed the big party after the exams …
Wow, I look back to age 18, a year passed carrying good and happy events, as well as hard times that made me stronger, more independent, and more experience to face the future …
I have a lot to be thankful for.. I thank god for protecting me and my family , giving us health, pleasure, and keeping us together..
And I thank my mother for being such a great model for me, and for supporting me and guiding me to be a good , kind and successful person ..
Each year, I remember the experiences I got through , and what I've learnt as a whole year passed in my life ..
Now as I am 19 years old lady ,I have different perspective and thoughts than a year ago and more confidence in myself, and also excited to start another year , I feel like I stared to put the basic steps to build my own life in the last two years, starting of my decision to study engineering…
So, what do I know more than any time before ??
I realized that, satisfaction is not when I have everything I want, it is when I feel happy about everything I have .
And my value as a person is not measured with the things I own, in fact when people value themselves depending on material things and they are humiliating themselves.
,they are in their lives, I realized that to be happy and successful doesn’t mean I have to believe in my models' thoughts or live like their lives to achieve the same, but, I can have my unique way to succeed and add their experiences to mine, and learn from their patience and strength ..
I realized that Simplicity is everything ..
I realized that, when I have a family and good health, then I have everything..
And when my mom is pleased about me, then I am the happiest person ever ..
Happiness come from ourselves as well as misery, sometimes unexpected things happen and I can turn them to a good ones by my attitude..

I realized that, my past made me who I am, but my thoughts and believes will determine my future, and I can't have experiences unless I have the bravery to try new things ..
I realized that when I plan for my life, it's better to put standers and qualities than timing-schedule, because sometimes opportunities come in unexpected times …
Appearances is just an illusion, people take care of small details and material things to hide ,or to take sights away from their imperfection, or be loved ,accepted , and get along with others , so they copy each other which I call "blind apery" , such people I don't care about their thoughts… when I know inside my heart that I am right then I should be committed to my principles..
I can't succeed and feel tension in the same time .. If I am surrounded with hard circumstances beyond my control, then I should only focus on having a cool mood and relax , because feeling tension will make the problems doubled ..
pleasing people is impossible and I should never be afraid from people more than my fear from god .
and finally, I realize now and every day, that my faith in god should always be number one, and when I put god in my priority, my life will be more than my expectations ..
Note: I have a convention to make, it is a special 19th birthday which I am going to remember, because my exams are coming, and I am studying during my midyear holiday as well as I got chicken pox , I have cute red little pimples , it' is funny people call me and say " really? Chicken pox?? We had it since we were two years old or so" hehe
Everything is special in my birthday !!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 came ...

Happy new year everyone, I hope this year will be full of happiness, joy , and health to all of you, and for my Iraqi friends, I wish this year we can live in peace, may the bloodshed stop and we can all participate in rebuilding our beloved country , may the reunion we've been waiting for can be achieved this year, and our families, relatives and friends come back to Iraq . let's hope for a better tomorrow …
We celebrated the new year's evening in my dad uncle's house where we had a nice family meeting, with lots of food, deserts, we exchanged gifts , jokes, and spent such a lovely time together, but came home at 10 o'clock as it is not safe to leave in a late time..
my laptop's recharger was damaged and it took me a while to find another one , that's why I couldn't publish lately ..
I was so busy with college and exams, and I was feeling tension because the college is in mess, many exams each day, sometimes they demand us to study subjects they didn't explain, they are very harsh ..
my friend says "at last we'll all graduate and become engineers, it doesn't matter first or second turn, we'll all be staying home engineers and can't find jobs" I am trying to convince myself with this opinion (except the jobs part) ,I'll just do what I can, no matter what will be the results ..
about two days ago, I couldn't reach college because of the closed roads, and I missed the laboratory experiment, I asked If I can do it in another day he said " if the professor allows you to do it in another time then do it, but I can't give you my approval otherwise, because I am not responsible of your personal circumstances " just like if I closed all the roads of mosul !! the professors didn't allow me to do it, each time he'd say come in another time, I kept going over and over till the day before my exam, I asked a girl to explain it for me, but It's hard to imagine what's going on without making It ..
I had my practical exams, on the first one, we choose numbers and each No. carry a different experiment , well, I had kind of bad luck, I got the no. of the only experiment I missed!!! I asked the professors to change it, but he said " no its your luck", I didn't do well..
In the second practical exam , I did well .. on the third exam I didn't , my computer didn't work, and they didn't give me extra time, the exam is only 30 minutes and the professors restarted my slow computer three times, and brought another mouse.
And in the programming lab. No one could answer the question !!
Now, we're having our mid-year holiday which last for 2 weeks, but our exams will be after the holiday !! it's crazy, because of the Shiite's ceremony they postponed our exams, I made a schedule and I am studying in my holiday and waking up at 6:45 am !! what a great holiday!
We need a holiday after this" holiday "! … I am doing my best, I study till 11 pm, just take a short nap, and my rests are about 5 minutes only ..
Just like every year I am going to spend my birthday studying!! But inshallah after my exams, I'll make a birthday party ..
Last week, I went to my best friend's birthday and we had fun, I love parties :D
And today , we we had dinner in a nice restaurant, we spent lovely time ..
I've been receiving many e-mails and comments from my dear readers asking about aunt rose, she's doing well, her husband took the PHD, and her daughters are doing excellent in school, my grandparents visited her recently and spent a lovely time in Dubai ..
I pray one day my aunt, and all of our other relatives come back to Iraq and we'll get together again just like the old days before the war, I didn't see her for six years..