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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I finished my exams last Wednesday; the teachers brought very hard questions, but did fine. I was planning to have 2 lectures everyday during the midyear holiday, but my grandparents, and everyone urged me to take a break, relax and spend the holiday in Baghdad, after I thought about it, I decided to take their advice, and have a break, I rally deserve one after 9 months of continuous studying so that I don't get bored later.
So in the first day of my holiday I traveled to Baghdad, the road was really good except the two hours we stopped before we reach Baghdad because of the crowded road as the cars must be inspected before we reach Baghdad gate..
I am having a pleasant time here, Baghdad is much safer than mosul, we can go out, wear what we love without fear, walk and enjoy the warm weather, I love Baghdad and I wish I can stay here forever!
I may not be able to write often, I have very limited spare time, each day we visit relatives or go shopping so I don't use the computer very often these days ..i feel extremely happy that I'll celebrate my 17th birthday In Baghdad, I feel so excited.
I can't wait till I write a new post, I have interesting things to tell you about..
With love

Friday, January 09, 2009

Last midyear exams in high school...

This week, the oral midyear examination started, I did well, and on Sunday the written exam will start. I pray the roads will be open, and also pray the weather will get warmer, many times I feel that I can't write or move my frozen figures!! However I decided to take oil with me to school for the heaters, and I hope my friends will do the same, otherwise we'll get sick and freeze specially many classrooms have no windows due to the continuous explosions .. Since the terrorists threatened to bomb more cars in the neighborhood, my dad and grandpa started to think about any possible way to make the house less dangerous for us, so they covered the majority of windows with wood, can you imagine how dark it became ?!! As we don't have electricity most of the time, and we have power from the generators in the afternoons only, I spend the mornings carrying my books and moving from one room to another in order to find which room is calmer and rather lightened, when my family members come to a room I can't concentrate because of the noise, so I try to find another place.. And when the weather is cloudy I feel upset and cloudy too.
Let's hope we'll have more hours of electricity, and the situation will be good so that we have our examinations in a normal environment.
Spring holiday will start on 21/1, I may not be able to use internet till that time..
Wish me luck, I'll need it!