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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Ramadan without spirit ..

Hello friends.. I couldn’t publish a post for a while I was busy with my book, it is done now and was edited three times, we also signed the contract with the agent, I hope we’ll find a publisher so that my voice will be heard more in the world, and more people will know the truth about our life in a war zone, our sufferings, the good and bad events, our traditions and life style before and after war ..
Ramadan changed since the war began, or I can say lost its old spirit, just like everything else in our life . .
People here desperately want the old days back, even if they have to lie at themselves and pretend everything will be ok . people started to go to the markets in the evenings, I can't believe it, it is crazy! If we don’t have security during the day, how can they guaranty their safety during night? in the dark streets?? !!!!!! and we also have curfew !!! beside the terrorists won’t allow this situation to continue they’ll terrorize people and force them to stay home.

And that's exactly what happened terrorists bombed car bombs and mines in the markets, and many people were killed while they were shopping preparing for Eid.
I was hoping that Ramadan will bring peace, but it didn’t, the kidnapping is more now, specially for teenage girls, which makes me feel terrified and worry a lot whenever I leave the house to attend a class.
few days ago I reached home at 4 pm, feeling so tired I throw my books on the bed and went to wash my face with cold water, I heard sound of shouts and yelling, I thought the teenage boys in the neighborhood fought with each other , but it appeared that terrorists kidnapped a man in front of our house, they were armed and no one could say a word or defend him, and what makes me really mad is soldiers were one street away, didn’t they hear the noise? Or it is not their job ?!!!
I felt so afraid because the terrorists were already there when I reached home! Thank god because if I came 5 minutes later I’d witness the kidnapping!
I don’t know when we’ll have a peaceful life...

Few days ago I saw an interview with the minister of electricity, the interviewer asked him about the lack of electricity and told him how people feel frustrated because of that. He replied “the lack of electricity started two weeks ago .”
I said “WHAT ???!!!! TWO WEEKS? “ Oh my god what a liar?! What about all nights I stayed up studying in the dark carrying a book in a hand and a torch in another? What about all hot summer nights that I couldn’t sleep in when we didn’t have electricity and the humidity was high ?? what about all the nights I froze in winter and couldn't feel my feet. What about the icy water in winter?…. …
We live in darkness, prepare food on torch lights, study, take showers, pray, clean, etc, life without electricity is unbearable, the last thing we need is someone say “their was electricity till the last two weeks”
I wish one day I’ll wake up and hear we got a new honest government..
Note : my grandparents will come to Mosul to spend Eid with us, i didn't see them for about a year and I can't wait till I give them a huge hug.
And school will start on the fifth of October , I hope I'll be able to go to school easily, and have electricity to study, and the most important thing I pray that the situation will get better so that I can finally concentrate and think about studying only, I'll definitely do the best I can, it'll be my last year in high school :D I am excited…and I'll keep in mind there's difference between being the best and being the best I can so that I don't exhaust myself and effect my eyes and health..

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blessed Ramadan ...

Ramadan Kareem , may this month be full of peace and blesses, Ramadan is very special month, we don’t eat nor drink anything since dawn (at about 4 am) till sunrise (at 7 pm) , to feel the poor people’s feeling who can’t offered money to buy food, and to feel the blesses we have, it’s the forgiveness and bounteous month...
pregnant women, or who breast-feed, the sick, the children, the old people, people who are traveling don’t have to fast, and their are many other excuses not to fast… but people who has a good health have to fast …
In Ramadan all the family members gather at 7 pm to have al Futur, everyone cooperate and prepare the banquet, Muslims in this month must show good manners, helping people, reading quran, praying more than any month else…
Ramadan won’t be like the past for many families who lost family members in war, everyday they’ll miss them more , specially when they have al Futur without them, it is so hard, and I pray they’ll get through that..
My plans for this Ramadan to read the whole Quran, and pray all prayers at their exact time (4 am, 12 noon, 4 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm), helping more people and allocating money for the poor people like what I do every Ramadan and whenever I get the chance to do so, and study well..
the prayers are heard in Ramadan , All Iraqis are praying to have a peaceful life without violence and killing, may god hear our prayers and respond it …
two weeks ago I had party in my house, I invited 10 best friends of mine, 6 of them came which is great .
My friends can’t come to my neighborhood it is too dangerous and too scary, when you enter it you feel like you are in the ghosts neighborhood or death neighborhood beside the roads are closed ..
The party started at 4 pm and ended at 6:30 pm , we had a good time, danced, laughed and talked a lot .. we needed to have a good time and celebrate before Ramadan and school start ..
At night I was exhausted, everything was perfect, and the party was awesome, I went to bed at 11 pm, I spelt for 3 house and then woke up, I was sweating and it was hard to take a breath, I was so tired but I couldn’t sleep because of the VERY hot weather, at last I started to cry, I couldn’t sleep well for many nights, and I need to concentrate in my classes, at 8 am I dragged my self and attended my physics class, with sleepy eyes and yawing ! I couldn’t understand a word , as soon as I reached home I slept for 5 hours !! the electricity is horrible as usual .. ….
I hope that this month their won’t be any explosion no one will get killed or kidnapped and we’ll only hear good news, I pray for that ….