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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I can't change the world ...

Hello friends,
Sometimes I wish I had a lot of money to help the paupers , there is a lot of paupers in the country , I started to get spendable recently ,& sometimes I give It to the cleaner's children in the school , it is a simple money for me but they can bought a meal in that money , it is very nice to see them happy.
There are rich families in Mosul ,they have a lot of money, they don’t know how to spend it , they just show off , & buy their clothes & food from very expensive shops , while there is some shops sell the same things in the half value !! can you imagine that ? . they don’t think or realized that their money could vanish one day , if they didn’t spend it wisely , they don’t think about the poor families , there are some families don’t have money to buy food medicine for their children or new clothes .
You know that my mother's work in the village , every day she talk about her work & what happen there, the people in the village are so poor they don’t have even rug to sit on , once my mom told me that a women came to the hospital , & she didn’t have money to the hospitalization it is about 30 cents , she was in pain, so my mom pay for her hospitalization, when the doctors saw that they told my mom not to do that again !!! , because all the people in the village are paupers &may be they will came every day to the hospital to get a free hospitalization!!!!.
They told her not to sympathetic with them , are they heartless or what ? , can anyone see a person in pain & don’t have money for cue & don’t help him ? no , even if this person was enemy .
Yesterday my mom told me that another woman came to my mom & she was casualty in anemia , & she was faint , & she swooned , my mom took care of her , & asked the woman to drink some thing sweet , she told her that she don’t have money the Pepsi vial about 9 cents , off course my mom bought her Pepsi , & asked the driver of the succoring car to scrip her to her home , because she couldn’t walk, but he denied .why? this car is public he don’t have the validity to refuse that .
if the doctors don’t want to cure the paupers , they should tell them that attentively .
I anguished when I hear stories like these , my mom always told me that I can't change the world , there is a lot of people how don’t care about others , I can't fix every thing there is a lot of depravity in the world , she is right . I can't, but I can do something help these people.
In the orphan's asylum the condition is very bad & deplorable , the children there are in such seamy place , my grandma used to go to the orphan's asylum every year before the (eed) fiesta to get their size to bring them new clothes for eed , last year when she came back I saw her crying , I asked her for the reason , she told me that they don’t have heater & the weather was so cold , they don’t have healthy food , they don’t have even toys to play , no one care about these few girls & boys , in the next day we went to the market & bring them whet they need , they were so happy to have new & beautiful clothes , we don’t give the money to the administrative , because they don’t bring the children what they need , & bought heaters , healthy food , fans , clothes , or toys , they take the money & don’t spend it on the children , so my grandma used to go & buy these thing herself to make sure this money spent on these children ,these children don’t have parents & that make them sad & lonely , but if we bring them what they need they will be happy & forget there loneliness & may be in the future they will be doctors , engineers , teachers , may be.
After all of that , I hope I didn’t upset you .



At 8:38 PM, Blogger Lisa, New York said...

Hi Sunshine,

You're obviously a very sensitive and thoughtful person. That's great. Don't ever lose those qualities.

It's true you probably can't really change the world but you can do little things to change the lives of just a few people, whether by volunteering to help people or by starting an organization to donate to people. It's probably not possible for you to really do those things now, with the situation your city is in (and also your young age) but never forget those feelings of empathy you have and someday put them to use.

By the way, I thought you might be interested in this. There is a U.S. soldier who was in Baghdad last year. While he was there as a soldier he noticed many orphaned children living on the street. After his military unit was sent home to the U.S., he decided he wanted to come back to Iraq and try to help those children. So now he is back in Baghdad, not as a soldier but just by himself, to try to start an organization to help them.

This is his website:
Iraq Orphans and Street Kids Project

At 9:49 PM, Blogger ArabLady said...

Well I can’t deny that u did upset me. In my opinion, the political and economical situation in Sadam’s era was much better although he was a criminal. To me, the pain that Iraqis feel is doubled since its coming both from an occupying country and Arabs who enjoy seeing the Iraqi people being killed with cold blood. I can’t figure out when this tragedy will end. A wish that is difficult to come true.

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Don Cox said...

You can't change the whole world, but you can improve a little bit of it. Just being kind to people does help. Beatrice Webb helped the poor people of England (in the 1920s) by collecting loads of facts about their actual income and living conditions and publishing reports. That made it harder for the governments to ignore the problem. But to reduce poverty you need an efficient, honest tax system, with income tax and VAT collected correctly. That gives a budget from which pensions, health care and unemployment benefit come. There is no magic money - it has to come from somewhere.____Another thing that might help in Iraq is Micro-Loans, for poor people to start small businesses. These have been a big success in many countries.

At 6:42 PM, Blogger Lani said...

