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Monday, August 07, 2006

Cloudy days .....

The circumstances that we (the Iraqis) live in, makes us expecting bad news at any time, or something bad will happen soon, even me!!! I never imagined myself as a pessimist, but the hard conditions make me act in a different way.
And whenever the phone rings, my heart beats hard, particularly at night after I hear bad news all day long. Especially in these days as the situation is getting worst here.
Few days ago, I was working on computer when my mom returned from her work, she was coming up the stairs, and I heard her uncle's name and kidnappers ..?! I left the computer promptly, and went to see what was going on.
17 well-armed terrorists wanted to kidnap uncle M , thank god he wasn't at work at that time( he work in a pharmacy as an assistant) , I wonder what did they want , money ?! he is not rich!! .The bad guys banged the pharmacist( a pregnant woman) as well as her husband to make them admit where uncle M was , and they also banged a man in the street waiting for his wife who was in the ultrasound clinic, because his descriptions were similar to uncle , the terrorists did not know uncle M in person, a passing by friend heard what happened and warned uncle , who left the house immediately with his family..
I was very worried about them , he has 6 children and wife , his financial condition is not good , that's why he work in two jobs from 6 am till the stroll bans ( at 9:30 pm)although he has serious heart problems, , but he has a supportive loving family .
we called him , he sounded horrified, but he said they were in a safe place , the terrorists in somehow got his mobile phone No, phoned him ,threatened him and extorted him for money , as he didn't have that money my grandpa assured him that all the family would pay for him " we will bring you the money even if we must sell our cars, & our houses, there is nothing more important than your safety , don't think about money at all , the money will be in your hands as soon as possible ".
I was really worried about our safety specially my grandpa and father, some times the terrorists kidnap the relatives of their prey too…
Whenever the phone rings , we stand still, , it is too hard to live in a country with the absence of security, you live in paradise guys .
After few days from this bad shocking news, my dad's phone rang at 11:30 pm, he got a message "call on this number now". My dad said
"should I call or just ignore the message?" my mom and I said " CALL " we didn't say anything for few seconds, and many horrible stories and thoughts came to my mind at that time, it was the longest 10 seconds in my life, the phone rang , and someone was shouting "CALL THE NUMBER THAT WAS MENTIONED IN THE MESSAGE NOW " and he shot the phone.
Dad made the call from the kitchen.

When he came back, my mom and I asked quickly "WHAT?"
He said " it is just the guard from work, he couldn't operate the generator and he wanted me to call him so that he won't loose money"..
I got mad, I thought they are kidnapers or bad guys "Idiot , stupid guard what would happen if he lost 9 cents " I said .
And I started to laugh as well as mama and we told each other about our thoughts at that time.
My thoughts were: (how much money will they ask for , should we sell the cars , or our golden jewelry , do we have that much of money , what if they will hurt my dad , what will happen if they want too much money that we can't offer, of course my grandparents will pay with us too. )
My mom' thoughts were: someone died or kidnapped, problems in work, what does this person want?"…
Oh , all the Iraqis need psychological counselor , and to spend the rest of their live in a resort as well ,


At 4:21 AM, Anonymous marissa said...

I know we will probably never understand these kidnappers,
terrorists, or these poor lost souls. My heart goes out to you SUNSHINE, a young girl like you should't have to worry about these horrible situations. I will continue to pray for you and your family and pray for a better tomorrow. PEACE,LOVE, and HAPPINESS to all!

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sunshine,

As an Iraqi living most of life away from home , but have most of my relatives still living in Iraq , I thought I'd check some blogs written by Iraqies , and I saw yours , what attracted me is that it is written by someone who is still living there , with all the dangers, cruelty, insecurity, depression and frusturations...etc

I'm sorry for the news about your uncle , I hope he stays well he and his family.What I can add to this , is that I had one of my uncles also threatened to be slaughtered with his family , and his house was raid and even bombed more than once , so he had to finally leave Iraq !.I had some relatives also killed by Americans, some who had been detained in jail, and the list goes on..But I'm sure , is that what you people are suffering there is not in anyway comparable to what you guys are facing in each new day, 24 hours.What can I say ( sigh ) Allah Kareem!!!

I liked your post about your garden , it brought tears to my eyes , and beautiful memories to my heart.A home garden in baghdad is one of the big things that I miss about Iraq , the way you described it, sprinkling water to get it cool off, and of course the beautiful breeze you get from rozes and flowers , are beautiful things that in our Iraqi lives that we can't let go.

You said " you live in heaven guys " , when you talked about the bad situation and lack of basic services , and I agree , we should thank God for all his blessings. But , you should also thank God for his blessing on you too , living in Iraq , eating Iraqi food, seeing your relatives , sitting in your home garden.. things that we don't see here , and we might die outside Iraq without seeing them again.

Hope sunshine , faith in God that things will get better, this is what you keep in mind all the time ,despite all the fear and frusturations, and one day Inshallah you will blog in here , even after years, letting us know that you are in good shape, and you became an excellent engineer.

I wish I can post here again, it's a nice page with very good handwritting , but if I couldn't , I thank you for this chance , and for your nice Iraqi soul :))

God bless you and keep you safe.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger Diana Joy said...

This is Diana Joy again. A strange thing happened to me tonight. I ended up at google and my website and next to it was yours:) I pressed on to it and remembered my first blog and how you inspired me. I am here if you want to chat? Please stay safe!!! I will continue to check on you daily. Can I link to you? PLEASE??? Check out my blog and let me know? There was a reason I came to you tonight...I needed to hear what you had to say...and I needed to pray for you!
On my blog is A day in the life of Diana Joy. When you press onto will find another blog. That blog is where you can usually catch me:)
Let's stay in touch? If you decide not to...please let me know?
Take care my friend!
God bless,
Diana Joy

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At 1:03 PM, Blogger Fille-de-Etoile said...

You are blessed with a lovely garden, great supportive parents, and so many friends and relatives. Thanks for sharing your insights in living a daily life in Iraq. The world media is just so twisted. It's nice to hear the real truth about how an average Iraqi lives during this tough time. Thanks for sharing the general idea on how Iraqis get married. It sounds so lovely. Keep writing. Have a great day!

At 1:41 PM, Blogger waldschrat said...

I have to say that I suspect that the reason so many people are kidnapped in Iraq is that so many people are willing to pay ransom in Iraq. Kidnapping is a profitable business for criminals. If people always refused to pay ransom, there would be no kidnapping, or less of it. I know that it seems heartless to say "I will let my relative die rather than pay ransom", but is it less heartless to say "I will reward a criminal for his crimes even if I thus encourage him to kidnap the relatives of my friends"?

At 6:13 AM, Blogger Shells Bells said...

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