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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Reshining ....

Hello ,
Many events happened this week , a relative of mine was murdered while he was driving his car in Mansoor a neighborhood in Baghdad, he is 25 years old , and has 6 months old baby , my grandparents couldn’t go to the funeral because the bridges are locked , and we couldn’t go to Baghdad because it is impossible ..
My other relatives’ story is very tragic , a lorry exploded in front of their house , the house completely damaged , their 13years old daughter died , the mother and father as well as one of their sons were very badly injured and they are in the emergency room , their other son is a live with simple injuries
What a tough situation when a brother bury his sister ? , his parents and brother in critical situation ,their house and car were burned and destroyed
I got a letter from a dear friend of mine telling me that the media says that the Sunnis kill the Shiites and the Shiites kill Sunnites in Iraq .. OOOOHHHHH Of course that is not true , Sunnites and Shiites have been living together for ages , they marry each other , I have relatives married Shiites women\men, if that was true , that means my parents’ uncle should kill his wife ,my mom’s uncle should kill his wife , some of my parents’ cousins should kill their wives\husbands !!!!!!!! and I should kill my two best friends , that is ridiculous…
In my grandparents’ neighborhood, there are people from many religions there are Muslims(Sunnites, Shiites) , Christians , Subba , &Armenians.. they are more than neighbors , like one family , when my eye problem happened ( I had Deplopia) our Christian neighbors went to the church and lightened candles for me , and our Shiites neighbors went to Karbala , she traveled to another city , just to pray for me ( Karbala is a religious place specially for Shiites ), the examples are so many . I’ve talked about that in many posts . and said that in many interviews , and I will keep saying that till the people in the world start to realize , that Iraqis (Sunnites and Shiites) live in Iraq for more than 1400 years, they are MUSLIMS and IRAQIS.
We go shopping together , if we need any help , we ask our neighbors to help us , because we are all Iraqis , no matter what are our religion , nor creeds , I didn’t know what are Shiites and Sunnites until I was 12 years old, and lately it appears that there are more creeds , Shafee and hanafy !!!!!! and other creeds , I don’t know which one I belong to , and I don’t even want to know , those names are not important , we all believe in the same god , and say the same prayers , no matter how do we stand and those formals if we put our hand together when we pray or not !!!!!!, what’s important is what is there inside our hearts .
So , NO we don’t kill each other , the terrorists who kill Shiites are the same who kill Sunnites , it is impossible that Good Iraqis kill each other , no matter what is their religions nor creeds …
In my own big family , there are Arabs and Kurd , Sunnites and Shiites , Iraqis Americans , British , Turks , and Germans ( my parent’s uncle married a British lady , his daughter married a guy originally from Germany , and my dad’s cousin has a Turkish wife, many of my relatives married Shiites ) , what a mixture !!....
From many nationalities and creeds. We are one big family..
my mid year exams will start on 2/6 and ends at 15/2 , I will study and do the best I can to get high marks and make you and my family proud , so I won’t shine often , but I will try to write to you , when I will have electricity and time .
I hope I will have electricity in the coming days to study .. I pray for that.
I took my marks , they are actually good !!!!!!!! only 5 girls took marks higher than 90 in physics , I got 93% . my marks are higher than 92 in all of the subjects except in chemistry , Arabic , and French .
My par In mathematics is 100, I got 96% in English (the highest one in my class of course ) , I want to get higher. My family very much liked my marks , even grandma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In spite of the hard situation , no electricity , no security , the students keep going to school .. and we will succeed , and get high marks no matter what the terrorists do , weather they like or not we will keep going on , and be something useful in the future and re-built Iraq , Iraqi people who will read that will think I am crazy because I didn’t lose the hope yet !!!! well I actually lost the hope and became so depressed , but now my optimistic came back !!!!! , but I am still terrified from the unknown future ..
I realized that terrorists are trying to make the Iraqis give up hope , but I always say “ the terrorists will never win “
Grandma told me last month “ we miss your talk , you used to keep talking till I have headache “ and mama said “ I miss your laughter , and your smile “ I read my old posts when I was really optimistic, and your old letters, I took a cold shower after that ( we don’t have warm water ) and started to cry , I am not the same person anymore , why I was change ??? I missed my old spirit , as well as everyone in my family , relatives and fiends , and i came back to my mind .
My birthday will be on 29/1/ , I will be 15 . I will try to write a post about that..
Sunshine .
I got a letter from a reader suggesting this idea :
To answer a question or two in the end of every post , what my readers wants to know about me ? and everything come to your minds , our culture , traditions , language , and everything come to your minds , just e-mail me , and I will try to answer your questions , here in my blog .…

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Eid........

Hello friends , I hope you have a nice New year’s Evening .
Eid was on Saturday it lasted for 4 days ..
On Saturday , we had a BIG family meeting in my grandpa eldest brother in Mosul , my grandpa and three of his brothers bought 3 rams and gave their meet to the paupers ..
I woke up and passed on good wishes to my parents and grandparents , wore my clothes , I was still in my room , when Mama stood up in the corridor and called my dad saying " Saddam was executed , watch the TV , they will show us the pics " I was eager to see , but unfortunately mama didn’t allow me , she said " young people can’t see such things " ..
I was in the garage when my sister saw a young bird , freezing and can’t fly , I carried him and we all went to my relatives house !!!!! the bird and the family!!! Hehehe
The greatest thing is that my grandma came with us , she didn’t leave the house for almost a year, since her mother had died !!! and she took off the black clothes too ..
I was a bit worried, that something bad may happen ,the bad guy will not sit silent for Saddam’ execution , but things went out well , nothing happened ..
My grandma kept praying in the car , and saying "oh my god " whenever she see a destroyed building . .
Anyway , we reached their house , and we saw many relatives ,we took pics , and had lunch their !
The men made Kabab , Tuka , and the women prepared Dolma, salad ,and other things .

After we had lunch in the garden ,my feet slept and I fell down from the stairs , I got hurt badly , my legs , back , arm , nick , and head . many bruises cover my body, I felt really embarrassed at that time ..
At 4 pm , we left their house and went to my dad uncle’s house which is in my neighborhood , and came back home at 5:30 …
in the second day of Eid , we had a wedding , my grandma’s nephew got married , we had a nice time there .
in the third day of Eid, my dad’s uncle and his kids came , as well as my parent’s cousin ,we had a nice time , and lunch together. in the afternoon we visited my dad’s other uncle.
in the fourth day of Eid , we went to Najma’s house , and her aunt also came with her husband , daughters and grandchildren , I had a great time ..

I didn’t write to you or answer my E-mails because my computer stopped working ! as you know it was Eid and I couldn’t find any shop opened , so I had to fix it myself , It took me many days , BUT I DID IT MYSELF , after many hours..
I am trying to speak my mind , but I feel unsecured to do that , although my uncle who lives in USA , always tells me "write your thoughts , about everything , what ever you like, express your feelings" , but I still don’t feel safe , I think I am the only one who didn’t write a long post about that event..
I want to talk about so many things, but I don’t have enough courage .
Sunshine .