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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Trying hard to keep shining…

As I promised you to let you know the news of the investigation, I have some new news to tell.
But first I would like to thank you for your sympathy , & compassion with me & with my family , I want to thank Dave , for his letters, & his offer to start investigation in US about my uncle's regrettable death .
Anyway , "B" uncle S's son , was told that the military police 3rd division, admitted their embroilment in killing uncle S (god bless his soul) ."B" took a picture for the car .
Till today I can't believe that uncle S is died, it is very hard to believe.
I think you remember my friend "R", I wrote about her father, cousin, & uncle tragedy death, thought you would like to know her news , she is ok , 2 weeks ago we had a party in my school , she did not want to come first , but I persuaded her to come , she had a nice time we took her out from her sadness for a time. we became closer together , she was thinking how can she buy a present to her mom for the teachers day as her mom is a teacher , her dad used to go with her to the markets , so I went & bought a present to her mom , I felt very very happy to see her shiny smile , & I shall buy a present tomorrow for her mom for the Mothers day, R is doing great in school , as well as her sister , & her twin brothers , R and her family will move to another house near one of her relative's house …
Sunshine trying hard to keep shining……

Thursday, March 09, 2006

No for faking facts ......

Hello friends ,
I went to school, everyone was ok. The broken windows injured 2 girls only, with simple injures. "N" in the fourth class , had a small injury in her hand , while the other girl (in the first class , in the Islamic school) , had an injury in her face, near her lip .According to a trustful sources ( the governor, visited our school with the police manager and made a conference ),we understood that a mortar hit our school.
I don't like to exaggerate and don't admire those who wrote about what happened to my school with faking facts!!! , but I assure you that everything is ok now , no big losses at all , except some broken windows , we all went to school on Sunday even the 2 injured girls .
About uncle S murder
I'll let you every thing about the investigation that my family started, I'll try to publish some pics for the damaged car, I can't promise you , but I'll try …..
Sunshine the bona fide …

Live strong or merely live !!!.........

Hello friends.
Yesterday I was in the living-room with my family when my grandpa received a phone call, I didn't know from whom first, but my grandpa said " Oh, NO" I figured that there was something wrong, my grandpa dazed & my dad brought a chair for him at once, my grandpa's eyes filled with tears & he said uncle S was shot by American soldiers.
It was shocking for all of us.
Uncle S was the nicest person ever, he raised his three successful children himself after his wife died because of cancer, & after very long time he got married with a very kind woman, we all love them specially my sister, in every time they visit us, my sister begs my mom to allow her to spend a day with them, I can't imagine that he was gone, a man like him do not deserve to die like that
Today was not better than the day before though.
I went to school, & I saw a panic situation, the teachers were crying!! & the girls were running here & there & crying. I asked a girl what is going on?! She said "a missile hit our school garden"
After few minutes I knew that the teachers' room was damaged & the school's windows were broken, as well as the library & one of the classrooms, 2 girls were injured, one in the fourth grade, the other in the second.
There were so many policemen, everyone was nervous , I wanted to find Najma & Hnk , so I went to the other building (there are 2 buildings in my school , the first for the secondary & the other one for the high school ) , then a policeman stood in the middle of the yard and started to shout " GO TO THE OTHER BUILDING NOW ' I didn't move from my place I was trying to find Najma & hnk , then he shouted " YOU , GO " , I told him that I am searching for my relatives . Then thank god Najma found me.
Najma , Hnk , & I stayed together, & wanted to call Dr. truth teller ,but unfortunately we didn't have a cell phone, as it is not allowed to bring any to the school .The headmistress didn't allow any girl to use her mobile or the school's phone. A girl in my class hid her mobile; I asked her if I could use her phone, & she was generous, she allowed everyone to call their parents. . Najma told hnk not to cry while talking, her sister answered "of course" but as soon as she started talking she burst in tears, she said "hello Daddy, waaaaaaaa, a missile hit my school waaaaaa , can you come & take us home please? Waaa) "(:-$ Najma and I did not cry)
After a while I saw Dr. Truth teller, I felt relieved to see him, I went to their house & Dr. truth teller went to the funeral of uncle S .
Najma , hnk & I spent our time working on the computer. At 12:15 pm my Dad came and picked me up to my worried mama , you can't imagine how she looks like with a pale face (lemon face!! ) .
My grandma, mom, sister, & brother were waiting for me in the garage; I am so happy & blessed to see them again.
Wow I am alive; it is a miracle but true………
Live strong or merely live !"As Najma said"!