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Thursday, March 09, 2006

No for faking facts ......

Hello friends ,
I went to school, everyone was ok. The broken windows injured 2 girls only, with simple injures. "N" in the fourth class , had a small injury in her hand , while the other girl (in the first class , in the Islamic school) , had an injury in her face, near her lip .According to a trustful sources ( the governor, visited our school with the police manager and made a conference ),we understood that a mortar hit our school.
I don't like to exaggerate and don't admire those who wrote about what happened to my school with faking facts!!! , but I assure you that everything is ok now , no big losses at all , except some broken windows , we all went to school on Sunday even the 2 injured girls .
About uncle S murder
I'll let you every thing about the investigation that my family started, I'll try to publish some pics for the damaged car, I can't promise you , but I'll try …..
Sunshine the bona fide …


At 11:30 PM, Anonymous RG said...


Sunshine, terrorists are officially targeting schools, teachers and the students. As you posted a couple of days ago, mortors hit YOUR school while it was full of teachers and children...

Story Being Reported in the West

311 teachers and 64 pupils killed in four months

By Ilham Mohammed

Azzaman, March 6, 2006

Some 311 teachers plus 64 pupils below 12 years have been killed in the past four months, according to the latest tally from the Ministry of Education.

In a statement obtained by the newspaper, the ministry said attacks on schools and other educational facilities have increased recently and many parents have already stopped sending their children to school.

It added that more than 400 schools have been attacked in the same period and many have already put down their shutters.

Meanwhile, the second term of the current academic year (2005-2006) started a few days ago but educational authorities in the country say they are worried the latest upsurge in violence will adversely impact attendance.

At Baghdad University, only a few students reported to classes prompting the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to put off the start of the term for a week.

Many professors were reported to have stayed away fearing the strife on the streets of Baghdad will find its way to the campus.

“Violence is not only present on the streets of Baghdad. It is steadily moving to the campuses,” said Ahmad Bahaa, a ministry official.

“We have almost forgotten about teaching and learning. We only think of political squabbling and useless dialogue over sectarian, political and religious issues,” he said.

Abdulamir Hayder from Baghdad University said the conditions were the worst one could imagine.

“The students and their professors are in a very bad psychological situation. The only aim is how to flee to a foreign country to escape assassination or threats,” he said.

Karim Ali, from Mustansiriya University in Baghdad, said Iraqi universities have lost status as science institutions.

“There is no more scientific significance left for our universities. Nobody cares about education. The campuses have turned into arenas of factional struggle,” he said.

Despite the gloomy picture, the ministry said it would set up two new universities, one in each of the southern cities of Amara and Samawa.

News is now going around the world that terrorists in Iraq are now officially targeting schools, teachers and the children. I would highly recommend home schooling till things cool down in Mosul. I know that sounds hard but we would rather hear from you studying from home than either injured for life or worse during these next few weeks of extreme danger.

This should last only for a few weeks or month, because when the parliament made up of people from around Iraq starts meeting in a few days, I think the people will get security in order.

Also, keep us posted on the your investigation.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Dr. D. said...

Dear Sunshine,

As I wrote to Mama, my heart is broken as I read about the sadness in your family. You are a strong young lady. My prayer is for your ability to deal with your grief. I send you my love and best wishes. Please stay safe. Please continue to update us as to the circumstances of your life.

Dr. D

At 4:38 AM, Blogger olivebranch said...

wow what RG said is going on the OB network also!

What is happening in Mosul?

who is causing so much trouble lately, do you know? If not, FIND OUT!

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