You are wrong Sunshine. People like you, and the good deeds that you do, inspire others to help. This makes the world a better place. You can't eliminate the pain entirely, but your thoughtfulness does change the world, even if it is only a little. Thank you!

At 6:52 PM, Blogger eM said...

We need more people like you Sunshine, compassionate and loving. You'll be surprised by what one person's help or good works can affect a person. Good deeds are like smiles, you can't help but pass it on. One good deed deserves another. It's better to do something than nothing at all.

At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Rich from D.C. said...

Did Bush change the world? You can change the world, Bush has in a negative way, you can counter waht he has done in a postive way.

All it takes is the will and heart. Never stop believing that and one day you will take a breath and realize, wow, this place i'm at has brought alot of change to the world before I came.

At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Sara said...

What a perfect name you chose as your identity here... "Sunshine" for, surely, you are a ray of sunshine in the lives of the cleaner's children you so generously share your allowance with. The very fact that you are aware of their needs and want to help them and that you realize that there are people who have more money than they need ( the rich people you mentioned) and yet, do not help others, shows your level of maturity. You are a very special young lady and I'm sure your parents are very, very proud of you! You may not be able to change the whole world, but you can change one person's world! You do that with every kind word and every time you share your money so another child can eat. You are living up to the best example as shown by your grandmother and mother; may you never lose the ability to see others in need and the desire to help them.

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Carol said...

"I can't change the world..." Yes you can it all depends on the world you want to change. Is it the entire world? You may have a problem with that one. But if it is the world you live in, the reality that you experience, then you can and do have an affect on that world.
Ask the other kids at your school if they have clothing they don't need anymore. Ask your teachers if you can set up a donation box at your school and use the money to help others. Get your friends involved. Talk to other Bloggers in your city and start a network of caring people that are willing to give of their time and ideas. Start a project and get them interested and involved in helping the children of their city. Put a group of people together and find out what kind of help you can get from your new government or the U.S. Army.
I know you are young but I do not believe you are helpless. You have a heart of gold and there is a reason that these feeling come and rest in your heart and torment you. The only way you will find peace is if you DO SOMETHING. You are the next generation so set a good example and others will follow you. So go and save your world Sunshine.

At 4:35 AM, Blogger Mad Canuck said...

Hi Sunshine,

It is always good to be generous. You should never let anyone convince you otherwise.

I remember a few years ago, I was visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio is a very beautiful place, but there is a huge amount of poverty. It is the only place I've ever seen a whole family living in a cardboard box on the side of the street. Rio is also interesting, because most of the poor people seemed too proud to beg, and would only ask someone for something they absolutely need.

Anyway, I was walking through Rio and ran across this young boy, maybe 14 years old, with a big cast on his leg. He wasn't wearing a shirt and was wearing this tattered pair of shorts, and you could tell by looking at his ribs poking out that he hadn't eaten a decent meal for a long while. This boy came up to me and asked me for bus-fare to take the bus (25 cents): he needed to go to the health clinic to get his leg looked at.

I reached into my pocket, didn't have any small change... then thought about it and said, "why not?" So, I handed him the equivalent of $20 US dollars, and I will never forget the look on the boy's face. It's as if he had not had that much money in his hand for a very long time; he was jumping up and down and saying "thank you, thank you" over and over. As I was walking back to my hotel, I thought to myself how I could have used that money on a nice dinner or something like that, but that nothing I could have spent it on for myself would have given me the warm and joyous feeling I felt from having helped someone who needed it.

There is no feeling that can compare with how good you feel after helping someone who you know really needs it. You should never let anyone convince you otherwise.

At 6:50 AM, Blogger Um Haleema said...

There is NO way that your words could upset anyone. Even though you are talking about things that are very unpleasant it is VERY heartwarming to know that you are such a delightful, caring human being. The world is very fortunate to have a person like you in it. Thank you and never stop caring about those that are less fortunate than you.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger dancewater said...

"Arabs who enjoy seeing the Iraqi people being killed with cold blood."

How do you know they are Arabs doing the killing and not people from somewhere else... like Iran, Turkey, where ever?

And Sunshine, sometimes very young people can accomplish a great deal to help others! If mail was reliable and stable, I would send you a check right now for those orphans. I bet lots of other people would too!

So, one day, you may be able to help people by writing about them. Or maybe by another way.

Are the orphans worse off now than under Saddam? And, if true, why is that?

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous RG said...

You can change the world.

Mother Teresa started helping a person here and a person there and before long more people joined her to help and more people came for help.

It took a few years but soon the whole world heard about her. Presidents, Kings, Queens and others invited Mother Teresa to come and talk to them and she made sure those nations helped the poor people.

One person who really cares and works hard server others can change the world.

