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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hanging out with friends ..

I had a lot of fun in the last week, despite the fact that our exams are next week and still we find huge difficulty in understanding our subjects, or even pass our exams and quizzes .. everytime we have an exam we all get low marks (mostly zero), but it's very common in the engineering collages here.
Anyway, on the first of march, we celebrated the university day in Mosul, it's supposed that we don't attend lectures, but our professors insisted on examining us, we had a practical exam and two theoretical exams, and for the first time, I did well and finished at 10 am ..
In The university day, I felt like I am in another world, there were students dancing everywhere, loud DJs, students wearing folkloric Iraqi clothes, and galleries.
Then, lovely Najma, invited me to share her graduation happiness, so I spent a lot of time with her and her collage-mates, who walked around the university wearing their graduation robes, singing, and dancing all the way long, it was fantastic ..
Later, I returned to my lovely collage, hoping that within 4 years, I'll enjoy my graduation party, and invite her to celebrate with me.
Last week, I had a picnic with my collage to Mosul dam, we had lots of fun, even in the road, the guys kept dancing and dancing in the bus. Then we went to the electricity generation station which is amazing, and then to a nice place near the lake, were we had lunch, then rented a boat (which is my favorite part), we played with water, and we were
completely wet after all!! We took pictures, videos, and played Frozbie , we had the most amazing time together.
Also last week, my classmates and I, visited the museum , the public library, and the books' gallery..
Last Saturday, we had a party, my dad cousin's engagement party, so last week was good, and I hope the coming days will be even better..
I'll have my exams next week, so I may not be able to write often ..
wish me luck.