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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My primary school...

My primary school was one of the best schools in my town , I spent a great time there . My teacher in the first class was very nice her name was "Amirah" in Arabic it means princess .
She was an old woman & she was teaching in this school for 35 years ,her salary was only 1 & half dollar a month! I used to spend my break time with her in the class ,she had never left the class during the break time , & she used to paint roses , & write some nice encouraging sentences in our homework copybooks to make us happy.
In every time we had learned a new alphabetical letter we had party to celebrate & we serve candies , cookies . Every single day was like a party for me , Even in my sickness I used to insist to go to school .
When I was in the fifth class I knew that she will retired , all the girls went to her &asked her to stay ,but she didn’t .
The adieux was very much emotional , but she kept visiting us in the school .
No one of her pupils called her "Mrs." , we called her "mama Amirah ".
I still have some of her presents she gave me in my birthdays & other celebrations …
My sister Mariam is in the second class now , I visited her school for few times & I was shocked , from the way the teachers treat the pupils ( so rough & loveless) …
Few days ago we went to a friend's house , my mother was talking with her friend about schools , her friend told my mom that her child said a bad word , & how she was stunned because they don’t use these words at all & she told her son that" you must heard this word from an
impolite boy , right ?"
He said" No , from my teacher ! she always use this word .!"
Two weeks ago my mom & I saw a program about the education in Iraq & there was an interview with the minister of education , he said that 90% of the teachers are not qualified to teach !
How can they make a polite , educated, & successful generations ?
Sometimes the intelligent pupils correct the mistakes made by the teacher, specially in English & mathematics…
Now who take low marks and can't go on in their schools can become a teacher after a 6 month practicing !
I wish that all the primary schools will be like mine…..
Sunshine ….


At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Sunshine-I too had a teacher that made a great and lasting impression on me. That was nearly fifty years ago. In my memory I can still see her smile and hear her offer encouragement to us. Thanks for the update and stay safe.

At 4:49 AM, Anonymous RG said...

The young lady has a desire for excellence.

That is awesome.

But as you are now seeing, excellence is in reality rare. In reality, you have to accept what others have to offer, and then on your own make it even better.

But one thing that you must understand is that a lower standard is acceptable to a lot of people.

You however desire to be better than that common standard. When you learn how to live with and accept sub par people and environments and yet still try to achieve a higher level of excellence, you will go far in life.

That is why your home, surrounded by sub par conditions, is above average comparatively. Your mother has taught you how to be a diamond in the ruff.

At 5:09 AM, Anonymous Wayne said...

Lovely story Sunshine. My first teacher, Miss Jennings was quite similiar. That was over 66 years ago and I will never forget her. Most of our teachers were like that years ago. I was afraid of some of them because they could spank you if you did something bad. Most of them would make us sit in front of the room or outside in the hallway if we were bad. Looking back now, I love them all. Keep your wonderful attitude. I credit your grand mother, mama's mother for a lot of your wonderful nature.

At 7:30 AM, Blogger olivebranch said...

Sunshine dear! how lovely it must be to have your Grandpa comment and read every post you write- none of my real life friends or family even read my blog. None of them care enough about it.

I will send you a long email instead of filling up your comment section :)

speak soon!

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Aunt Najma said...

Hey Sunshine,

Mama Ameera was my favourite teacher and my two friends' too.. She surely was a model.

It's always shocking how teachers -who have taught for tens of years- make mistakes that we -the students- notice and try to correct.. This happens more than once a day. Especially in English, the pocket dictionary doesn't leave my bag now, and I thank God the teacher hasn't killed me yet :)

It's great that your grandpa has been reading your blog, I think your job is to convince him of starting his own blog now ;)

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At 2:49 AM, Blogger Jack Bennett said...

I'm happy you had a favorite teacher. I did too when I was young. A good teacher can influence a child for the rest of their life - for good or bad. Its too bad teachers aren't as appreciated (or paid) as much as they should be.

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