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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ana Ka'aba .....

Merry Christmas and Happy New year , I wish you all the happiness and I hope this year will be better , safer , and peaceful one ..
This year , was really tough for me ,I hope in 2007 we will live in a free country , with out shooting and explosions ( although I am saying that , and I don't think that I will ever live in peace).

I was reading my previous posts and I realized how unoptimistic and depressed person I become , many of my posts start with " it was tough week " " it was a horrible day " and so on .
But I really don't have good news to tell !
it was really bad week for me , I feel like something inside me will explode, I try to hold my tears all the time I feel so bothered from life , house , school , exams , and everything , the problems never ends . I hear the people's problems but I'd never say mine , because first I don't want to bother the others , and second all of the people I know have so many problems in their lives , so they definitely don't want to hear more !.
my marks are not bad ,I get the highest marks in English , mathematics, biology, religion .. I'd never take a mark lower than 90 in them , my par in mathematics is 99.4 % , and religion 100 % , but I still don't know my exact par in English and bio.
I hear at least five or six explosions every evening while I am studying ….
They are loud , they scare my brother very badly , and that caused a problem in his pronunciation , he repeats every word many times before pronouncing the other , I am really worried about him, there aren't any good doctors , the good doctors left Iraq...
I think I didn't tell you about R's computer , we bought it and I brought it to school , it was gorgeous , I asked the English teacher to allow us to take R during the lesson for few minutes to the headmistress's room ,and she agreed ( I have wonderful English teacher , although she said once" I will examine everyone postpone an exam from the beginning of the book " I was really worried that the bridges might be locked, or something happen ) .
Anyway R was completely shocked when she saw the computer , and we also took many pics and a video .
She's learning how to use the computer , and teaching her family .
She still have so many problems in her life , and I keep talking to her , not to listen to her aunts ( her dad's sisters ) who are mean to her .

You remember my last post about my neighbor who was injured and how bad I did in the geography exam , I took 87 , but the teacher will cancel that one , and I will have another exam on Sunday , I am really worried , she will bring me very hard questions
First I thought she liked me , but now I don't think so, she doesn't treat us well, and make us feel very little .
The chemistry teacher hate me , once she said " who didn't understand this subject " and I said " I didn't ma'am " , she said angrily " WHY , HA ? WHY ? WHAT I WAS DOING , WASN’T I EXPLAINING ? " !!!!!!
While some girls get her attention , she even tell them while she is examining us " this question is wrong " or watch that " , not only the chemistry teacher , many others , it is unfair ..
16 girls from Baghdad came to attend my school. , they had to leave their houses because of the unsecured situation , and some left without taking anything with them , the terrorists brandished them , one of them lost her brother and father , we made donations for them , and allocated 480000 ID, blankets , and new clothes , so I was really busy this week….
Eid Al athha will be on 31\12 , but I don't feel the Eid's spirit .

Sunshine .

Friday, December 08, 2006

It couldn’t happen to you ...........

Hello , what is the meaning of " BAD DAY" ?
Yesterday " Thursday " I had a very bad day , I was in the garage , waiting for the driver , when my neighbor " H" , came to say hello , he was standing near me , and talking with my grandma, suddenly he touched his leg and said " awwwwwwwch " , my grandma thought that he had a muscle spasm , or something like that , but I realized it was more then that , he shouted "it is a bullet" .
A bullet entered his leg, he fell down on the floor , my grandma went inside the house to call his family , no one was in the street , I got panicked and started to cry and shake hysterically, I ran and brought handkerchiefs , and started to put them on his leg , he was bleeding , the driver came to drive me to school , I told him to wait , I put my bag in the car and ran back to my injured neighbor , I went to bring my mom I was out of breath , and couldn't talk , I was terrified " I was , a man , a bullet , the car , blood , neighbor , bandage , cotton, come please " I couldn't create a sentence , she didn't understand me but she came and brought medical cotton and bandage with her , she ran wearing her pajamas ! anyway she tied his leg so hard , to stop the bleeding , and I kept crying shaking and spreading so many handkerchiefs on the floor to cover the blood, I don’t know why !.
Then his wife , kids , brothers , sisters , cousins , and nephews came running toward our house , and one of his relatives took him to the hospital by his car , I went to school , and kept crying all the way long , and when I reached there , I was shaking so badly, even the teachers were worried about me , my mom called the headmistress and told her what happened , when I arrived school the headmistress asked me to sit in her room, the teachers were around me , trying to calm me down , after an hour I stopped shaking , but kept crying , I missed 2 classes and did so bad in geography exam , I wrote " the running winds" , and I did very silly mistakes ..
"R" my dearest friend came while I was in the headmistress room ,she was crying and shaking too , a mine exploded in front of their car , !!!! the car's windows were broken , then US soldiers started to shoot their car !.
Then our friend "Sh" came crying , because she heard about me and "R" .
Then our teacher Mrs. E came to the headmistress with tears in her eyes because her aunt died .
Then Mrs. S she is another teacher came and said quickly " excuse me , I have to go , 3 of my neighbors were killed "
At last Mrs. "A" came and said "did you know about the Arabic teacher , her nephew was killed" .
Suddenly the headmistress fell down , we ran to her desk to see what happened , she fainted because of all what was going on in her room ,as well as she was tired from taking care of her sick mother ,and from being awake all the night.
so many events , and so many bad news …
After I calmed down I went to the class , I was trying to understand what happened , I was hoping that it is just a nightmare , but unfortunately it was true , horrible but true , this is my life.
No one should go through that , but what can I do except praying and hoping that we will remain alive .
I've seen so many views in TV., In movies and news channels , but is different and scary too see that on real..
My life is turning from worse to worst .
And the situation here is not good , and my way to school is horrible , I feel like I travel to school everyday, it is far , and the bridges are always locked and there are mines in them , sometimes bombing cars , I spend about 40 minutes in my way to school , and an hour or more in my way to the house .
Sunshine .
I read all of the E-mails I got in the last few weeks , but I couldn't answer them because I didn't have electricity nor time , I will do that ASAP.