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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My battle ..

One of the things that makes me really proud is my blog , you know that..
When I started 3 years ago I had no idea what’s going to happen, I remember the pleasure of receiving the first encouraging comment, and in the next day I got 9 E-mails I started to jump in the middle of the living room shouting “ I GOT 9 COMMENT OH I AM FAMOUS “ and now I have more than 121,000 readers !! and made so many interviews, with BBC, NKH, and other famous media ..
I was able to find time for studying , and time for my other hobbies beside writing, however the majority of the time I spent in the first few months was on the computer learning English, I didn’t succeeded because of my determination only, nor my family support’s also , but also because I am very honest with telling the story .. and that’s what people want “Honesty”
Previously in my blog, I wrote a post thanking my readers, they were fewer in number so I could mention most of them, but now I can’t mention them all, I can’t mention 121,000 name !!! but I want you to know that I read all of your comments, even when you leave comments for posts published 2 years ago ! I am blessed to have such wonderful readers and supporters..
I got through a lot of bad circumstances but reading your encouragements made me happy and full of optimism, my readers are my second family, and without you guys I wouldn’t make it .. you lived 3 years with me, you laughed in some posts, and you cried in other posts, my life was uncovered to the world, and that’s because I wanted to show the real life in Iraq, and I promise you I will never stop writing ..
Through those years of success and hard work, a blogger tried to steal my posts, but she failed and after my faithful readers visited her blog and told her to stop “copying sunshine’s blog” she finally gave up and deleted her blog, that was one year ago, well it seems that the history repeats it self!!
You remember the girl I talked about in my post “she faced charity with harm” , she was my friend and then it appears she wasn’t the kind of girl I thought she was, she started to talk badly about me and hurt my feelings, she even talked badly about me in the blog I CREATED FOR HER, I spent long time encouraging her to start her own, and promised to help her with grammar and help her to be famous, but she started to use the sentences I wrote myself (that’s against the writer’s ethics), and she signed in some posts as “Sunny” .
however Sunny & sunshine are my nicknames, she even used the same background.
I got an E-mail from a friend of mine saying “ I noticed a similarity between your blog and hers” ..
her manner, the way she writes are the same as mine, she is stealing my style.
I don’t think I write like any blogger, you see each one of the Iraqi bloggers write in his/her style, and they are all great , Marshmellow impress me with her expressions , Baghdad treasure makes me feel there are a lot of good Iraqi guys, Iraq the model is different and that’s what attract me, Najma is my teacher she taught me how to blogg, but I didn’t become a copy of her. There’s a sense of sadness and anxiety in Mama’s blog, and there is a sense of optimism in my blog ..
There are a lot of examples about what “FAKE sunny “ mentioned in her blog and belong to mine , like “God bless our national guards, our policemen, all Iraqis and You. Shining day will come someday" , and "In fact, I don't want the strong wind to blow out my candle's light for ever, and I'll never give up.....
And my sentence “''Darkness of the world can't blow my candle''
“Keep your candle lighting “
You can see that in my post “The world's darkness can't blow my candle...”which was written in Thursday, April 05, 2007 .. while she wrote that in Thursday, November 29, 2007 !!! ..

And she wrote “But we decided to never give up never never forever.” While everyone knows this is My favorite sentence that I’ve been saying for THREE YEARS, when grandpa sent me a pic with the sentence “Never ever give up”
I use words related to light, sun, and sunshine BECAUSE they are related to my nickname .

