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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Luke survey ...

Hello friends ,
couple of weeks ago , my friend Luke sent me some questions for his survey , I answered them & I want to share them with you ..
Blog name: days of my life…
Blog Alias: Sunshine
E-mail Address:
Q1)What drives you to post on your blog, and what do you feel afterwards?
- well, I wanted to express my feelings & thoughts, & I wanted to have friends to share them the happy & sad moments in my life , to be enlightened about the life out side Iraq. I wanted to show the people how do I live , after blogging I feel so happy & I got many friends …
Q2)Have you become more knowledgeable as a result of participating in the blogosphere?-in what ways?
-Yes of course. In many ways… I improved my English language & became more fluency, I became more confident in my self, more resolved to achieve my ambitions & dreams , I realized that there are many people care about Iraqis , & care about me.
Q3)What has changed in your life as a result of participating in the blogosphere?
My life style was changed since I became a Blogger, I spend most of my spare-time writing posts , reading E-mails & comments, in holidays I used to woke up at 11 o'clock , because I didn't have anything to do , but in the last summer holiday & in the weekends I wake up at 8 o'clock , sometimes earlier to work on internet ( because in this time of the day we have electricity ) . Even the way I make interlocution , & the way I think & my interests were changed , I feel that I am more mature than few months ago.
Q4)What emotions do you associate with reading blogs?
- through reading blogs , I become more enlightened about the peoples thoughts , beliefs & opinions …& through reading the Iraqis blogs I knew that there are many educated people in my country ,I believe they can have a good role in Iraq future …
Q5)What emotions do you associate with writing blogs?
- I don't feel lonely any more , & I got friends from everywhere , when I publish a post I can't wait to read my readers' comments, & E-mails. I learned how to accept the disagreements , & not just wait comments from people that agree with me ..
Q6)What emotions do you associate with other bloggers?-
I made friendships with many bloggers , in Iraq & other countries. We share E-mails & chat with each other.
Q7)Has participating in the blogosphere improved your quality of life?
Yes , of course , I learned that I have many blessings in spite of every thing & I can help no matter how you I am ..
Q8)Have you found true friends in the blogosphere?
Yes . I found true friends, they are encouraging , affectionate , & supportive. You are one of them my dear , you send me the inhalers ,which traveled through many countries ,you show me & show the world that the one who do have the desire to help ,should not surrender no matter how far the distance …
Q9)How did these people become your friends, and why is their friendship important to you?
- well ,they became my friends through their supportive E-mails & comments , or like you , when you send me the inhalers …… their friendships are very important to me , because those friends helped me & support me , they always send me encouraging comments & letters, when I feel disappointed they remind me to be optimism .. I am so lucky to have them & *you*.
Q10) What other questions should have been included in this survey, or would you like to add any other relevant or unrelevant comments?
Thank you for sharing me in your survey.


At 2:30 PM, Blogger Ihavedoneit3 said...

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At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that all of your readers are happy to "read from you again"! I am also thankful that you had a safe trip during Eed. Study often and stay safe.

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

keep on writing. we enjoy it.

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 18 05

A fellow blogger recommended your site to me. My God! You are so amazing! Keep on fighting the good fight for your education; it is the most powerful thing you can have. Wow, reading your posts and about you has been a touching experience. Take Care and I will visit again from time to time:)

At 6:34 AM, Anonymous cazza_jane said...

sunshine can you post somthing about what you in iraq do to celebrate christmas, or whatever chrismas like thing you do, as we are learning about different christmas's in school and i choose iraq to reasearch! thnax cazza :)

At 12:48 AM, Blogger Lieutenant Fishman said...

do you need more inhalers?

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