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Talk about daily life of a teenage girl in Iraq, and days of suffering and success. My nick name will be Sunshine..

Friday, November 17, 2006

A friend in need is a friend indeed ......

Hello friends , how are you ?
I've been busy with exams and homework this week , we didn't have electricity all most at all , I used to study on the torch's light . in addition it is so cold in Mosul now , and we don't have fuel for the subas ( kind of heaters work on fuel) , it is really nice conditions to study , dark , cold with sounds of shooting and explosions , and as my room has large windows , I sometime can't study in it , whenever shooting began I ran from room and hide in the corridor .
As well as I was trying to help a child with heart problem and send him abroad , and contacting organizations for Mohamed , collecting money for R's computer ,in fact it was a week for doing good things.

In this week , I decided to collect money to buy a computer for R , (my best friend who lost her dad as well as 6 relatives ), and I collected so good amount of money , I can't wait till I see her impressions when I will bring the computer to school , I think it is really nice present . when I told my friends about my idea , they said " you are crazy" , " we can't collect money for a computer " ! 17 girls participated and now we have more than four hundred fifty (450000 ID) , I had no idea that I will collect that quantity I am so happy , R will be too happy ..
My mom , grandma , and grandpa very much liked the idea , and they are supporting me , by efforts and money .

B , who I considered her as a faithful friend , went to the girls to convince them not to participate " that is ridiculous, useless, and you are wasting your money on something silly like that ? " those were her words .. I don't know why she is doing that , when I decided to help Mohamed and the 5 years old boy with heart problem she said " you are stupid , do something useful" , is there any thing useful more then saving people's lives? .
I teach R how to use computer twice a week ( we have old computers in school ) . she feel comfortable to talk to me , because she's sure that I will not tell any one about her problems, when I reach home I burst with tears , she is living in such hard circumstances, and her financial condition is really bad , I try to help her in simple things , like buy her stuff she needs , or in any possible way I can do , like in computer lesson , the teacher wanted us to create a computer program , she said "if you don't know you will have to go to a programmer and pay for him, but that will cost a lot " creating a program costs about 175000ID that is a LOT OF MONEY , Anariki and the kid helped me making the program and I added R's name next to mine in this project , as well as S my other best friend .
the computer teacher is so mean with R , she say " why don't you have computer ? ","are you illiterates ?"," only people who are …. You know don't have computers"" she means poor people , or" are you still illiterates" , " everyone have computers in their houses ? " can you believe that anyone in this world can say such things to a poor orphan ? I went to another teacher and told her , R really get hurt from the teacher's word , not all of the people in the world are rich and have computers .
Anyway I told R that I bought her a computer ( I didn’t until now , but I told her I did ,so that she can't refuse taking the present, pride issues again) , she refused first , but I convinced her hardly and told her that my relatives sell computes and they didn’t take so much money from me , ( she believed that , heheheh ) I don't lie , but I had to this time . she's extremely happy, but she still have doubts that we might be kidding or it's just a jock , but she will be sure that I am serious when the computer will be in her bedroom .
I told her because the girls condition was to tell R first , and if she agree they will bring the money ..
R's dad bought them a computer desk , and a chair before he died , he was planning to buy the computer on Sunday , but unfortunately he was killed on Thursday .

I contacted more organizations for Mohamed , but I didn't get a reply until now.
I knew about a child names Mohamed Gasim Mohamed , with a heart problem , i have his medical report and will contact the organizations , I hope they can send him abroad .
I did so bad in two chemistry exams , and I kept crying all the day after the second exam, not just me who did bad , most of the girls , it was a horrible day , I hate chemistry and it's teacher .
The questions in all the exams were really difficult.
I got a perfect mark in mathematics 50 out of 50 .
The Arabic teacher is teaching us a book not from the curriculum, this book called " Aqeel" and the people in university study it ( 4th class Arabic literature ) , I found it hard , but it is a new policy in school , more information and harder questions !
A week a go , while I was in school I heard shooting and explosions( it is normal , we hear shootings and explosions everyday ) , my friend's house is near the school , when she reached home , she didn't find her parents , her mom was injured badly and went to the hospital , the shrapnel harmed her mom's leg , the injury was deep and reached her vein.
She is ok now ..
I also collected money for paupers ,one of my teachers knew some poor people that needs money , and she asked us if we can help , I told her that I will . the girls brought good cash, my grandma made a bag for me , so that I put the money in .
Sunshine ..

Btw , I apologize to my friends who added me to skype when I formatted my computer I lost all of your address.. and I can't remember them.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Eid's spirit......

Hello friends ,
Eid was a week ago, this Eid wasn't like before , I didn't feel it's spirit ,we visited only 5 families !! and no one entered my house except one neighbor !! while before we used to visit many families during the Eid days , we used to have fun and laugh, and see a smile on everyone's face , but this Eid everyone was talking about policy, fuel , electricity , kidnapping , killing accidents , and other horrible subjects ! they were talking about our life (our reality) which is not fun at all .
We had a family meeting on the first day were we had lunch there , and then we went to my parents' eldest uncle , there was another family meeting , but I didn't see all the family members , they left early before we had arrived ( as you know the bridges can be locked at every sec) , I didn't see some of my relatives for over a year , in the next day we visited my dad's uncle , he had a surgery and was still lying in his bed. then we visited his other uncle. at night our neighbors visited us( the one who was kidnapped awhile ago) , in the next day we visited our friend's house , Dr. E and his family , while we were there we heard a nearby explosion and shooting .
I was really busy that's why I couldn't write to you , I had my monthly exams ( biology , English , chemistry , physics , history , and geography ) , I did well .
The chemistry exam was so hard , the teacher said that she brought us hard questions , to see how intelligent we are ! many of the girls cried after the exam because the didn't know how to answer , anyway , I was really worried , I didn't know whether my answers were right or not , but thank god , I was one from few girls who answered the questions correctly .
We had two biology exams , in the first exam I did really good , and I was expecting a full mark , but I got 90% , I had only one mistake , I deserve higher mark , but very few girls got nineties marks, many got eighties, seventies , even sixties , the teacher gave us low marks so that we study harder , that's what she said
The geography and history teacher will not teach us anymore , because she will study to get the MSc degree , another teacher will teach us , I feel terrified when I see her , she taught me in the first and second class.
This year in English , we should make a summary after every paragraph we take , and every chapter of the novel" kipps", I usually don't use the words written in the book , I try to use their synonyms to make the teacher amazed , she always asks me" from where did you learn such terms ?..
A new girl came to my class , we became friends immediately , we have the same interests , the same opinions , and she is sooooo sweet , I am really happy, we became really close , and we sit in the same desk , she also like to help the others .
Live strong,
Sunshine ..
Btw , the answers I got from many organizations " it is too late for the boy " or " there is no chance for curing " but I will keep searching, because I believe that it is never too late , and I will never ever give up, I would like to thank my friends who helped and supported me , wayne , for what it worth, kim , nabil , najma , david , madcanuck , miraj , olive branch , grayday101 , Original_Jeff , and I am missing many friends they are so many to mention , thank you all for your support and kind words , I love you all.