she is using almost the same titles like “Spirit of Eid“ , "Unbearable “, “The Days Ago “, “Smiling instead of Crying “
while I wrote “Eid's spirit” & , “Crying instead of shining” ..
she’s using the same pics I published in my posts like the one in my post “Happy birthday madcanuck” which was written in 2006 before she creates her “blog”
oh god , your help !.
on Thursday, December 13, 2007 she published the same post I did in Thursday, August 04, 2005, and she used the same title “Never ever give up” , but she used a different pic..
as my English Is good for someone in my age , the teacher asked me to write an aphorism in English on the blackboard each day , well she is using them too, she look at the aphorisms I write with a sight of gibe then she mention them in her writings.
She used the aphorism as her post’s title “Let by Gone, Be by Gones..”
& “Everybody see how you seem, however some know who you really are “ , or " god help those who help themselves " etc ...
I was taking a rest from studying about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I saw a movie , so I wrote something based on what I saw “You can help at least three people in your life to make them happy, and without asking them for something in return, but ask them to do the same with other three people. can imagine how many people will be happy?"
those are my words, she doesn't have the right to mention them as hers..
oh. there are many examples..
Dear, you don’t have to use someone’s efforts to be famous, you should work hard on yourself to reach the level I did, So I am asking you to stop this behavior , if you want to be a decent writer, Be honest, don’t cheat nor steal other people’s words .. because I didn’t do that, I depended on myself and asked god to help me , and look at me now, I have a lot of friends, and people support me, respect me ,believe me , and believe in me..
It is never too late, and as I say who makes no mistakes makes nothing ..
So change your behavior , if you want to succeed in your life as a person, doctor, and as a writer.
I am writing this post, wishing from my heart that you’ll learn something important that may change your life, what based on cheat and dishonesty don’t last .. I wanted to help you in the begging but you refused, and faced charity with harm, but no matter what you say or do, I’ll be like a palm, whenever someone throw a stone at it, it gives dates. ..

Friday, January 18, 2008

Circumstances ....

hi .
I am really busy these days, my midyear exams will start next Sunday and will continue till the eighth of February.
Wish me luck, I'll need it ..
the electricity is really bad (we didn't have electricity for several days), & the temperature is 9 under zero C (the water in our tanks was frozen!!!) as you know we don't have fuel for the heaters, so we are freezing slowly!! what a great way to star the 2008 ?!! and what a wonderful conditions for students to start their exams?!!
adding to all of that, the situation is really really bad in mosul ..
I still want to speak about a lot of things, but I don't have time, but I promise I'll write in the midyear holiday ( which will last for 15 days ) ..
تم دمج دائرة الاطفاء و دائرة الكهرباء لتصبح دائرة واحدة "دائرة اطفاء الكهرباء" فالف الف مبروك للشعب العراقي ... صبرنا و نلنا !!!ا

Friday, January 11, 2008

Excellent Eid (part 2)

