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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Many things happened in the last 3 weeks, our physics teacher (who was excellent) was threatened and left Iraq, leaving us wondering what shall we do next, after spending 3 days calling students we know and teachers we found a physics teacher but after we took four lectures we decided to go to another one because he wasn’t good !!!! now I found another teacher (he’s no. 4) and I am glad of my decision…
2 weeks ago I had mathematics exam and I took 100% , I like mathematics a lot.. and I had chemistry exam but I made some mistakes in one of the questions .. in my way to the chemistry class, I found the neighborhood surrounded and I had to go walking alone, it was early in the morning and no one else was in the street, my only fear was from dogs! Then I noticed a guy wearing dirty T. shirt about 25 years old or so , he was staring at me in suspicious way that made me feel really terrified, I started to walk faster and faster till I reached, first I walked without looking back, then I took a fast look and saw him again, the whole way I was thinking how can I protect myself? What should I do ? maybe he’s a thief? ? whom should I call ? the police? How can I expect them to protect me if they can’t even protect themselves?! I had millions of thoughts but I kept praying and praying… maybe he was a good guy who knows!! But he didn’t seem so.. anyway I’m glad I am ok now.
this week the students of the sixth class had finished their final exams, you know there’s no other chance, and those exams will define their future carrier, such important exams makes the students get nervous and worry about their future, and makes them want to do their best to get high marks, to achieve their goals graduate from high collages and rebuild Iraq, unfortunately, the students had a lot to think about beside studying, they were wondering if they’ll have electricity at night so that they can study till late time, or whether the roads will be closed next day or they’ll arrive school easily? “ it’s possible that A curfew may start in every sec and last for days!” The government may postponed the exams in the last second just like what happened last year when two exams were postponed in the last minute ! Beside everyone knows the militias got the questions for those who support them, and the reconciler who correct the questions are not fair with all students, imagine studying in such hot weather (WITHOUT ELECTRICITY ALL THE TIME) and having exams under the burning sun, without even a ceiling above the students, many fainted, they couldn’t bare the hot weather and stress .. it seems like the government is doing it’s best not to provide good circumstances for the generation that will re-build Iraq, but you know what? The Iraqi students bare a lot, and don’t give up, they have a great will and determination, my friend attended the private lessons one week after she was injured when a car bomb exploded, she used to take the classes feeling pain because shrapnel entered her arm and right side of her body, I bet only Iraqi students can do that....
my mom spent a week in Baghdad as you know, I felt so lonely, my mom is my best friend and we are really close so it was hard for me to spend a week without her, but I was so glad because she visited my grandparents and saw Baghdad, I know how much she misses them , so I didn’t complain much :D
mama told me about Baghdad now, she said it doesn’t seems like Baghdad in the past, it’s like Tehran now!! Hearing that made me devastated I love my country and I don’t want it to be like Iran. Our friends who lives in Baghdad (uncle S and his family) will leave Iraq they said they can’t take it anymore, they can’t see lovely Baghdad being destroyed and controlled by people who are not even Iraqis and don’t care about Iraq, so my mom went to say goodbye, they kept crying the whole time, also they were really upset because I couldn’t come to Baghdad and see them for the last time..
uncle S is my grandpa’s best friend, and I love him and his family a lot, I can’t imagine going to Baghdad without seeing them, they started to sell the cars and possessions, they’ll leave their house, neighbors, friends, relatives , neighborhood, and country, carrying nothing but memories, wondering if they’ll find a good safe life abroad or not, hoping they’ll come back to their country soon..
Many relatives and friends left Iraq, I wonder who’ll be next!
My friend who lives in UK asked me about the situation in Iraq and Mosul about 3 months ago I told him that I think within 6 months everything will be calm, now I have no idea if we’ll have a secured life or not, we definitely need a new mission to make Mosul free from terrorists because the ex-one worked for a short time only..
yesterday 6 car bombs exploded, I went to the ophthalmologist with grandpa, sister and dad, we left the house at 1:30 and arrived it at 5:30 !! the way was horrible, all the roads and bridges were either crowded or closed, while we were stuck in a road, two ambulances came, road was soooooo crowded and cars couldn’t notice the ambulances, it was a horrible situation the ambulances’ drivers were shouting “GIVE US A SPACE FOR GOD’S SAKE, WE HAVE INJURED PEOPLE” not everyone was able to hear him because of the sounds of police cars and horns, a young boy sell handkerchiefs (he was about 8 years old working at noon under the burning sun, sweating and terrified ) started to run and say “there are ambulances , go back” the drivers started to give space by driving over the pavement, but still the ambulances couldn’t pass by, there were hundreds of cars ! a soldier from the national guards started to kick the barrels and rockets angrily (the national guards put rockets and barrels to divide the roads into two parts, one stay for the emergency like if they were attacked they can drive hastily there without hitting the cars and the other one fits only one car to pass each time) the ambulance was next to our car and I saw the injured people through the window, I immediately hugged my sister so that she doesn’t see anything, I won’t forget the desperate sigh of an injured woman, she looked into my eyes and her face was covered with blood just like she was saying “please pray for me” most of the injured people I saw were guys, may they recover soon, and god save everyone.. ….
Till next time,

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I miss my mom..

Yesterday mama went to baghdad with my sister and brother, i couldn't join them because i didn't want to miss my private lessons .. Mama left mosul at about 6 am, and arrived at 1:30 pm (in the past, we used to arrive baghdad after 4 hours driving) .
I miss my grandparents, relatives, friends , and baghdad a lot, i wish i could visit them too ..
I'll spend my time studying, and i'll write a long post as soon as i can , i have a lot to say..

(few pics for Baghdad in the past.. )

With love,
Sunshine .