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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So MuCh FuN ..

Hello friends, I've been in Baghdad and I didn't have time to use the computer, I was busy preparing for Eid, we also have several apportionments with Doctors, as you know the laboratories and doctors in Baghdad are much better than those in mom did some tests she is doing fine now .
Our way to Baghdad was good, there weren't any troops or closed roads, but there were so many check point (every 100 meters) and we drove slowly (60 km/hr), the soldiers asked the driver to drive slower while he was driving at 70 km/ hr . it is ok as long as the road is safe .
We arrived Baghdad at 11 and half am (we left mosul at 5 am), my grandma was making deserts for neighbors, and she asked me to deliver them, for the first time since so long, I feel safe to walk alone and cross the street, I am 17 and it seems strange that I can't walk one step without an adult around, but the situation in my neighborhood forced me to feel this way .
Anyway, I delivered the deserts and in my way home I saw a neighbor "A" parking his car, he just came from hospital with his beautiful wife who gave birth to a healthy and cute baby boy.
I love my grandparents' neighborhood, it is safe and classy, the neighbors cooperate and love each other..
I took a nap as I was a little bit tired, and when I woke up I helped grandma in cooking and preparing Al futoor for us, and for our neighbors "A's family".
Grandma prepared a great futoor for the neighbors ( Dolma, Chicken, rize, Kabab, Lazania , Orange juice , yogurt, dates, Adas soup, and a dessert so famous in Iraq called Basbosa) grandpa and I took the salvers to them, and it looked like "a royal meal".
In Most of the days, my mom's uncle had al futoor with us, his wife is in Syria and his daughters are in Amman and Egypt, he talked about his visits to Morocco, Jordan, Syria and Sulaymaniyah, we had a nice time.
In the second week of our visit, we made klecha ( an iraqi dessert for Eid as traditions), we also cleaned the windows and prepared the guest room, but a sandy storm ruined our cleaning ! but as I say always "I prefer that my hard work in cleaning ruins by a sand storm than from explosions"
While I was cleaning the windows with grandma, I smiled and said to her " it is the first time I clean the windows and know they are not going to break soon" .the day before Eid called Laylat al Eid (means Eid's night), we finished everything, I took a shower and dried my hair (and kept showing off , my new hair style looks great)..
I was watching Tv. And smelled dust and I know my nose never lies, I hurried to the windows and couldn't see anything, there was a huge sand storm and followed by rain, so can you imagine how did the house looked like? Muddy from the outside , and dusty inside, what a great Eid gift!!
We woke up in the first day of Eid early, and cleaned the whole house quickly, then we changed our clothes and continued cooking for lunch, the family meeting this Eid was in grandparent's house.
My mom's cousin came with her small family, my mom's aunt came with her son , daughter, and husband , as well as my mom's uncle who is alone. So we were very few.
In the past, we used to gather for lunch in my mom eldest uncle's house, about 15 families, can you imagine how many people we were? then after lunch Najma's grandparents and aunts used to join us, we used to have the best times ever..
Eid have a special spirit, all relatives must attend in the eldest family member's house, what a lovely time we used to have around the lunch table , specially as a kid when I try to look among my relatives to see what kind of dishes are there!! I miss the view of kids playing with their new gifts and running everywhere.
The older men and women used to stay in the living room and guest room , the young women used to prepare the lunch table and tea etc, while the young men try to make the ladies mad by picking up few pieces of food, and joking about their clothes or hair style, I remember my relatives (the engaged and new couples) used to stay in the garden with their loved ones, and the kids play and chase each other around them.
I remember those Eids, and I want them back. That is my Eid when I was a kid.. not the "Eid" when we spend the time calling our relatives aboard congratulating them, and wish to be with them next time.
Everything changed in our lives, not only Eid's traditions and spirit.
The most effecting thing that make Iraqis abroad miss Iraq and their families even more, is Eid's time, because there's no Eid better than the one in Iraq, no one can feel Eid's spirit and celebrate away from home family and relatives.
Our small family meeting was nice, we had lunch, and talked about different things. in the afternoon our relatives left, then our friends visited us for about an hour.
In the second day of Eid, we visited my mom's aunt, and then my grandma's aunt, we were stuck in the crowded streets for 2 hours at noon ! we came home feeling exhausted, my sister and brother fall asleep in the car.

Since war began, so many cars entered Iraq, specially Baghdad, it takes 2hours to reach a place while it used to take only 30 minutes in the past.

To avoid the crowded streets we didn't go out of the neighborhood except few times, We went to al Rubaii street before Eid (my favorite place in Baghdad), and in the day after Eid we had dinner in a nice restaurant called Saysaban, which I like so much.
Then after Eid, we went shopping .. and that's all ..
Even though we didn't go out much, but at least, we had 2 safe and quiet weeks, and for me that's all I need, Safety ..

When I came back to mosul, I applied for collage, and we'll get the approval results after 3 weeks.
Few days ago, we were invited to a friend's Nishan party. next week, we'll attend another relative's wedding, and after two weeks my family and I will attend a Nishan party of my dear friend and relative, gorgeous Najma ( I congratulate you and Bookish from the bottom of my heart and wish you guys a successful and happy marriage, you look so nice together, may all your days be as warm as your love ).
P.S Nishan party is when the fiancé give his fiancée his golden gift as a symbol of his love and appreciation to her..

P.s I'll publish few pics asap

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Anxious to go..

This Ramadan was calm and fun for me, I spend the time on the internet, reading, watching Tv. And cooking, we also went shopping few times preparing for Eid (feast).
I'll also go to Baghdad few days later with my family, I'll sped the last 10 days of Ramadan in Baghdad and also celebrate Eid there, with my grandparents , relatives, and friends .
I love going to Baghdad, and I am really excited .. I'll post whenever I can, and I'll write a post with pictures about my visit to Baghdad.
P.S I'll apply to collage soon, and I may apply to engineering collage.