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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Last days in high school..

After a busy busy week "as usual", many exams, homework, and lectures after school, I feel exhausted.
Only two weeks left and then we, the students' of the 6th class, will stay at home.. For 60 days to study to be ready for ministerial exams, the par we take will define the collage we'll attend.. the students who'll take the highest marks will be able to choose the collage they want, the lower marks they get, the less choices they have ..
Anyway, I am doing my best, and I know from my heart, that no matter what collage I'll attend, it'll be the best for me, but I still feel nervous in these days, because I keep studying, and attending lectures, and still have about 1/3 of the curricula left !! When our 60 days of hard work begins I'll have more time to study, concentrate, and make sure I understand all the subjects that I didn't understand completely..
This week I didn't go to school for two days, the situation wasn't good and the roads were closed..
I already made a schedule for my daily routine in the 60 days , I'll study very well, but I don't want to harm my eyes, health, or loose my mind ! so I'll spend 20 minutes a day playing sport, 15 minutes for reading my favorite book la tahzan (it means don't be sad), it gives me strength and makes me relax, I'll use internet once a week, write a post when I can, and do my favorite hobby which is writing for 10 minutes before I go to bed, I feel much better when I express my feelings, I love writing poems in Arabic, and lately I had so much passion that I could write a long poem within 10 minutes!! i don't know why, but I started to draw lately !! I never draw well, but my paintings in the last couple of weeks weren't bad! I feel glad, I always welcome new hobbies: D
I'll enjoy my last days in high school , in the same time I'll do my best so that I don't regret one day and say "only if I studied a little bit more"
There are some people who seems to enjoy scaring the 6th grade students, by telling stories about intelligent students who didn't take high marks and weren't lucky, whenever I meet such people I ignore them, and stay away.. What's meant to be, will happen no matter what ..
My mom bought me a new MP4, it is great, whenever I feel stressed from studying I listen to music and then go back to study with totally new high spirit ..
In these days, many competitions happened between different high schools in the city, next week it'll be our turn, the teacher chose 20 students to compete, and I am defiantly one of them, we'll do our best to win, like usual . These competitions are very useful, students realize the benefit of team-work, even if they loose.
I know I am not writing often, but I promise to write more and more when I finish the exams.

The encouraging E-mails and comments I get from my dear readers make me feel better, and give me totally new high spirit, even in the hardest times, so thank you ..


At 10:53 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Good luck on your exams! I'm sure you'll do fine.

I always used to listen to music before going in for a test to get myself in the proper mood. What do you listen to when you're studying?

At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its just a short period and will end in a blink.we will keen on supporting are a smart girl and u can do it.
when you will have the time,could you publish one of your paintings?
nice post.
good luck

in friendship

At 4:40 PM, Blogger laily said...

i love la tahzan too!

good luck for your finals. but are you sure you can stay away from the net and only use it like once a week? ;)

At 8:24 PM, Blogger BOOKISH said...

Inshallah you will get what you really deserve.
Good luck

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Average American said...

I am glad our comments lift your spirits and make your life better , but I promise you that your writings are even more appreciated by us. Your eyes see what life really is in Iraq, and you and a few other brave Iraqi bloggers are our only reliable source for information we can believe. For that, a heart-felt thank you!

May God continue to bless you and your family!


At 8:53 PM, Blogger Ripama said...

Sunshine, Good Luck.

How is university tuition paid for in Iraq? Do you apply for scholarships, loans or do you and your family pay for it?

All the money you make from this blog, you probably don't have to worry about money though. ;-)

At 1:11 PM, Blogger liquid skin said...

Good luck for your exams! Hope you do extremely well! :) take good care of yourself.

much love

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Sunshine said...

hello all, thanks for your comments, i appreciate your support ..
Mr. Ripama, I attempt to apply for Mosul university which is for free .. beside, i've been writing in my blog for about about four years for free ..
Alex : i listen to all kind of music, you can check my profile to see my favorite ..

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Caddie said...

Hi Sunshine,
I hope you are having some peaceful days, but reading your blog causes me wonder and much heartache.

We americans hear all is going very good there. I did not believe this lie for a moment but many do.

I am so shamed for all that has happened with your country. I spoke out against this whole chaos happening but it did not stop it. And now we citizens of course will do the cost to repair country. Our hearts will pay (mine does) for all the mortal harm done you and your people. I am very sorry and sad all this happened but sad nor sorrow does not fix things back again. There is no fixing; just as fable about Humpty-Dumpity.

The shoe thrower should never be punished. It is all about politics. Wish he had aimed better at the - - - .
We as citizens of the world must not support bad people. We must try to be a world of peaceful, happy people - everyone, This is what I want. Our Creator put us here to be happy and look what is happening. Creator is very displeased also, I know.

I have Iraqi nephew by law for 30 years. He lived with family in Baghdad aldawi.

Thank you for keeping diary blog. It helps much.



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