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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Holiday without Break !!..

My exams will start on Wednesday, so I've been studying hard since the holiday began ..
This year (as well as last year), we had our mid-year -holiday (which lasts for two weeks) before our exams!!! Because Shiites have their own "religious ceremony" 
We all felt frustrated, we were supposed to have a rest for two weeks after exams, and now we should spend time studying hard as professors gave us more subjects and we expect the questions to be more difficult as we had extra time to study (as they said) !!! ..
I studied a lot, solved hundreds of questions , studied my own lectures, as well as lectures of last year to get benefits of their notes , brought helpful books and resources and solved the mid questions of the past 4 or 5 years!
engineering is an awesome field and I want to enjoy my time in college , so this year I didn't pay attention to our professors' hard character and the way they try to let us feel down especially when they show-off and talk about how no student could answer their questions and the low percentage of success among students  etc ..  this year I feel more busy but much more relaxed and enjoy the subjects I am reading without being disturbed and their words rolling in my mind all time … I have faith in god and all I can do is, being the best I can , why should I pay attention to negative comments that will not improve my skills nor help me at all??…

 I really want to write a long post and have millions on thought is my head .. but my spare time barely exists .. I spend the majority of time studying , and when I finish I have housework to do , since my mom had her back disk I try to rush and do all housework need to be done so that she doesn’t hurt her back…  I promise to write after my exams end(they last for less than for 3 weeks) , thanks for being patient with me :D
I took this picture today while I was studying …