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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Return to school ....

Hello friends
The new scholastic year will begin next Sunday & I am upset . Sometimes friends in my age from different countries, complain about their schools I can't even understand why? they have beautiful buildings, clean books , good teachers , computers , labs , the best educating program, even stadiums .
And the way to their school are safe they don’t have to worry about that….
Our books are dirty , because they had been used by many many pupils for many years, sometimes I should to write the missing chapters of the books.
The teachers are nervous all the time , the teaching manner is old & bad. I always depend on my self or my parents, to understand the new subjects
We don’t have good computers for the computer class , (we still study basic language ) ,there is lack in every thing ,the blackboards are very old wooden blackboards. We still use gypsum chalk, & it is always very little in amount.
The school, the classes , even the bathrooms are very dirty. & not healthy.
The way to my school is very dangerous , sometimes I can't reach home or school & stay in the street for long time, two, or three hours. In the previous midyear French exam I couldn’t reach school I had to adjourn it. I called the headmistress & told her that I was stuck in the middle of the traffic jam , do you know what she told me ? she wanted me to go to the school walking !!!! , there was a fight & she wanted me to reach school in any possible way , but of course I didn’t .
The driver became angry , & the girls were crying & I didn’t know what would happen , it was very scary situation , but I could control my self , & sat in the car quietly , because I knew if I had panicked or cried that would not help at all . one of the girls saw her father in a nearby car , & I went with her , because her home is near mine.
My mom want to defer this year or change my school to another that is more close to our house, but I refused that , she told me that I will not lose anything , because I don’t have close friends in my school , but my school system don’t allow anyone to come back , after go to another school , & I am confused .
I feel that this bad situation, passively affect my study level, Sometimes I can't concentrate, that happened to me once when I was in my way home & I saw a burned leg in the street , I couldn't study well , & I kept repeating the view with my mind .
A friend of mine (in another school ), says that they usually have one exam per day , while we have two, three, & some times four , every day & a lot of homework .
I start to study as soon as I reach home till bed time continuously , with only two breaks for 15 minutes to have my meals.
I should study so hard to get high marks to stay in this school & if I get 80 percent I should go to other schools , because this school is for smart pupils.
But you see I don’t have time to go out with the family, watch TV, or enough time for the computer.
I promise to write for you when I finish my homework specially in the weekends.
We study Quran , Arabic , English , French , Mathematics, chemistry , physics , science , history , geography , computer , & we have two other subjects but the teachers don't take them seriously , sports & arts . & that is bad . we used to study house economics! , but now it is canceled …
My favorite subjects are science, history & of course English …
I hope that our teachers will treat us with some respect .
And I hope that the girls will obey the school legislations , like wearing ceremonial clothes , or put the trashes in the containers …& stop revenge from the school by throwing the trashes in the class rooms … etc.
I know that we have some boring legislations, but we should obey them , reciprocal respect that what we need in the school…
I hope that this year will pass safely & will be more fun, interesting & informative.
Sunshine …


At 12:56 AM, Blogger Maddog said...


You are entering some of the most memorable days of your life... School!

I remember that I didn't miss a single day of school starting from Junior High (approx 13 - 15 years) to High School (16 - 18 years). I was so excited.

Each day there was so MUCH to LEARN! I just wish we had had the internet then. I loved it so much.

Today, I can only imagine what it must be like to be a student.

One piece of good advice I can give you. Take advantage of what is given to you. Learn everything you can. Some lessons will "seem" to be un-learnable, but they are! Calculus and Physics, for example. The technical "book" explanation seems difficult (and scares many), but once you see just what answer is actually desired, you're home free. And... the next semester, that.. that you called so difficult seems really pretty simple (for you have learned it!). The benefit is that you begin to understand that life is really pretty simple, with just a few "barriers" to overcome, a notch at a time. YOU CAN DO IT! It's so much fun and rewarding.

Schooling will last you the rest of your life and your life experiences will always be good because of it!

Good luck Sunshine. We're all behind you. Have fun and keep all of us who follow you informed!

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Mad Canuck said...

Hi Sunshine,

I've written a few posts on my blog about the education system here, and how I think it is really failing America's youth. Just because the school may look nicer on the outside doesn't mean you get better education on the inside. On the contrary, I've been very impressed with what I've seen of my Iraqi friends, and I think your school system there is very good.

Regarding computers, the BASIC language is actually one of the best languages to teach. It is not as complicated as C++ or Java, so it's easier to learn, and it can also translate well into Visual Basic. When you're programming, you just need to be careful with old techniques: "spaghetti" programming used to be the norm, but is now considered bad form. But, there is nothing wrong with learning BASIC - that's the first language I learned too.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't think the Computer class is meant to be a Programming class, it should probably teach her about using word processing, internet researching, and Microsoft Office-type programs...i wish you the best of luck in your classes, Sunshine. just the fact that you worry about the conditions of your school means you are on the right path. i think you will be alright, academically.

At 1:50 AM, Blogger Jack Bennett said...

Sunshine, with your state of mind and your commitment to your schoolwork you are sure to go far. Don't worry about others - they'll be sorry they didn't pay attention in the long run.

As for learning BASIC, that was the language I started out with too when I was young. It's quite useful if one becomes expert at it. It can do a lot of stuff.
I wasn't even introduced to other computer languages until I got to university. Good luck at school!

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