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Friday, May 13, 2005

Leaving the house ..

In Last November, it was (eed_alfutur) feast, we usually wake up in eed to exchange congratulations with each other & then after breakfast we wear new clothes & go to felicitate our relatives, friends & neighbors. This eed usually last for 3 days. In that eed I waked up and felicitated my family ,after we had breakfast, I went up stairs to my room ,while I took off my clothes , loud and many explosions accrued , I wore my robe and ran out of my room shoeless to avoid the windows in case they break ,all the family hide in one safe room downstairs . We remained like that for six and a half hours. I felt so cold, my brother-felt hungry (he was 6 months old) he kept screaming and whenever he get tired and sleep ,the loud gun firing and explosions awake him . Our windows were broken even their metal handles, our water tank and our car were damaged.
The splints filled the garden. Bullets entered the walls of my room, the kitchen, & in the roof, .The neighborhood’s power transformer was damaged.
When helicopter came at 5 o’clock, the terrorists ran away from the police station to an unihabited building, just then the helicopter cast off missile .every thing became silent, the tribulation was over.
At 6 o'clock we left the room to have lunch, we were tired, hungry, upset & terrified.
We knew that Mosul became out of the government control and the terrorists attacked all the police stations in the city and that only the governorate unflinching. We decided to leave the house to my father’s uncle house, but we couldn’t because of the inhibiting the errantry by the governor .at night we all slept in one room.
At midnight, the mosques gave announcement in the microphone that the terrorists are attacking the houses, we didn’t have a gun and it was dark, we were scared from the unknown .we stayed awake until the morning.
At 8 o’clock, my Dad saw a couple of cars in the neighborhood ,he asked us to get ready as quickly as possible and to take only the important stuffs , we also took the important papers , money ,& jewelries , we left the house wearing our pyjamas . we left behind us my father , my grandparents ,& our old grandmother (she was 100 years old, she past a way last December), they couldn’t come with us because our old grandmother need special care , special bed against bed sore & her wheeled chair .
We went to my father’s uncle house he is nearby, but at least they are three streets away from the police station, which is a target to the terrorists.
To be continued ….


At 3:11 AM, Blogger Maddog said...


Please be strong. These terrible days you are experiencing "will" go away.

Should Iraqis not "want" this insurgency, it will eventually go away.

And... you will have a wonderful life you could not begin to imagine.

We are all hoping this happens sooner and not later for you.

You are so very sweet, keep writing for us.


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Dan said...

Hello from Oklahoma.

Yes. Please be strong and remain hopeful.

Someday the fighting will end. Which day that will be cannot be seen from where we are now though.

Please keep posting as the world, much of it anyway, is interested in your thoughts and daily life.


At 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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