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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Summer holiday

The holiday, who don’t like holiday? I wait the holiday & made a lot of plans for it , when the holiday comes I do handmade work , I do cold ceramic , macramé ( spin ropes to make chandeliers , vases , bags , partitions , curtains , & others ) , & I like to spin the beads & make wristlets , rings , necklaces & keys medals & some times I give them to my relatives or friends.
I also made desktop handmade decorations using soap, beads, pins, pannose strips, & pearls. They look lovely & smell good.
I like to read a lot I have books was for my mother.
I listen to music when I do these hobbies.
Youth & children in my country don’t have anything to do in holidays, so they spend the day watching television, playing video games or sleeping. Because we don’t have swimming pools or any recreational places, we also don’t have good children cities, there is a small children city in Dhook in the north of Iraq, that is the only good one in the country but we can’t go there because of the absents of safety.
Computers entered our houses recently, and it’s still rare. Many many families can’t afford it to their children, and so internet is not available to most of intermediary class.
Enjoy your holidays.
Sunshine …


At 10:07 PM, Blogger Jack Bennett said...

You have the right idea. Spend the summer on things you're interested in and improve your skills. You would be surprised at how many kids here in the US who have a whole bunch of things they can do (and don't have warfare in their streets like you do) do nothing but sit and watch TV all day too.

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