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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year ...

Hello friends, Happy new year and merry Christmas, may all of your dreams come true, and 2010 will bring the Iraqis and the world peace, may 2010 be without wars, bloodshed, and sadness..
2009 had good and hard times, but I am so thankful for god for keeping me and my family, friends, and loved ones alive, and in a good health .. . this year I found an agency for my book, and went to the engineering college, so I am close of achieving two of my dreams ..
My mid year exams will start on 10/1 , I feel worried a lot, specially that I study a lot and the professors told us " whether you study or not, you're not going to succeed from the first or second try" from their opinion engineering is too hard to succeed from the first or second exam, we're doing our best despite everything, and professors not only explain in a horrible way but make us feel so frustrated, our marks are horrible .. the highest mark in the class in 3 out of 10 !!!!
I spend a long time searching in the internet for good sources, sometimes I spend 4 hours searching for an answer to one question !!! sometimes I feel frustrated, other times I do an extra effort and challenge myself to find the answer.
I am studying hard, and need your prayers ..
Next Saturday, my relative, and dear friend Raghda, will have her Nishan party, she got engaged .. so I wish her a successful and happy marriage, and god bless her and her fiancé .

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Eid ..

Eid mubarak (blessed Eid), for you all, I really missed writing to you, and feel so glad to post again, I have a lot of news and new stories .. …
Since collage started I became so busy, I come home at 3 and half pm, have lunch and a quick nap, and start studying at 6 pm till mid night, honestly I thaught college will not be stressful for me, but the first week was hard, our university lecturers are horrible in general!! We have two good professors and the rest have no idea what they're talking about, they have a paper and they just write it and leave the class leaving us confused ! when I ask a question I get the same reply which is " time is too short to answer" or they just ignore our questions , and that's because they don't even know the answer !!
I depend on myself, and ask the students older than me, specially their professors were different, I also borrow books and try understand the lectures such as CDs , books, and lectures from older students.
I think I am doing fine so far.. I have a new friend who's from Basra and I spent most of the break time with her, and when it comes to lectures and studying I have 2 classmates who are clever, we spend a lot of time explaining to each other .. one of them is from Baghdad and the other was with me in primary school and he remembered me so well !!
The second week of college was so stressful and crazy, I lost appetite, and I had horrible insomnia, I was thinking about the lectures I didn't understand all the time.
on Thursday (3 days before Eid), I had unbearable headache, , after midnight I woke up shaking harshly, and my jaws were killing me, I had a high fever, I stayed awake till 4 am I couldn't leave my bed, then when I was able to walk I went to mom who gave me medications, at 6 am, the fever was so high, as soon as I left my bed I fainted, my sister was awake and she started to scream calling dad who carried me to bed.. it was a horrible long night, I was in pain and also worried about my studying schedule..
In the morning my grandparents arrived from Baghdad with both of my mom's uncle and aunt and their families, my health started to get better by time, and I was able to leave the bed, I didn't have high fever, but I had a bad flue!! but I was enjoying time with my family and relatives.
Thursday was Eid's night, or as we call it Laylat al Eid, we took showers and wore our new pajamas it was fun :D

In the first day of Eid al Adha, my grandparents decided to slay a ram a allocate it's meat to paupers and relatives, so the butcher came early to our house, this is a tradition called Dhaheya.. I didn't have the courage to look at the poor ram ..
At 11 pm, we went to my grandpa eldest brother's house, where we had a family meeting.. it was a real family meeting, there were so many relatives, a lot of food, and a nice pleasant time ..
At noon we came home, and I started to show the pictures I took among the laughs of my family, there were hilarious photos .
On the next day of Eid, we didn't go out, we enjoyed our time with barbeque in the garden followed by Iraqi tea on coal !!
On the third day of Eid, we had a family meeting in my other grandpa brother's house, before lunch S (my dad's cousin) logged in to the internet and we talked with our relatives abroad in a voice chat, and they saw the whole relatives by webcam as the computer is in the living room, it was so much fun, we talked to my dad's uncle in Saudi Arabia, my dad's cousins in Canada, America, and Egypt. And they were able to live the moment with us..
While we were having lunch accidently the soup fall on my trousers, and I spent half an hour in the girls' room trying to remove the oil with baby powder (it's a useful way)..
Then, my mom's uncle who is painter, draw a picture of his brother and my relative while we were watching. then he draw a picture of me and grandpa. it was great.
On the fourth day of Eid we went to my grandpa cousin's house, there was a big family meeting, we saw all of grandpa's cousins, their kids, and grandkids.. we saw Najma and HNK with their family and we spent very lovely time.
In the evenings, we enjoyed playing some old games and tricks with matches, coins, bottles, and pens, and made shows of fire plays in the clear shy.

After Eid, my grandma had a bad influenza, we were planning to go shopping but it was canceled at first .. then my mom suggested that I go with uncle's wife and show her the market and do some shopping..
My grandparents and relatives went to Baghdad , I miss them already!! It was the best Eid ever.. hopefully next Eid we'll be celebrating with all of the relatives who left Iraq , it is a dream, and maybe one day it will come true, I miss them so much, specially my aunt..
On Wednesday after Eid, I went to college, but I was surprised of not seeing professors , and there were only 4 students in my class.. although it is not a holiday, it is silly, before Eid professors were talking about the discipline and how we should never miss a lecture and re build our country, they talk and never act.. our professors disappointed me so much, although they have high degrees they are unable to answer our questions, and not qualified to teach a generation that will one day re build Iraq, they can't give what they don't have..