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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Our garden .......

Hello friends,
In spring and autumn when the whether is nice, we spend most of the day time in our garden, and in summer we spend our evenings in it specialy when we don't have electricity, we spray water to cool the weather, we even spray each other and irrigate the plants.
While my grandparents talk about Ayam Zama (the old days when they were young , and tell how life was good at that time , they had electricity and fun in their lives , they also talk about the old traditions in Iraq in general and specifically in Mosul).
I always thank god that we have a garden to kill the time, my grandma and grandpa take care of it.
Two years ago when a brimstone factory had been burned many trees died , but we planted new trees.
We have many orange trees, in winter all the family co-operate , dad and grandparents pick them off , my sister and I put them in baskets , and mama watch us (hehehe) , we also allocate some for the relatives , it is really fun , and the oranges in our trees are very sweet and yummy .
I like the garden that's why I want you to share those pics with me

(I'll publish the other pictures later )

Sunshine ..


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's so lovely to see some semblance of normal life going on.
the calming influenceof a garden is universal. take care

At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Wayne said...

These are lovely pictures. I have a few similiar flowers in my garden. Thank you for showing them to us.

Sunshine, can you tell us how Aunt Rose is doing? We do care about her too.

Thank you!!!

At 8:44 PM, Blogger strykeraunt said...

You garden is so beautiful, and the history of the garden is too. I don't live in an area where you can grow citrus trees. It would be lovely to have such a delicious fruit like oranges availabel to pick from the tree.

Thank you for sharing your garden with us. Sharing some of those stories you hear about the history of Mosul would be wonderful too.

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