A lot of people around the world are reading your blog. What a great way for a 14 year old girl to start changing the world.

At 1:43 PM, Anonymous RG said...

Dancewater asks...
"Are the orphans worse off now than under Saddam? And, if true, why is that? "

They are orphans BECAUSE of Saddam.

“They’re orphans. Saddam killed their parents..."


And Orphanages had to operate under ground because Saddam did not want the world to know about the orpans...

Underground Orphanages

"Rev. Mofid Toma Marcus, 37, an Assyrian Christian monk in charge of the monastery and orphanage, has kept the wolves away. During dictator Saddam Hussein's reign, he passed off his orphanage as a seminary for students preparing for the priesthood, because the government was not anxious to let the outside world know the actual number of orphans in the country."

Soldiers Helping Orphans in Mosul

Now Mosul is liberated, American Soldiers are trying to Help them. Bet you did not want to hear that did you Dancewater...

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Um Haleema said...

I just found this blog today and this soldier made me think of you. Go read this post in case you were still feeling disappointed in that soldier that vandalized your house. I'm going to do what I can to help him with this village. Maybe you would be able to get in touch with him and he would be able to help you organize something for the village you spoke about.

At 7:31 AM, Blogger strykeraunt said...

This post was not upsetting at all. It actually warms my heart when I read about a ray of sunshine who does what she can to make it better for those who are in such need.

You are one very special girl. Your mom and grandmother are also great!! I am similar to your grandmother because I too would rather buy the items in order to make sure that the people who really need are the one's who get.

At 9:25 AM, Blogger dancewater said...

rg: I didn't ask who or what made the children orphans, I asked if they are better or worse off now than under Saddam. They sound worse off to me.
I found your first two references not really a credible source. But they are not addressing my question anyway.
The reference to CentCom is credible, and I am always glad to hear of people helping other people. I have also always recognized that there are some people who support this war who truly and sincerely want what is best for the Iraqi people. I have always recognized that they are willing to work for the benefit of Iraqi people.

I wonder if you have recognized that in some of the people who oppose the US military going into Iraq and staying there?

Sunshine's grandmother:
"bought heaters , healthy food , fans , clothes , or toys , .... so my grandma used to go & buy these thing herself to make sure this money spent on these children"

I sounds like (from the CentCom article) the soldiers when there to play with the children and give them toys and treats. That is a good thing, but I believe that they need much more than this. What they need most of all is a stable country without violence. And they need clean water, electricity, good food, loving full time caretakers, a good education, and the hope of a decent chance at at peaceful life.

The last thing they need is war or terrorism.

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous RG said...


The FIRST thing they need is security. THEN everything else because the bad people immdeiately blow up things like water and electricity when you finish the work. That security comes from War on Terrorism. That is common sense.

Saddam killed 60,000 Iraqi's a year. These kids would not be orphans if he were not there.

Now your comment regarding Iraqis not being credible sources of information shows your bias regarding the Iraqi people. These quotes I used were from Iraqi people and then you said they were not credible, but quotes from the Department of Defense were credible. Your subconscious bias is seeping through.

Your comment regarding orphans not being better off after Saddam is sadistic. They would not be orphans if Saddam had not killed their parents. How can you say these young lives are better under Saddam after Saddam took the lives of their parents in the first place?

And then, according to an Iraqi, the Iraqi had to hide the orphans from Saddam and you say that was good under Saddam, that they had to be hidden from Saddam, compared to the fact that they do not need to be hidden anymore?

Your twisted logic is in full focus, so think before your speak. Thinking before speaking would probably be a first for you, Dancewater.

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes you can change the world. Just to read your comments coming from a war torn Iraq is inspiring.
stsy safe.

At 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dancewater (and those who've responded in kind),

Please don't hijack sunshine's blog for your political discussions (or to generate traffic to your own blog). Sunshine has never initiated nor encouraged political arguments on her blog. This is a personal blog of a 14-year-old girl. There are a million places on the web for political back and forth. Don't turn this into one of those blogs in which people ignore the blogger and simply use the comments section for their own ongoing political tit for tat.

At 9:12 PM, Blogger Jack Bennett said...

Sunshine, your goodness really puts me to shame. I wish I was that generous. Even in the midst of war you are thinking of those less fortunate. Your mother and grandmother truly are great examples. Your mom understands that a true doctor will be willing to help sick people whether they can pay or not.

But you CAN make a difference even if it only seems like a small one. Every time you help just one person you are changing that person's life for the better. And helping people, I find, makes you feel good about yourself as well. I pray for your continued safety so you can grow up to accomplish great things and spread "sunshine" to other people's lives.

At 1:21 AM, Blogger Peter said...

Stay Gold! You're already changing the world! Continue to keep love in your heart!

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