It has been a really crazy week, I had many many exams, I did ok in most of them ..
Today I woke up feeling scared, I had a nightmare that a camp was attacked and I was in the middle, I didn’t care about the nightmare and I got ready to go to school in such cold weather with no electricity just like everyday, I was waiting for the driver in the hall when HEAVY shooting started, the driver came with 3 girls, grandma didn’t allow me to go out , when shooting almost calmed down, I ran to the car, and the driver drove fast , we drove among so many tanks, the national guards didn’t allow any car to pass the bridge except ours because they saw we were students and we wouldn’t attack them , so we drove among the Iraqi tanks, and national guards slowly, as soon as I reached school (at exactly 7:37 pm) a loud explosion happened followed by another few minutes later!! What a great way to start school .. the situation is not good, and many car bombs entered Mosul today, they didn’t explode yet and I hope they won’t, so please don’t forget to pray for us, 2 weeks ago a car exploded at 10 pm, many Iraqis died, poor people they were in their houses, asleep, or having showers, maybe studying, or having dinner, and for no reason an idiot put a car there, killed and injured tens of citizens..
Ok , now I’ll continue talking about my diary in Eid .
In the fourth day, we had another family meeting in my mom aunts’ house, and what a great time we had, at about 12:30 pm an old neighbor brought salad (with Amba it is a sour spicy sauce ) , she lives alone and spend her time cooking and making sweets and dishes for the neighbors and herself, she also went to nearby shop and bought candies for the kids in the neighborhood, everyone loves her, that’s how we (the Iraqis) care about each other, the neighbors for us are more than a Family ..
The lunch was awesome, but I had to wash SOOOO many dishes ..
After that we drank delicious Iraqi tea, made by aunt .. We talked a lot, laughed, and joked, at 5 pm , we came home, I changed my clothes quickly and at 6 pm we received guests, our Christian friends.
I spent the most pleasant afternoon, there were grandfathers, children , and grandchildren also! Tiea was the youngest member, she’s only 3 months old, very cute baby, with red cheeks and lovely ears looks like Jerry’s hahah, as soon as I carried her she slept on my shoulder, I love kids in her age ..
I like to talk to old men more than women nor teenagers, so I got aleng well with my grandpa’s friend !
Uncle S is a wise, educated and very respectful man, who wrote two books, sometimes I feel he knows everything! I like to ask for his advice and he also like to talk to me ..
I spent the time also chatting with Uncle S’s nephews, Dr. Safaa and Tias’ father , as well as my neighbor M who’s 7 years older than me, most of the talking was about internet, and my blog (they are fans of me :D), and we also talked about the situation a little bit ..
I took a look at everyone in the room, the eldest women were busy talking about Eid, food, & their kids abroad , the men were making serious conversation talking about economy and policy (very interesting), my mom participated in all the conversations ! the kids were playing and I wished that this minute can last forever, someone is talking , the other is laughing, another one explaining his point of view, very lovely view.. At 8:30 they left the house , and again I had to wash many dishes ( oh yea, not my favorite part, but I was thinking about the whole day) ..
On Sunday, we visited some friends house, I had a good time I didn’t see them for more than 2 years, their sons work abroad and they came to spend the holiday with them .. at 6:30 pm we came home, and at 7:00 pm my mom’s cousin came with her family, and my mom’s uncle also came with his wife, so grandma prepared dinner (and again I washed the dishes)..
At 9:30 they left the house , after we organized the guest room and living room, we watched a hilarious movie and I spent the whole night laughing, and each time Mariam would say “I want to get some sleep” , Shush” “ you are crazy, you know what?”
On Monday , we had a family meeting in my mom cousins’ house, I went with my relatives because our car doesn’t fit for all of us, in our way we passed through “Badir’s organization” I kept looking closely with astonishment, there were many flags, Black, green, red oranges, & yellow with strange sentences I said “uncle, I feel like I am in Iran , not in Baghdad” that hurts me a lot..
Anyway, we reached after an hour and half , it was the first time I see my relative’s house, it was really grandiose, so many antiques, chandeliers and fountain in the garden, but I don’t like such kind of houses, we had really yummy lunch, after we drank hot Iraqi tea we returned home .. We wanted to congratulate our Shiites neighbors, but they were in Najaf.
It doesn’t matter if they do things we consider wrong or if we disagree with them, what’s important is, those neighbors were with us in the greatest times and the hardest once, and we also shared them their celebrations and never left them in their hard times alone .
On Tuesday , my grandma and I made desserts, and cakes for our Christian friends, and we also prepared lunch for our neighbors, because their son came with his family to spend Christmas with them..
In the afternoon we visited our friends, and shared them their celebration in Christmas, they know how much I love Christmas tree so they invited me to sit on a sofa near the tree, of course I spent the time playing with Baby Tiea, and talking with Grandpa’s friend and everyone else .. it was a lovely afternoon, at about 8:30 pm we returned home..
On Wednesday, we visited our relatives to say good bye, as we’d leave in the next day, and we also visited our Christian neighbors, at 9:15 pm we returned home ..
On Thursday we arrived mosul, we left Baghdad at7:00 am and arrived Mosul at 2:00 pm .. we spent 7 hours in the road, that means 3 hours of delay, not bad comparing with our way to Baghdad!
I still have a lot to talk about so keep waiting ..