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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Meeting the French eye doctor .

Hello again, you remember a bout my eyes problem that I wrote about in the last post, I remained with the same eye problem for 59 days, every thing is doubled, can not read nor write. The examination started the teachers agreed to examine me by choosing a teacher in every exam. To read the questions for me and I answer them blindly and the teacher write the answers. Can you imagine I had the algebra, English, Arabia, French, geography, history examination etc. in that way? That was very hard because some times I found it difficult to concentrate or might feel embarrassed. But I did so well and I got high marks, I had 97, 7 mean marks. in February we saw the French eyes doctor he asked for some tests, we wade the testes, the results was that I had eye muscles fatigue, and it is a matter of time to get better, and I need to do eye exercises for ever . Now my eyes are fine and my vision is perfect.


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