Days of My Life

Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Wedding without groom !!!!

It was very busy day, I had a physics lesson in the morning, when the class was over I came home quickly, had lunch changed my clothes and attended mathematics lesson and then went to a wedding party !!!! I had to pass the bridge 5 times, my lectures and the wedding party were in different and far neighborhoods, I reached the party at 5:15 (but it started at 3:30 !!!!).. I couldn’t miss the class, my study gets the priority, although I prefer to attend parties than boring long lessons hehehe ..
The party was absolutely awesome, I had soooo much fun, I can’t even express that in words, I really needed to spend good time ..
There I saw many of my friends I didn’t expect to see them., I also met my teacher who taught me in the 3ed class primary school, it was very good opportunity I was so happy to see her and everybody ..
The wedding was for a famous, respectful, educated family in Mosul .they are also very close friends of my family. the groom, his sister, mom and dad are doctors.
I had the best time ever with the groom’s sister she is in my age , we kept dancing and dancing I really didn’t want this party to end at all , but it was over at 6:30 pm !!!! at that time I was unable to feel my legs hehe.
The bride looked gorgeous, everything was fabulous, her makeup and wedding dress, the only missing thing was the groom ..
YES,The groom couldn’t come !! he’s a Dr. and lives in London it’s not safe for him to come to Iraq (if he comes terrorists may kidnap him).. I can’t believe how hard it is … having your wedding party without the person who has your heart, adore you, and will share your life, the bride will go home alone, and wait till she get the visa and finally meet her husband who was away for long time… the wedding party was like goodbye party for her family and friends..
I wish the situation will get better, and all the lovers meet each other again.. the beginning of this week was good, that made me feel optimistic, I hope the whole week will be good and safe ..

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Sumerian blood... My frustrated feeling...

I didn’t write for a long time, because I don’t have anything new or good to write about, the same killing routine day after day, and I didn’t know what to write about ( I had no inspiration) !! I believe that if you want to have a good life create a good one, but the problem is the condition around me make it impossible to live normally, everything in Iraq is really hard ..
Today I studied for about 3 hours in hot weather and prepared my homework, when I was ready to go to my teacher’s house, my driver called saying the roads and the bridge are closed and he can’t come, so I called another driver lives nearby who came quickly, we spent an hour trying to find one open road but we failed, I was so angry, I came home and told my mom I’ll go walking but she didn’t allow me and said “ I am not insane to allow my teenage daughter to walk under the sun at 2 pm in August in such hot weather ,beside it is too dangerous” grandpa and grandma offered to take me and try to find an open road, and again we couldn’t find one and came back home .
I am frustrated all I want is a safe and open road so that I can go to school or private lessons like all students in the whole world, be a good citizen and rebuild the country I love, I am doing my best to make my life seems normal, and try to go to my teacher’s houses no matter how far they live and how serious the situation is, but sometimes I feel that I can’t, I just want a rest, because I can’t take it any longer ..
School and studying are not so much fun for all of the students right? well add to that spending hours in order to reach!!! hearing gun-fire and explosions in your way, And seeing horrible views in your way to school such as armed men, dead people etc, sometimes I feel it is amazing how I can tolerate that..
I see on TV. and internet, talk with people abroad and wonder, we are all human beings have feelings, strength and have the same needs, why do Iraqis have to suffer that much and have that pain in side their hearts? While other people don’t get through 1% of what we are going through .. they have a good life without war and all that mess.
My friend’s brother went to Turkey and when he came back he said to me “ I feel so angry, Iraqis are also human beings, why do we have such different lives?” instead of having fun he came back frustrated, he said people treat Arabs and Iraqis is such humiliating way..
You can’t imagine the feeling when you are not welcomed in any country, and that people look down at you when you have no guilt, and no matter how much I write and tell you, you can’t understand how it feels like when you are humiliated in your own country as well as out of it…..
Two days ago my family and I arrived home, dad was opining the garage’s door and tanks came by they started to wave and pressing horns at us to go away, I felt so angry because the car is in front of OUR OWN garage in OUR OWN neighborhood, grandma went out of the car quickly but I couldn’t move I don’t know why I felt like someone tied me and I couldn’t get out and at once I remember our relative’s neighbors, their dad and mom were opening the garage’s door and the family members were in the car, they didn’t notice the tanks and unfortunately the soldiers shot them, their mom died and her two kids were injured, but the dad is alive, we have an aphorism says “it is our own house and people kick us out” it is exactly what’s happening here its so hard to be an Iraqi, but no matter how it get worse I’ll always have the Sumerian blood and I refuse to belong to any other nationality..